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Previously on Drag Race: Our top six roasted some Miss Congenialities, with varying results. Our frontrunner Symone doubted herself and did terribly. Olivia Lux‘s shtick started to feel repetitive. Kandy Muse won her first challenge of the season. And Utica Queen went home for being so gosh darn offensive!

The queens celebrate their sister Kandy’s first win, a huge affair for a contestant who almost fizzled out and went home a while ago. Kandy also takes the time to point out that neither of her Dollhaus sisters, Aja or Dahlia Sin, won a challenge on their original seasons. Soooo Kandy is officially better than them.

Love this shady bitch.

Something else worth noting: with Utica’s exit, Rosé is now the only Porkchop girl left in the running. So do we think the judges’ initial sorting of the girls into Winner’s Circle and Porkchop girls was accurate, or were most of the Porkchop sisters unable to shake that feeling of defeat they were handed from the very beginning?

Anyway stan confident HBIC Porkchop Rosé.

We’re almost at the top four, so it’s time for our annual mediocre end-of-season acting challenge! The cast will be acting in a parody of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.

We love a good ’90s throwback.

For the purposes of this script, though, the queens will be playing … queens competing on Drag Race. Groundbreaking.

Olivia Lux wants to play Ginger Ale, the cute dumb character in the script. She thinks that’d be an easy fit for her. Which, as Gottmik points out in a confessional, has been Olivia’s exact problem this season: she’s relying way too much on the innocent cutesy act. WHY is she playing the same character over and over every week?!

Choices have been made. Bad ones.

Symone and Kandy Muse both really want to play the villainess of the story. Kandy argues that the character’s delusional insanity is very Kandy. Bless her heart. Symone buckles and lets Kandy have the role, settling instead for the part no one else wanted.

There’s a lot of tension building in the room as the queens realize they’re running out of drag and a lot of what they have left won’t work on a green screen. Symone in particular is panicking as she’s feeling like nothing is going her way right now.

Panic attack in three… two…

Out of the blue, the dolls get a Zoom call from Scarlett Johansson!! She gives them some great acting advice: make sure to be confident and have conviction in what you’re doing, and that will translate into the final product even if you’re just interacting with a green screen. Also, hubby Colin Jost crashes the call too.

That is a lot of beauty in one frame.

Filming for the challenge gets started and a few of the dolls are already struggling. Olivia Lux is asking a LOT of questions on which way she should go and which cameras she needs to play to.

“Are you done yet”

Rosé is doing great, as always—but more importantly, she seems a lot more relaxed and casual than she was earlier in the season. She’s learned how to let things go and have fun and it shows.


Symone is reaching a breaking point. She reveals in her confessional how exhausting it’s been to be Gigi Goode‘s drag sister and competing at such a high level where so much is expected of her. She’s under a crapton of pressure to do well.

Symone, no!

The really sad thing about Symone’s trajectory this season is that most of her failings have been due to this lack of confidence she has in herself every time she thinks of the expectations people have of her. If she just allowed herself to be the fearless Symone everyone loves, she’d sail through every darn challenge.

(Except maybe the design challenge.)

Ru’s Lewk Ruview:

The dress is absolutely gorgina, though I do wish the waist was a bit smaller—I know RuPaul can squeeze into tighter than that! Those chain link earrings are absolutely killer, though. I need them.

The category this week is “Haute Pockets.” Gold.

Symone took the theme quite literally: she’s in a pocket! This super fun denim Jantasy is made even more special by the Hayley Williams hair and homage to all the emo goth kids who allowed her to be her young gay self in high school. Aww.

Olivia Lux’s hair and makeup are absolutely beautiful—not a curl out of place. The dress with the huge pockets, however, does feel a little on the basic side for a top five runway presentation.

Rosé is giving us this Valley of the Dolls mod fantasy with a reveal and, as always, maximum polish. How is she always so perfect?! Goals.

Oooo gurl. This Harajuku-inspired look by Kandy Muse was probably a great concept, but the execution is very flawed. There is way too much going on, the colors don’t work together at all, and her hair and makeup are rough too. Not a good lewk week for Kandy.

Gottmik’s look is inspired by this throwaway joke about a watch salesman in the Disney Hercules film. More importantly, it’s absolutely amazing. She doesn’t just have watches all over her coat lining—the dress is made of watches too! This lewk is EXPENSIVE, mawma. Also, she looks so gorge.

Let’s get this 10-MINUTE-LONG SKIT started! This is a whole-ass short film, girl. Let’s go over each sister’s performance.

