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Previously on All Stars: The dolls put together some truth-telling panels meant to showcase their vulnerability. Ginger Minj snatched the challenge win right out of Eureka‘s hands. Jan was told for the umpteenth time that her energy levels are out of control. But my favorite, the gorgeous, the wonderful Scarlet Envy sadly sashayed away.

Y’all thought the A’Keria C. Davenport and Silky Nutmeg Ganache votes from a couple weeks ago were a close call? The lipstick votes for this week are revealed and the gag is real: it’s a tie. Scarlet Envy and Jan got exactly the same number of votes. Ginger was the tiebreaker.


Unlike A’Keria a few weeks ago, though, Jan isn’t taking this gracefully. Oh, at all. She’s outraged that so many of her fellow queens would try to vote her off when she’s been doing well. Jan doesn’t think she’s being too much like the judges say, but everyone insists she is. Eureka goes so far as to call her fake.

Sis… This is not a good look.

Kylie Sonique Love, who was also in the bottom, is very grateful to her fellow queens for not picking her. But Ginger Minj reveals she almost did.

“Oh you want me to go full country on your ass”

This week, we celebrate our favorite show’s weakest feature: its scriptwriters. The queens will need to do their best with a (very) rough script parodying the American Horror Story series.

Hold on to your padding, girls: this is gonna be ugly.

The lead role, based on Jessica Lange, is coveted by two queens: Ginger, who knows she’d shine in it, and Kylie, who refuses to fade into the background this week. After another game of rock-paper-scissors, Ginger loses and Kylie gets the role.

She’s taking this very well.

Pandora Boxx fights for the part she wants too, which leaves Trinity K. Bonet with a much more boring role: one of the two-headed sisters.

Nuh-uh! Beyoncé does NOT share a body!!

To cheer some of these disappointed divas up, the legend herself, Angela Bassett, pays them a virtual visit! She gives them great advice on how to portray a character’s quirks and mannerisms while keeping it grounded in real emotion.


Filming gets started and right away, Ra’Jah O’Hara runs into some trouble with her portrayal. Her character has a lisp in the script and she’s choosing to interpret that with a super nasal voice. I think it’s fun, but Michelle Visage and Ross Mathews hate it. And I think Trinity K. Bonet does too.

Trinity is really miffed with Pandora right now.

A’Keria C. Davenport is struggling with her acting as well. She can’t seem to find that sweet spot between energetic and snarky. Michelle and Ross have a lot of notes for her.

The struggle is real, sis.

Kylie, too, isn’t quite injecting that Jessica Lange drama into her character yet. Michelle gets out of her director’s seat and gives a wildly Shakespearean performance as an example. It’s nice to see the judges can do it too!

“Still got it”

The next day as the girls are getting ready, A’Keria notices Eureka and Trinity have gotten very close lately. Did Eureka actually land the trade of the season for herself?!

By George, I think I ship it!

RuPaul’s Lewk Ruview:

Fringe is back in fashion this season I guess! RuPaul is feeling her disco fantasy and I can get behind it. But that strangely placed headband and the way it disappears into the wig is wildly distracting.

This week, category is “goth.” Though I’m not sure most of these girls understood the brief.

Ginger Minj is a classic Victorian-era child with a fancy updo and a voodoo doll. The look is a little disjointed, but it’s not terrible, I guess.

Eureka is giving us Madeline Kahn in Young Frankenstein with a touch of Morticia Addams. It’s a vibe and I’m into it.

Trinity K. Bonet is really establishing herself as the runway queen of the season. This absolutely massive evil queen garment made of tulle probably needed its own suitcase, and it was worth it.

Ra’Jah O’Hara looks Good with a capital G in this Naomi Campbell fantasy. It’s simple but gorgeous. I don’t really see what’s goth about it, though.

I’m loving the sacrilegious vibe A’Keria C. Davenport is bringing to our runway this week with the black cross. This outfit looks wildly uncomfortable and just for that, I give her bonus points.

This is a bit of an underwhelming runway so far, so I’m glad Jan is here to raise the bar a little bit. THIS is a little bit more of the kind of goth I expect. I love the makeup and the white contacts.

Kylie Sonique Love is serving me Poison Ivy from Batman & Robin who discovered Satanism and became Lucifer’s number one convert mistress. I mean, that BODY. Enough said.

Pandora Boxx is going the safe route with the “recently widowed woman at a funeral” gig. It’s a good look, actually, but it’s missing a little something.

Let’s go over this very long, very poorly written acting challenge.

Ginger Minj is woefully miscast as Emma Roberts and does her best with a role that doesn’t suit her at all. It’s a waste of her acting talents.

Eureka’s character makes a little more sense for her, though her portrayal is a bit inconsistent and not the most compelling.

Trinity K. Bonet and Ra’Jah O’Hara’s chemistry is a bit lacking as the conjoined sisters, and that hurts both of their performances, though they’d likely be decent separately.

A’Keria C. Davenport really struggles to bring the sass and keep her line delivery smooth. You can see her thinking about her performance the entire time and it’s hard to watch.

Jan’s been told this entire season (and Season 12) that she needs to tone herself down—but in this role, an obvious parody of Lea Michele, she shines by unleashing the full extent of her demented Jantasy.

Pandora Boxx kills it in her double role as both the kooky Frances Conroy and a particularly unhinged Joan Crawford. It’s one of the most (or one of the only?) convincing performances of the week.

Kylie had trouble with the acting at first, but she ends up delivering a very grounded performance as Jessica Lange. She also looks just like her, which helps the illusion.

Trinity and Pandora are safe.


A’Keria and Ra’Jah are the bottom two, and despite good performances from Ginger and Jan, Kylie is named the top All Star of the week.

We love to see it.

Ra’Jah is fairly confident about her track record overall, but she can’t help but be in her feelings about being in the bottom with her last remaining Season 11 sister. A’Keria was the one who originally sent her home on their season, so this feels extra triggering for Ra’Jah.

Someone give her a hug!

This week’s lip-sync assassin is Manila Luzon!

Okay, werk!

The lip-sync song is “Dirrty” by Christina Aguilera. Manila does her best to keep up, but this type of ultra-sexy lip-sync isn’t really her forte. Kylie, on the other hand, IS Xtina. She twirls and flips all over the stage and her underboob-revealing top somehow stays in place the entire time.


Kylie obviously wins the lip-sync. And she’s chosen…

A’Keria C. Davenport came into this competition as one of the few queens who made top four on her season, and thus a real dang threat. But despite her shortcomings this season, she never allowed herself to go to negativity. She took every misfortune in stride with a smile, knowing everything happens for a reason and you can always learn and grow from setbacks. A true queen.

Be more like A’Keria, y’all.

See y’all soon for the next episode recap!

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