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Previously on All Stars: Thirteen queens returned for a chance at the crown in a jam-packed double premiere, where Ra’Jah O’Hara established her new position as an incredible frontrunner. After Serena ChaCha‘s elimination, the queens were thrown for a loop with an unconventional materials challenge that put an overconfident Yara Sofia in the bottom. But ultimately, sweet Jiggly Caliente was the one to go home.

The lipstick box is opened, revealing nine votes for Jiggly and two for Yara (including Jiggly’s). Ginger Minj tearfully admits she chose to eliminate her best friend, Jiggly, because it was the right thing to do.

Top 10 Anime Betrayals

The only queen who didn’t vote to send Jiggly home was Trinity K. Bonet, who defends her position by saying it looked like Jiggly worked harder than Yara throughout the challenge, even though her results were worse. But clever gal Kylie Sonique Love sees right through all that—Trinity won’t admit it, but it’s obvious she was trying to get rid of Yara because Yara was gunning for her on episode 1. Either way, all eyes are on Trinity now.

“Fuck fuckity fuck”

This week the queens are paired up in groups by their height—an unusually fair pairing system for All Stars—to produce commercials advertising a side hustle gig. It’s Pandora Boxx‘s time to shine, as she reveals designing commercials was literally a gig of hers for a while.

We have a proFESHionelle in the building.

Right away as Pandora’s team gets to work, there’s a little bit of tension between the ever-so-kooky Yara Sofia—screaming and dancing around the table—and Trinity K. Bonet, who’s not having any of the shenaniganry. Ra’Jah O’Hara tries to make sure the two of them aren’t going to let their personal squabble get in the way this week. Prognosis: unclear.

Okay but look at Ra’Jah being the peacemaker!! That is mental health, girl.

Across the room, Eureka and Scarlet Envy agree they want to put an emphasis on improv and witty back-and-forth over rehearsed dialogue. But Kylie Sonique Love isn’t much of an improv artist, so she worries the actresses in her group are going to leave her in the dust.

A bitch is concerned.

Speaking of concerned, Silky Nutmeg Ganache is in a similar predicament to Kylie’s. Her partners have a million ideas and are tossing them around left and right, trying to jam a dozen scenes into one commercial. Silky worries the end result will look too chaotic, but she’s afraid to speak up because people hated her on Season 11 for being a loudmouth. So she sits quietly by and lets things happen.

Silky, no!

Filming gets started and right away, Trinity K. Bonet stands out with such a 180 in her energy from Season 6’s acting challenges. She’s poised, confident, takes direction, and even makes Michelle Visage and Ross Mathews laugh in between takes.

She’s ready for her close-up!

On the opposite end of the spectrum, A’Keria C. Davenport keeps tripping over her line and it’s royally messing with her confidence.

“Fuck me sideways”

A’Keria isn’t the only one struggling on her team: Silky has been keeping up the meek team player routine throughout filming, so much so that she suddenly realizes she has very little screen time in the commercial. She even gave one of her few lines to A’Keria without realizing what it’d do to her performance.

Danger! Danger! Pound the alarm!

Ru’s Lewk Ruview:

Mama RuPaul is looking classic and eloguent in this glittery purple number with ruffles aplenty. Does anyone else wish she’d do more of those wild club kid lewks like that one time on Season 10? I would love for her to switch it up more and pay homage to her own genderfuck era.

This week’s category is my favorite All Stars concept: “Rudemption Runway,” a chance for queens to redo terrible lewks from their previous seasons.

Kylie Sonique Love is starting us off with a banger. This Lady Gaga outfit redo from her Snatch Game was designed by fashion icon BCALLA. It’s a clever callback to the feathery outfit she wore on Season 2, but so much more elevated and gorgeous.

Scarlet Envy is smart to rudeem her infamous Season 11 “Birth of Venus”-themed entrance lewk, which was a clever concept with terrible execution. She’s wearing a full-body painting that carries across her cape and the makeup is irreproachable this time.

Eureka is redoing her Season 9 faux fur look, the one she was wearing—in crutches—when she was sent home for fucking up her knee. I personally didn’t think the original was that bad. The new look is great, but it’s not an amazing improvement either.

Babyyyyyy. Now this Ra’Jah O’Hara lewk is a true rudemption. She went from Baby Groot to Mother Nature herself, coming down to check on her mortals and remind everybody who makes the world go round. Yas, yas, yas.

