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Previously on All Stars: Thirteen fab queens returned to the werk room for a second (or third) chance at the crown. Ra’Jah O’Hara and Yara Sofia emerged as the premiere’s champions. Trinity K. Bonet tried stand-up and failed horribly. But Serena ChaCha was ultimately the one to go.

Backstage, the gals open up the voting booth box and count the lipsticks. Everyone in the group vote chose to vote Serena out and keep Trinity. There’s a moment where Trinity is relieved and full of love knowing all the girls were on her side. But then Yara Sofia reveals she picked Trinity’s lipstick and would’ve sent her home if she’d won the lip-sync. Guuurrllll…

Jan is desperately looking for the shade button.

Yara chose to try and get rid of the real competition early and there’s a chance it’s going to backfire on her now. Trinity jokes around but handles it gracefully. In her confessionals, though, she promises she isn’t going to let this go just yet.

Oh, it’s on, baby.

No mini-challenge this week; we’re skipping straight to the main—a blue ball! A three-category ball with two preset lewks and one unconventional materials category. It’s not often we see a sewing challenge on All Stars, so this should be interesting.

Time to start sweating.

There’s a pretty wide range of emotions around the room. Ra’Jah O’Hara and Jiggly Caliente are especially worried about working with unconventional materials, since those sent them home on their original seasons. Meanwhile, Yara Sofia is goofing around and having fun instead of working. She won last week and has historically done well in sewing challenges, so she’s not worried at all. The other queens are slaving away on their stuff while Yara throws herself a one-woman party.

Someone is coming for Scarlet’s delusional gig.

RuPaul returns for his usual go around the werk room to chat with the girls. He kikis with Ra’Jah for a minute about her run on Season 11. Ra’Jah knew watching herself back that she didn’t want to be that person anymore—she’s determined not to repeat the mistakes she made then.

New year, new Ra’Jah.

The next morning as the girls are getting ready, they discuss elimination strategy. Ginger Minj wants to vote with integrity based on fairness, but Jiggly Caliente asks about personal relationships and how those might affect judgment. Will alliances play into choices? Awkward silence ensues; no one is willing to answer that question at the moment.

Games are being played, baby.

Ru’s Lewk Ruview:

Serving piñata at a party teas. Not sure how much the classic platinum updo goes with the ’70s fiesta dress honestly.

Let’s get these 36 lewks going baby! Wish me luck. First category is “Blue Betta Work”, blue-collar worker fantasy.

Ra’Jah O’Hara is starting us off with this construction project manager lewk. You know who this girl is—the characterization is on point. And the helmet hovering above the wig is so good.

Kylie Sonique Love is delivering with the butch lesbian carpenter vibe. The gold gloves and accessories are a nice touch.

Eureka is a bright and shiny crossing guard with the right attitude for the job. I love how her dress and wig color pop so perfectly together and the “STAWP” sign is gold.

Wow, the Michelin Man had a glow-up. Jan is serving this dark, structural lewk made of tires. It’s wheely cool (sorry), but I’m not sure it fits the category?

Jiggly Caliente is giving us trash lady with a headpiece made of an actual garbage bin lid. C’mon, community service!

Bonus points for bringing out a trash can with her fellow competitors’ names on it. 10/10 shade.

Silky Nutmeg Ganache is doing great at keeping things on brand with this milkmaid lewk. I do appreciate the concept, but I’m not sure how much the outfit itself goes with the story she’s telling.

Scarlet Envy is giving us Rosie the Riveter with this sawmill eleganza vibe. It’s a really clever idea, though I will say the outfit isn’t the most flattering for her figure.

A’Keria C. Davenport is a slutty welder who’s gotten her arm stuck in a pipe. It’s cute, it’s fun, and it’s simple but tells a good story.

Pandora Boxx has a cute reveal from that bored, blasé lunch lady everyone knows to a cute ’50s diner lady full of sparkles. Very effective.

Yikes. Yara Sofia’s construction worker look is a whole mess. The jiggling boobs are back again for the third time in two episodes, the weird bulging arms are super weird, and the blue gloves don’t go with the outfit at all.

It’s-a Minj, Ginger! The Glamour Toad is serving some Super Mario fantasy with this fun plumber look. I love a good video game reference.

Girl, what is this? Trinity K. Bonet is like, a whole man out on this runway. What’s with these straight-ass pants? And are those Timberlands?! Get me my pocketbook, I’m leaving.

Next is “Blue Jean Baby”. Bring on the denim!

