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Previously on All Stars: Our dolls competed in a lip-sync extravaganza as their favorite halftime show performers. Jan finally landed herself a win after 84 years while Trinity K. Bonet continued her streak of excellent performances. A’Keria C. Davenport landed in the bottom for the second week in a row, but ultimately, Yara Sofia was the one to leave after failing to stand up for herself.

The group votes are revealed: the cast unanimously voted to keep A’Keria and send Yara home. That’s where Jan starts to sweat. It turns out she completely misread the room and assumed everyone would choose to vote A’Keria out… so she picked A’Keria’s lipstick. Now she feels terrible for being the odd woman out and not being in line with everyone else.

Just another day of poor Jan being misunderstood by everyone.

This week, the gals must put together a little talk show in teams of three. Each team will be discussing a different topic. Scarlet Envy and Ginger Minj, who are in different teams, both really want the topic of motherhood for themselves. But Scarlet desperately needs to exit the safe zone and fights tooth and nail for it, winning a game of rock-paper-scissors and stealing the topic from Ginger.

“Well fuck my drag”

Ginger’s team ends up with “body” as a topic. Ginger’s teammate Pandora Boxx is nervous about the prompt. As she’s aged, she’s become more and more self-conscious about her body and really doesn’t like to talk about it.

“Get me out of here”

Scarlet Envy’s team elects Kylie Sonique Love as their moderator, but Scarlet is concerned about Kylie’s energy levels. Miss Envy worries her fellow competitor has a tendency to be a little soft-spoken, which could hurt them in this challenge. Turns out, hey, Kylie’s not super happy being called low energy.

The parents are fighting.

The first group to grace the stage is here to talk about sex. A’Keria C. Davenport gets things started by discussing her brief stint as a transgender woman, and the shape her body now has due to surgery meant to give her a more feminine figure. It’s a rare point of view that I wish we could hear even more of.

Trinity K. Bonet hits hard with a facts-only commentary on her HIV-positive status, and how there’s a lot of misinformation about undetectable HIV. She’s articulate, engaging, and she looks damn good.

Eureka entertains by discussing the fetishization of big girls and how that affects her sex life. More importantly, she does a fantastic job as moderator, slinging pertinent jokes and keeping the conversation going without being overbearing.

Scarlet Envy starts things off for her group by talking about her lesbian moms and their love for each other and how much it’s inspired Scarlet as a person. Unfortunately, the jokes she tries to throw into her conversation don’t quite land—and I find her look a little matronly (pun not intended).

Ra’Jah O’Hara takes things in a different direction with a surprisingly raw depiction of her difficult relationship with her conservative Southern mother. She brings the emotion at just the right time, saving this group from sounding too superficial.

Kylie Sonique Love chooses to discuss motherhood in terms of taking care of her new dog and how he’s teaching her how to be a fur baby mama. It’s cute, but I wish she would’ve focused more on her tough time growing up, which is only mentioned in passing.

Ginger Minj naturally oozes charisma, and a challenge like this is right up her alley. She leads her group’s conversation about body issues by discussing the source of her weight gain—a nasty medical issue she had as a child. C’mon, bowel obstruction (?).

Jan looks amazing—perhaps a little too amazing for a round-table discussion?—and tries to open up about her recent weight gains as well but doesn’t manage to sound quite vulnerable enough. It’s a fairly typical Jan performance: just a touch unhinged.

Pandora Boxx is a natural comedienne, and she hits just the right balance between sincerity and hilariousness while addressing ageism and botox. She looks amazing doing it too. Loving this Pandora glow-up.

The next day, Ra’Jah O’Hara reveals she’s been thinking about her revelations during the challenge. She’s worried this will hurt her relationship with her mom. Ra’Jah wants to let go of the negativity and focus on trying to rebuild a healthy relationship with her mama.

My heart!

Ru’s Lewk Ruview:

Serving “when you have an All Stars taping at 7 and the Season 13 promo to shoot at 9” teas. I love this pop of color with the pink hair. It’s simple but it hits just right.

A quick shout-out to Aisha Tyler, who pulls out a Sasha Velour reference with rose petals hidden inside her mask.

Shea Couleé found dead.

This week’s category is “Clash of the Patterns!”

I mean. Trinity K. Bonet. There are no words. This tribal Wakanda fantasy is not only absolute glamor, it’s also incredibly powerful with the short hair and face paint. I gasped every time this look was on screen. I need to breathe into the paper bag.

Eureka took the theme very literally with this pageant dress made of a dozen conflicting patterns—and somehow, it just works. She looks gorgeous, and I love the way the gown flows around her.

A’Keria C. Davenport’s look could almost have worked as an alternative rudemption runway for her Season 11 plastic surgery facekini lewk, and I wonder if that was the intent. It’s pretty cute; I especially love the pincushion purse.

Ra’Jah O’Hara’s giving us a beautiful homage to Black culture with this traditional accoutrement. It’s gorgeous and she sells the garment.

Kylie Sonique Love is giving us pure fashion with this colorful look that’s completely brought together by the pink hat. I wouldn’t quite say there are clashing patterns on this, though.

Scarlet Envy is serving Marvelous Mrs. Maisel in this ’50s chic dress made out of—get this—prints of the love letters her grandparents sent each other during the war. Such a touching tribute.

I love the color and the hearts in Jan’s wig, but the clashing patterns here are really just relegated to her shopping bags and not her outfits. I don’t know that this counts for the theme.

Ginger Minj is taking risks with this so-ugly-it’s-beautiful look complete with a bug-catching net. Those boots hurt to look at but it’s a toot nonetheless.

Pandora Boxx looks so good in this Nightmare Before Christmas reference. The red hair looks great on her. This may be one of her best runway presentations yet. She’s really stepping outside the Boxx. Not sorry.