The role of the villain is definitely the one with the best lines, so I can see why Symone was trying to fight Kandy for it: it’s an almost guaranteed win. But Kandy still does a great job with it, infusing her infectious charisma into the lines and bringing the laughs.

Gottmik called it: Olivia picking the sweet ditzy character was a big mistake. Huge. Not only is her performance dull, it’s also painfully reminiscent of her last two or three acting challenge performances. Issa flop.

Rosé is a consummate professional. Out of everyone in the challenge, she shines the most as the best actress with super entertaining reactions and perfect line deliveries.

The standout scene in the short film involves Gottmik’s character being poked and prodded by a giant cat paw while sneezing relentlessly. It’s a hilarious moment and she kills the physical comedy.

Symone’s character is very Symone; that is to say, in my opinion, it actually comes dangerously close to Olivia’s in that we’ve seen it all before. But she still manages to deliver some jokes, which Olivia mostly didn’t.

The critiques are in. Rosé and Gottmik killed it throughout. Symone did a good job. Olivia and Kandy… not so much.

Here comes the drama: RuPaul asks the queens who should go home this week. Four out of the five name Olivia. Olivia kind of … snaps? She stands there quietly for like 10 minutes before finally naming Kandy.

Someone overdid the poppers.

Olivia is understandably shooketh coming back to the werk room with the other queens, but she’s being very reserved and doesn’t seem to be allowing herself to feel all the emotions the situation calls for. Rosé gives her some great feedback and advice, telling her it feels like Olivia is still experimenting with who she wants to be as an entertainer and that she doesn’t have the same fire and drive the other girls do at this point.

Perfect lewk, perfect track record, perfect advice.

Olivia gets a touching message from her mom and grandmother. She reveals her grandma wasn’t okay with the drag thing and they had a big fight about it before filming. So for her to be there leaving her a message means the world.

My heart!

Miss Lux is not the only one in her feels. Kandy realizes that top four spot might slip through her fingers and has a little panic attack. The set medic reveals her heart rate and blood pressure are way elevated.

Page McDreamy!

Kandy takes a minute to settle herself and breathe before the dolls are called back to the stage—where Rosé is announced the winner of the week.


Olivia and Kandy are in the bottom two, lip-syncing to “Strong Enough” by Cher. Olivia does a good job with the song, but just like Rosé called it, Kandy has way more fire on the stage. She brings the humor, she brings the passion, and she even brings a glitter reveal.

We love glitter!!

Kandy makes it to the top four!


Olivia started off as a fierce threat, with two consecutive challenge wins under her belt early on. But as this seven-year-long season went on, it became clearer that Olivia is still a young queen and isn’t quite as well-rounded as she is gorgeous. She’s got the lewks down; now she needs to work on who she is as an entertainer. I personally believe she has the potential for a Blair St. Clair-like evolution from the young ingenue to a fierce, mature diva—and I can’t wait to see it.

Ciao, beautiful.

We have a top four!

Symone – Symone felt like a guaranteed season winner around the competition’s midway point. But perhaps because this season’s been so long and fatigue has set in, Symone has been struggling to keep up with the other frontrunners lately. Making it to the top four definitely felt like a given for her, but will her recent failings prevent her from snatching that crown?

Rosé – Rosé really is that bitch. Aside from losing the initial lip-sync to Olivia in the premiere and being branded a Porkchop girl, she literally hasn’t failed at something even once. In a season with this many challenges, that’s pretty freaking incredible. This gal is a powerhouse and it feels like there’s nothing she can’t do—but I feel Symone or Gottmik have that certain je-ne-sais-quoi over Rosé that might make them more preferable winners.

Kandy Muse – Listen, I like to think I’m pretty good at predicting things on this show. Mark my words: I NEVER saw Kandy Muse in the top four. But you know what? I am so, so happy she made it. Out of everyone in the cast, I feel like she’s undergone the biggest transformation. It takes a lot of humility to put your ego aside, accept some harsh reality checks, and commit to improving yourself in such a short amount of time. I have nothing but respect for this queen.

Gottmik – Gottmik has been this season’s sneak assassin. She never truly did terribly at anything (except maybe the branding commercials), but she also didn’t feel like a potential winner to me until after Snatch Game. With the state of things now—her main competition Symone with four wins but two bottoms—there is actually a good chance that she might win the day after all. And I’d be cool with that.

Sound off, bitches: what do you think?

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