Ra’Jah is giving us an homage to Mary J. Blige with this gorgeous confection. Every detail is on point. I want this look for myself, honestly.

Yes MA’AM. This Kylie lewk is an homage to all things Britney, Christina, Madonna, and it’s also a beautiful tribute to the trans community. This is a Kylie look through and through.

Eureka’s been spot-on with the lewks so far and I love her hair and makeup here, but this is maybe her first miss of the season for me. It’s a little basic.

This Jan look is so good it hurts. The perfectly symmetrical star shape on her hips, the pointy shoulders, the gorgeous hair and makeup… Yes yes yes.

I don’t know, sis… This Jiggly look is basically a T-shirt and jeans. It’d be cute for like, Season 2. Not All Stars 6.

Silky is giving us Texas realness with this fringeful cowgirl vibe. I so wish this was one of those Billy Porter hats with the fringe that slides open. But it’s alright.

Scarlet is serving country gal who made it big in Beverly Hills but still represents for her bluegrass roots even though she’s swimming in money now.

I love the hair and the lacing on this A’Keria lewk. It’s different and it’s fierce.

This Pandora look is obviously very Dolly Parton, very country. The symmetry between the ascot, the sleeves, and the pant legs is super satisfying.

Yara is giving us Shakira in this lewk that shows off her super fit body-ody-ody. I don’t love the overpowering necklace+earrings combo, though, and the bra padding is a bit wonky.

It’s Peggy Sue’s day off from watching over the trailer park and she is darn well gonna spend it at the local watering hole!

Trinity is making up for her blue collar disastah with this beautiful flower child fantasy. I’m living for the giant earrings and the ’70s vibe.

Last but not least: “Blue Ball Bonanza”, our unconventional blue materials runway!

Alright, Ra’Jah, I see you in this little pleated blanket number! The construction is impressive, the boots are fierce, and that hair and makeup! Chef’s kiss.

Kylie is continuing with her ’90s popstar vibe in this star-studded getup. It’s a tad messy, but the color theme across the whole look is super satisfying, and I love the tinsel in her hair and around her legs.

This Eureka creation is simple but hits the mark. She’s serving us body positivity with the visible undies and I love the hair.

Rather than create something new, Jan decided to ru-mix an old look of hers from the Season 12 ball. It definitely looks a lot like that old look. Maybe too much. I appreciate the intent, but it feels a little easy to just redo an existing thing from a year ago. Especially since the first one was already good and didn’t need fixing!

Sigh. I love Jiggly, but… the ill-fitting dress, the random stuff hanging from it, the super flat wig… this is just rough all around.

Silky is lucky she’s following Jiggly’s bad look, because this isn’t that great either. The quilted bottoms looked very difficult to make, so I’ll give her that. I also appreciate the decorated box to go along with her winter fairy theme.

Scarlet Envy. That’s it. That’s the paragraph.

Nope, I’m not done. She looks so good?! This is absolutely incredible for a sewing challenge look. This is the top level of drag, she’s doing it right now.

For a queen who is known to make a lot of her own gowns, this A’Keria look feels shockingly amateurish. I can appreciate the hard work it took to make a dress out of a shower curtain and plastic cups, but it’s super boxy and not flattering at all.

Pandora is giving us glamorous five-time winner of her local county’s botany club contest. It’s cute!

I love the shape of this Yara look, though the disconnect between the bedazzled bustier and the tarp skirt is a bit jarring. Love the hair and earrings, though.

This Ginger look made of shower curtains is nothing to write home about, but the construction is solid and polished and that’s more than a lot of the queens here can say. The shoes are the main event here, really.

Now THIS is the kind of brilliance I expect from Trinity K. Bonet on the runway! Miss Thing manages to redeem herself completely (well, almost) with this beautiful Cinderella look. The presentation with the abandoned slipper on the runway is fantastic as well.

We made it, babes! 36 looks, done. Now for the critiques: Jan, Silky, Scarlet, Pandora, Ginger, and Trinity are safe.


A’Keria, Jiggly, and Yara are dinged on their looks. Eureka, Ra’Jah, and Kylie receive praise. At the end of the day, Yara and Jiggly land in the bottom two—and Ra’Jah wins the challenge!

We love this rudemption moment!

In the werk room, the safe girls hash out the details of the challenge. Trinity is feeling some type of way about being safe and not being able to hear the judges’ critiques, and she snaps at Scarlet Envy out of the blue.

Get it? Blue? Nevermind.