Pandora Boxx is redoing her one and only All Stars 1 runway lewk with this regal flowery confection. It’s an improvement, sure, but it pales a little in comparison to Ra’Jah’s incredible nature-themed lewk.

Yara Sofia went from casual gal on a night out with her friends to full drag queen eleganza with this rudemption. It’s a great one—you can instantly recognize it as a redo of her Season 3 promo look but it’s miles better and much more Yara.

Trinity K. Bonet looks radiant in this witchy remake of her Season 6 promo look, a very similar rudemption to Yara’s before her. The headdress and the makeup are just stunning. Love.

I didn’t love Jan‘s Season 12 entrance lewk, and I don’t know how I feel about this one either, honestly. The cut of the dress is cute and I love the hair and I can see how it’s a rudemption look, but it’s just not very interesting.

Ginger Minj is redoing her terrible All Stars 2 runway look, but… she still doesn’t look great! This outfit is super unflattering, from the giant belly it gives her to the massive amounts of ruching going on with the pant legs. Boot.

No, not disco! Silky Nutmeg Ganache’s redo of her Season 11 disco look is cute and her hair and makeup are great, but the choice of red versus the original blue makes it a weird rudemption selection. And girl, disco is bad luck on Drag Race! It is known!

A’Keria C. Davenport didn’t wear an actual caftan on Season 11’s caftan runway, so she made sure to do so this time. It’s a great redo and her hair is amazing, though I miss the butterfly theme a little.

Scarlet, Kylie, and Eureka’s commercial is the first one to be aired, featuring two bimbo exorcists curing demons through exercise. Scarlet and Kylie don’t particularly stand out, but they play off of each other well. Eureka, though, has a multi-faceted character and remarkably scurry makeup. Brava.

Pandora and Ra’Jah play fixers for drag-related issues. Ra’Jah does well at injecting sass into her role and Pandora is the necessary “straight woman” to the other queens’ shenanigans. Yara is her natural funny self; but the real standout here is Trinity’s excellent comedic timing as the skeptical customer.

As Silky suspected, the last group’s escort queen commercial is stuffed with so much content that it comes across as disjointed and messy. Ginger shines as an overweight customer with a silly voice, and Jan brings the laughs as a gay man trying to pass for straight. But A’Keria’s performance is mostly wooden, and Silky does indeed fade into the background.

The jury has reached a verdict: the drag fixer team was the best—and Trinity K. Bonet is the top All Star!

This means so much to her! My heart is full.

Kylie, Scarlet, and Eureka did well. Jan and Ginger get mixed critiques; meanwhile, A’Keria and Silky receive low marks for their challenge performance. At the end of the day, all four of the escort queens land in the bottom.

The gag of the season.

The queens head back to the werk room, where all four of the bottom queens are climbing over each other to discuss how they feel about their placement. The entire time, no one has acknowledged Trinity’s win! Finally, Miss Bonet cracks and calls the bitches out for not congratulating her.

You were not ROOTING for HER!

With that outburst out of the way, and an awkward toast to the winner later, Trinity gives her shaken sisters a great pep talk: “Because you’re in the bottom, it does not make you a bottom bitch… Do not let this competition break you.”

Wise words from our winner.

The dolls don’t know what to do about this four-way bottom situation, until A’Keria tearfully interjects to declare that she and Silky are the clear bottom two—and that Jan and Ginger should be safe.

“Well hold on now sweet cheeks”

Silky politely disagrees, stating Jan should also be considered for a bottom placement due to her critiques. Jan, obviously, is pretty offended.


Silky also mentions Ginger’s outfit was negatively critiqued, before stopping herself short and apologizing immediately. She knows from her experience on Season 11 that her behavior attracted a lot of ugly backlash from the “fans,” so she’d rather not take it any further.

You can tell she keeps censoring herself. It’s hard to watch.

While each of the queens heads to the voting booth one at a time, the Season 11 girls have some emotional tête-à-têtes. Silky has a feeling she’s on her way out, but her sister A’Keria pushes her not to give up and to vote for her if that’s what it’ll take. A’Keria promises she won’t let what happens here affect their bond. It’s hard to see two people reckoning with the knowledge that they’re saying goodbye no matter what.

Love transcends all boundaries… and lipsticks.

Meanwhile, Scarlet checks on her other Season 11 sister. Ra’Jah and Scarlet both care a lot about Silky and A’Keria and it’s tearing them apart to watch their friends volunteer themselves for the bottom.