The verdict is in: Trinity, Eureka, and A’Keria were the best team… but Ginger is the top All Star.

Oh… werk.

RuPaul isn’t holding back with his girls this week: he tells Scarlet that her lack of vulnerability made him uncomfortable, then laughs when Jan breaks down about bringing over-the-top energy levels.

Someone stop her, she’s out of control!!

Eureka asks Trinity about her HIV status and how it’s affected her. Eureka tells her she admires how open and eloquent she is about her status and how much that means for everyone watching. It’s a really emotional bonding moment.

Right in the feels.

A’Keria talks a little more about her past as a trans woman, and Ginger reveals something about her own gender identity: she’s gender-fluid and non-binary.

Big night for Ginger.

With the rest of the queens rejoining everyone, Scarlet pleads her case to the best of her abilities. But Jan, listening to her, realizes Scarlet is choosing to omit the oh-so-insignificant fact that RuPaul told her she makes him uncomfortable. Jan is pissed because they’re both in the bottom and Scarlet is misrepresenting the facts.

A showdown for the ages.

The drama continues when Scarlet tells Ginger, without hesitation, that Jan got the harshest critiques and should go home tonight. But Ginger has been paired with Jan a lot and feels a closeness with her—hell, she might be the only one here who actually likes Jan! Ginger tells Jan what Scarlet said, and Jan defends herself by mentioning Ru’s harsh critiques for Miss Envy. It’s all one big clusterfuck.

“Someone get me off this ride”

While Jan has Ginger’s support, the rest of the group is divided. They tell Jan they agree with the judges that her energy levels come across as insincere and that she’s lacking authenticity, which of course must be soul-crushing to hear for someone who clearly just wants to be liked.

Here’s the real tea: this sudden beef between Scarlet and Jan (which never actually leads to a real conversation between the two) was clearly induced by the pain they’re both feeling. Jan says it herself while talking to the queens, she’s realizing the judges don’t like her. And I think Scarlet knows RuPaul might as well have eliminated her on the spot with the way he spoke to her just now. Even if they survive this elimination, they know they’re doomed in this competition. And the only thing they can do is take it out on each other as fellow bottom queens.

It was RU!!! RUPAUL!!

Before we move on, can we get a round of applause for Eureka who seems to have gained the self-awareness to know when to tone herself down and not be overbearing? She’s gotten so good at it she’s even giving Jan lessons.

We love to see it.

This week’s lip-sync assassin is… Bianca Del Rio??

Turns out Bianca’s just here for a minute. She jokes about not needing to come back for All Stars when you do it right the first time (rude!), then leaves. The ACTUAL lip-sync assassin is… Mayhem Miller, girl!

The drama!

This week’s lip-sync song is “Phone” by Lizzo, an absolute banger.

The lip-sync is so much fun start to finish, with Mayhem amping up the comedy and interacting in a really fun way with Ginger.

This brand of comedy is 100% Ginger’s, though, and she brings the laughs throughout. Her wig wobbles every time she shakes her head and she rounds out the lip-sync by chasing Mayhem around the stage. It’s a flawless victory, one worth $30,000! She declares she’s donating $2,500 to each of her teammates for this challenge, as a thank you.

“Altruism? I hardly know ‘er!”

Ginger’s lipstick choice is…

Ah, for fuck’s sake.

Scarlet Envy was cast as filler on Season 11… and after proving she was more than that, she was recast on All Stars 6… as filler again. I don’t understand why the show would choose to give Scarlet exactly the same trajectory she had in her original season and not let her shine the way she obviously does. That being said, she was arguably one of the weakest performers this week, so… I can’t say she was truly robbed either.

I’m gonna say it anyway though. Scarlet was robbed.

We’re down to 8 girls!

Trinity K. Bonet – I am loving Trinity’s trajectory this season. She’s exhibited so much growth, in her performance style as well as her mental fortitude. She’s a serious contender and it’s such a joy to watch her fend off the inner saboteur that was constantly hounding her on Season 6. And my God, her runway lewk this week. Brava.

Eureka – Ginger killed that lip-sync, but I honestly thought the challenge win belonged to Eureka this week. I’m not sure why they wouldn’t give it to her, seeing how her group arguably did the best. Still, despite not having a win, Eureka’s doing very well so far and has shown she’s grown a lot as a person too.

A’Keria C. Davenport – A’Keria did better this time around, saving herself from the bottom and securing another week for herself. Still, with her track record, she might not last too much longer unless she lands a win soon.

Ra’Jah O’Hara – Miss Ra’Jah had an amazing streak of high performances the first few weeks, and now she’s been safe for a minute. I hope her trajectory doesn’t keep going downward because I need Miss Thing to make it all the way to the top and snatch that crown for Scarlet.

Kylie Sonique Love – Kylie had her first bump in the road, owing to the fact that she can be a little quiet. But after receiving her critiques, she’s vowed to be as loud and as country as she needs to be to stand out among these crazy kids. I think we could all use a little more country in our lives.

Jan – Jan is done, let’s face it. She might not get eliminated next week, but it’s very clear the judges have no intention of letting her make the top four, let alone win the season. Something about the way she presents herself rubs everyone around her the wrong way, and she might need some time away from Drag Race to work on that for a while.

Ginger Minj – Ginger was totally fading into the background this season and I was beginning to question why they bothered to bring her back, but she just proved why she was worth the third chance this week. That lip-sync is gonna stay imprinted in my frontal cortex for years to come.

Pandora Boxx – Pandora has the same problem Kylie does. She’s funny and talented, but she has trouble standing out. She’s making herself look meek, and I hope she uses next week’s acting challenge to bring the energy and remind everyone why she was Season 2’s fan favorite.

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