A few moments later, Trinity finally speaks her mind. She’s intimidated by all the girls around her. She says she can tell these queens “have thought about this”—that they’re not just happy to be here but have that hunger for the crown. She also apologizes to Scarlet for her behavior. Scarlet totally understands; there’s a lot riding on them here.

We love a prompt and genuine apology!

Jiggly and Yara are shooketh by their negative critiques. Speaking with Yara, Ra’Jah tells her she’s enjoyed getting to know her. Which kind of sounds like a goodbye.

“Oh we’re playing that this year perra?”

Jiggly has to step away and let her emotions out for a bit. She’s angry at herself for doing so poorly and she hates that she can’t even save herself in a lip-sync. Jiggly and Ginger are close friends outside of the competition, and Ginger is simultaneously trying to cheer her up and decide what she should do about the lipstick vote. She’s struggling between wanting to save her friend and make the fair choice. They’re trapped in an impossible situation.

My heart!

This week’s lip-sync assassin is the Queen of the North herself, Brooke Lynn Hytes!

Mother has returned!

The lip-sync song is “Miss You Much” by Miss Janet Jackson. Ra’Jah and Brooke Lynn slay it all start to finish. There’s cartwheels, spins, dips, splits, the works. My personal favorite is this perfectly timed split by Ra’Jah, right on the drop.


It’s a tie! Ra’Jah wins a $20,000 cash tip and both queens get to reveal their lipsticks.

“Well shit”

As it turns out, however, both Ra’Jah and the collective group chose to send home Jiggly.


Jiggly Caliente’s had such a beautiful glow-up since her time on Season 4. It was a joy to watch her be the confident woman she’s grown into, however short-lived her run on All Stars was. But hey, maybe we’ll get to see her again for whatever gag the season has planned.

Miss you already, Jiggles!

Ready for our first Doll Call of the season?

Ra’Jah O’Hara – I am so in love with the new and improved Ra’Jah. She’s an absolute powerhouse, and her renewed sense of joy for the competition is so nice to see. Fingers crossed she doesn’t let the pressure get to her.

Kylie Sonique Love – Kylie is 100% going to benefit from the Tatianna effect; coming back for All Stars as a completely different person is going to get an entire generation of new fans to fall in love with her. But beyond that, I think she’s also got what it takes to go far.

Eureka – We all know it, Eureka is here to win. Her aesthetic has improved considerably since Season 10 and she even looks like she’s mellowed out a bit since her more rambunctious days. She’s got an excellent chance of taking this whole thing.

Jan – Jan should’ve waited to come back on All Stars. She said it herself, she hasn’t even gotten a chance to experience stardom outside of this pandemic yet. Jan is still a baby queen in that sense—she hasn’t toured with the rest of the cast, or made content for Wow Presents, or any of the other things that help define you as an entertainer before coming back for All Stars. I fear her run here is just going to be Season 12 Part 2; nothing’s changed for her.

Silky Nutmeg Ganache – Silky had an incredible entrance on the premiere, but since then, she hasn’t done much to stand out one way or another. She does seem a little less intent on being the center of attention at all times, which is a relief. I think she could do well if she focuses on the competition and lets her talent speak for her.

Scarlet Envy – I know I said I was super biased for Scarlet, but listen; I think she was objectively robbed by being called safe this week. That handmade look was top four worthy! They better give my girl some credit where credit is due, stat.

A’Keria C. Davenport – Going into this season, I felt A’Keria was one of the strongest competitors in the cast. But two episodes in, I’m surprised at how much she’s blending into the background so far. She’s gotten very little screentime and her challenge performances have been middling.

Pandora Boxx – Pandora’s performing better than I expected from a Season 2 girl, and she’s really stepped it up in the lewk department. But she seems so reserved compared to all the big personalities around her. I think she feels intimidated and out of place, and it’s showing.

Yara Sofia – Yara got a little cocky after her excellent first episode and was handed a harsh reality check. I’m glad she was saved, because like her boricua sister Alexis Mateo, she’s excellent television. We all need a little more Yara in our lives.

Ginger Minj – Ginger’s being given a very decent amount of screen time so far, which tells me this season intends to make up for eliminating her early on All Stars 2. With a little bit of time away from Drag Race since then, I think the Minj is a lot more secure in her identity and her talents than she used to be. She’s a threat.

Trinity K. Bonet – I love Trinity’s aesthetic and I’m very pleased to see how much she seems to have evolved as an individual, but I worry she may not be on the same level as these other girls. That blue collar runway with the Timberlands was flat-out unacceptable. What was she thinking?!

That’s it for our double premiere, divas. Tune in again soon for our next episode!

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