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Previously on All Stars: The dolls put together commercials for side hustles, and Trinity K. Bonet emerged as the week’s happy winner. Jan landed in the bottom following a critique about a lack of “funk.” A’Keria C. Davenport threw herself and Silky Nutmeg Ganache under the bus, and Silky was the one to be sent home.

The girls unpack the box with the lipstick votes. Previous group votes on this season so far have been mostly unanimous, with a handful of stragglers here and there. But this week, gurl… There are six votes against Silky and four against A’Keria. A’keria was two lipstick votes away from being eliminated instead of her sister.


A’Keria is a little shaken, but she takes things really well. She refuses to take it personally. This is the name of the game and she’s going to carry on and keep doing her best. Because she is what? A professional.

Jan is determined to do better this week after absorbing the critiques she got from the judges. She also thinks she technically wasn’t really in the bottom last week.

Delusion… Convince yourself.

This week, we’re doing a Superbowl-halftime-show-themed redo of the Divas Live lip-sync challenge from All Stars 3. This time with 80% less riggory: the queens got to pick the celebrities they were playing prior to filming, so no one gets assigned a dud! We love a fair competition.

Trinity K. Bonet picked her idol, Beyoncé, whom she’s pretty used to performing as. But she’s nervous about her number. Queens have not had a good track record playing Beyoncé on Drag Race (oh, at all), and Bianca Del Rio‘s doubts about Trinity’s abilities back on Season 6 are ringing in the queen’s ears.

The pressure is on.

Of course it’s hard to take this conversation seriously when Scarlet Envy is standing there in a Left Shark costume.

This bitch. I love her so much.

The girls get to learning choreography for their performance with Jamal Sims, super-talented choreographer and absolute hunk of a man. Ginger Minj and A’Keria C. Davenport are having a little trouble with their moves, but at least some of the other girls are doing quite a bit better. Things take a weird turn, though, when Yara Sofia comes up to learn the dancing for Shakira. Yara plays Shakira twice a week and knows exactly what her moves look like… so she’s fighting Jamal on his ideas for choreography.

Apologize to this beautiful man RIGHT NOW.

The next morning, the girls kiki in the mirror about Trinity K. Bonet being trade—a recurring conversation topic. A’Keria reads her for filth and Ra’Jah O’Hara cackles in the back. It’s a cute moment for Trinity, who talks about how she never really made friends on her original season.

We love a rudemption on the main stage AND behind the scenes!

Ru’s Lewk Ruview:

RuPaul is over here giving us “my food delivery man showed up early so I’m gonna answer the door in a towel”… but make it fashion.

Ginger Minj opens the halftime show as Fergie… and it’s rough, bitch. The choreography is boring, the energy is super low, and she barely even looks like the Duchess. It’s a boot.

Eureka does a better job as Madonna, though repeating the outfit Farrah Moan wore on Season 9 feels a little easy—even that is the actual Superbowl outfit she wore.

Ra’Jah O’Hara looks amazing in this giant Diana Ross mane, playing the Boss with ease. The choreography’s nothing special, but she delivers.

Yara Sofia’s Shakira nails the look and aces the belly dancing, but she has this dead-behind-the-eyes stare the whole time that brings her performance down.

Scarlet Envy is a clever gal: she chose to focus on comedy by wearing the Left Shark costume for the first part of her act. Her dancing in the second half is decent—just enough to keep her out of the bottom.

Kylie Sonique Love is taking a risk as Steven Tyler. She’s got a hint of a boy chest illusion going on and is serving up the fun facial expressions in her number.

Jan does an amazing job as Lady Gaga. She nails a difficult choreography and injects that Gaga insanity into the whole performance, start to finish.

I’m loving A’Keria C. Davenport’s neon interpretation of this Prince lewk, and her performance matches his sultry energy quite nicely. The uncovered booty reveal at the end is a great touch.

Pandora Boxx is sticking with her famous Season 2 Snatch Game choice, Carol Channing, in this kooky little number that stands out from all the pop divas in a good way.

Trinity K. Bonet has actually done it, y’all: she’s broken the Beyoncé curse. She exudes the power and radiance that Queen B has and nails all the moves perfectly. It’s like watching a completely different person on stage. Wowza.

This week, the runway category is frills! I love cheap frills.

Ginger Minj is giving us Hello, Dolly with this cute purple number. It’s quite nice to look at, though I feel it’s missing a certain je-ne-sais-what.

Eureka is still in her Joanne phase, I guess: this cowgirl number is cute, but I have to say the pants suffer from the same issue Ginger’s lewk last week did: they just swallow her whole!

Ra’Jah O’Hara is looking oh so pretty in this pastel princess fantasy. The hair color goes so perfectly well with the blue of her dress. I want to be her when I grow up.

We are getting quintessential Yara Sofia this week with this crazy windmill wig. She looks so good, though I have to say I’m not sure I understand how this look has frills in it.

Scarlet Envy’s makeup and aesthetic have improved so much since her season; I didn’t even recognize her in this rhinestoned Lana Del Rey mug. The look is gorgeous, though I guess I wish the skirt was a tiny bit longer.