In this vulnerable moment, Scarlet takes the time to admit she was nervous jumping back into the competition alongside Ra’Jah. The two of them put their issues behind them and have grown very close in the time since their season, and Scarlet was scared things might revert to the ugly drama they started with. But they both know now they have nothing to worry about; they’ve evolved so much since their original season that their relationship will stand this trial as well.

Wait so like this is my favorite moment to come out of this season so far. The vulnerability! The openness! We love growth.

Now for another gag: the lip-sync assassin of the week comes crashing onto the runway with a jumping split. It’s Laganja Estranja!!


The lip-sync song is one of my faves ever, “Physical” by Dua Lipa. Trinity K. Bonet does a fantastic job with the start of the tune, hitting every lyric with chilling accuracy. But though she still delivers a great performance once the beat comes in, she’s no match for Laganja’s mind-blowing acrobatics. Ganj-Ganj does a spinning jump INTO a death drop… and that’s not even the best move she pulls.

This bitch. No words.

Laganja wins, of course. And the group vote’s lipstick is…

Silky leaves us with a tearful recital of her daily prayer: “To be the head, not the tail; the beginning, not the end; the peacemaker, not the drama; and all things shall be added unto you.”

Silky Nutmeg Ganache was met with terrible hatred online from so many people during Season 11 for being loud and arrogant. I won’t lie and pretend I was innocent in this; I was pretty harsh with her in my recaps too. But the constant fear of how she would be perceived on All Stars completely stopped her from being her likable, effervescent self. If Silky’s run this season taught the world anything, it’s that online hate and cyber-bullying truly does have an effect on people.

So listen. You can dislike queens on the show. But keep that shit to yourself. Don’t send them hate mail. And DON’T send them death threats, for the love of all that is holy!

Mea culpa, Silky.

Let’s do a doll call!

Kylie Sonique Love – I was worried Kylie would flounder in an acting challenge around so many big personalities, but she held her own this week and continues to look great on the runway. She’s doing well.

Scarlet Envy – I’m glad Scarlet finally got some positive critiques this time. She’s not standing out just yet, but she’s still doing a very solid, consistent job. I hope she can keep it up because I WILL riot if she goes home early on.

Eureka – Eureka doesn’t have any challenge wins yet, but she’s an obvious frontrunner. She’s been on this show a few times now; she knows what she’s doing. The gal is a force to be reckoned with.

Ra’Jah O’Hara – Three for three: Ra’Jah has been in the top every episode so far this season! Talk about a rudemption. As Scarlet said, Ra’Jah feels like a completely different person and she’s a joy to watch in the competition and her confessionals. I’m totally rooting for her. Tree pun not intended this time.

Pandora Boxx – Pandora is arguably performing well so far, but she’s getting little screen time outside of the challenge performances. Her confessionals are limited and it seems like she doesn’t have many friends in the competition, which could be her downfall.

Yara Sofia – Yara is nuts, everyone can see it and everyone says so on the regular. That craziness makes for excellent TV, but it also means she’s hard to relate to. And that will inevitably get in her way as the competition gets tougher and tougher. She needs to show some vulnerability soon, or she’s in trouble.

Trinity K. Bonet – I’m so happy for Trinity pushing past all her inner saboteurs and landing an actual win at something she used to be bad at. Like Ra’Jah, you can tell she’s done a lot of introspection. She still gets carried away sometimes, but she’ll immediately catch herself and make a smooth recovery every time. That’s emotional intelligence right there.

Jan – Oh, Jan. I think the backpack queen needs to leave Drag Race behind and never come back, because the show’s judges and producers clearly hate her guts. She’s not going to get what she’s looking for here. It’s sad, but America… facts are facts.

Ginger Minj – I was shocked Drag Race was willing to put one of their frontrunners at risk for elimination this week, but with the critiques she got, Ginger was mostly in the bottom because of her teammates. She’s still doing quite well overall, though it’ll be interesting to see how this setback affects her going forward.

A’Keria C. Davenport – Poor A’Keria just can’t seem to do well so far. She’s gone from being a powerhouse of Season 11 to a fairly mediocre contestant on All Stars 6—and she made the mistake of painting a target on her back by admitting it this week. She’s a goner if she doesn’t improve on her performance soon.

That’s it for this week, dearies. Tune in again soon!

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