Kylie Sonique Love is bringing it back to fish in two separate ways: first, with her boobies back in action after being taped back for her Steven Tyler look; and second, with this bioluminescent jellyfish confection. True beauty.

Jan went in a different direction from the other girls this week with a darker color palette among the pastels. She’s giving us Moulin Rouge, she’s giving us Wild West, it’s beautiful and I want it for myself.

I don’t know how to feel about Pandora Boxx’s little girl doll fantasy. The designs on the outfit and the sheer sleeves are really lovely, but the shape isn’t the most flattering. Love the hair though.

Trinity K. Bonet is giving us Pageant with a capital P tonight in this glamorous gown, perfectly coiffed hair, and giant earrings. You can’t TELL her she’s not beautiful.

MOTHER!! A’Keria C. Davenport is showing us where her talents truly lie with this absolutely incredible rose-inspired double reveal. Now this is high drag. I’m in love.

Ra’Jah, Scarlet, Kylie, and Pandora are safe. Ginger, Yara, and A’Keria get mixed critiques, while Eureka, Jan, and Trinity did the best (sorry… Eureka, in the top? okay, werk). But Jan is this week’s winner!


Ginger Minj is safe, so the bottom two are Yara and A’Keria. Girl what? Ginger, safe?

Rigga morris, gurl.

Backstage, Ra’Jah and Scarlet have a cute moment reflecting on being in the bottom two together for their big choreography challenge on Season 11. They’re happy to be safe and to have come so far together.

I cannot get enough of these two’s friendship. Inject it into my veins please.

Ra’Jah talks about growing up as a Black gay boy in the projects and how she was told as a child that feeling her feelings was not “what men do.” Watching herself on Season 11, Ra’Jah learned she had to find ways to let those emotions out in healthy, non-destructive ways.

The incredible growth this one has gone through still blows me away.

Yara Sofia says it to the girls: she’s pissed. She recognizes that the judges’ critiques are valid, but she’s too busy being mad to defend herself or plead her case. She doesn’t like begging for mercy, like she said back on Episode 2. Of course, with a show like this, where you have to essentially ask your fellow competitors to give you another chance… that attitude ain’t gonna fly.

She mad y’all.

This week’s lip-sync assassin is Season 2’s Golden Child, Jessica Wild!

A blast from the past!

The lip-sync song is “Womanizer” by Britney Spears. Jan decides to throw a little comedy into her routine with some crazy eyes (very Jan), but it feels a little half-baked.

Meanwhile, Jessica with the good hair goes all out with the hairography. She whips it back and forth, side to side, all the directions. It’s a treat. So Jessica wins and reveals the ladies’ lipstick:

Yara is one proud gal. She wanted to win on her own terms and save herself with a lip-sync for your life, and hated the idea of pleading her case with the week’s winner. In the end, that attitude did her in more than any of her performances did. It’s a real shame, because she is so damn talented.

Can she get a fourth chance?

Who needs a doll call?

Ginger Minj – I expected the Glamour Toad to be one of the season’s frontrunners going into this. So far, I’ve been pretty disappointed. Ginger has been mostly coasting and I hope this doesn’t turn into a season of her being saved from the bottom by unfair judging—because she should definitely have been down there this week.

Eureka – Eureka’s doing better than her fellow big girl, but I do think she’s being carried a little more than she needs to as well. She did okay this week, but she wasn’t deserving of a top spot. I believe Eureka can make it to the end through talent, not preferential treatment.

Ra’Jah O’Hara – This was Ra’Jah’s first week not in the top, which is for the best—we don’t like obvious winners. Still, she’s been slaying left and right and getting a ton of screen time and it’s such a joy to watch how much she’s grown since her season.

Scarlet Envy – I’m getting a little worried about Scarlet’s constant safe placements so far. She did well the first two weeks and wasn’t given the props she was due, and now she’s just very middle-of-the-pack. I desperately want her to have a win so she doesn’t get the boot halfway through.

Kylie Sonique Love – Kylie’s continuing to do a great job so far, and she’s one smart cookie too. She knows how to get some air time without starting drama or making herself the center of attention. I think she’s gonna go far.

Jan – Jan finally won something! This was the rudemption the world needed. But now that she’s accomplished the storyline we all wanted for her, I do wonder how much longer she’s going to last. It still feels like the judges and producers have it out for her.

A’Keria C. Davenport – Poor A’Keria didn’t deserve her bottom placement this week, honestly. I thought her Prince was fine and that runway lewk should have saved her. Even though she was saved this week too, two weeks in the bottom in a row is a total death sentence for her track record. She’s doomed.

Pandora Boxx – Pandora’s continuing to surprise me with her performances. She’s proving it was a mistake to eliminate her on week one of All Stars 1, and that she really does still have “it” after all this time. I just hope she speaks up a little more and doesn’t let the other personalities here drown her out.

Trinity K. Bonet – I am so, so glad everyone saved Trinity on Episode 1, because it would’ve been criminal for us to be deprived of her amazing performances these past two weeks. Trinity has emerged as a serious contender—maybe even a frontrunner—and I couldn’t be happier.

That’s all for this week, dolls! Let me know your thoughts on this episode!

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