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Previously on Drag Race: The queens got a chance to put their drag on each other. Symone and Utica Queen learned a ton from being paired up and won the challenge together. Gottmik continued to sail through the competition flawlessly. And Denali was robbed controversially sent home after Olivia Lux failed to portray her brand in her makeover.

The cast regroups after that gag of an elimination. Olivia’s name came up a lot when the dolls were asked who should go home this challenge, but she says she’s not too bothered; she knows it’s the name of the game and that her sisters had to call someone out. You know what, though? She does look a tiny bit bothered.

You know she’s shooketh.

This week’s mini-challenge is a fun little quiz game called “Are you smarter than the Pit Crew?” I can also guarantee that the answer to that is no, considering our resident redhead hottie Bryce is an aerospace engineer by day.

Brains AND looks.

Luckily for the girls, most of the questions have to do with Drag Race. Utica Queen, though, notably fails to answer a question about Puerto Rican royalty Alexis Mateo.

How dare.

Kandy Muse ends up being the superfan with the most knowledge, and even barely passes a question about actual math.


This week, the dolls must design a branded soda can and write and direct a commercial for it. It’s a branding challenge! After being clocked for her lack of branding last week, Olivia Lux is a little nervous. But Tina Burner goes on a two-hour play-by-play of her commercial concept, complete with actual chewing of the scenery, and Olivia is suddenly feeling a little better about herself.

“Oooookay honey you go do all that”

The majority of these queens’ ideas for their soda’s effects have to do with feeling more confident, or more carefree. So basically, cheap ripoffs of Jinkx Monsoon‘s “Delusion, convince yourself” number.


Gottmik is having some difficulties putting together a storyboard, or filming sequence, for her commercial. She has a lot of quick cuts planned and is getting totally lost in the sauce.

At least she’s pretty.

Reigning queen and living embodiment of perfection Jaida Essence Hall pops by the werk room via a Zoom call to educate the childrens about performing under pressure and rising to the top. She reminds the cast to make sure to have fun, because having a good time and letting loose tends to produce the best work in this competition.

Now someone put her webcam and computer screen closer together so we can actually see her eyeballs next time!

The dolls start recording their stuff. Tina Burner trips on the same line approximately 17 times.


Rosé knows she’s been a little too close to that dangerous icy perfection all season, and she needs to use this challenge to make herself look a little sillier and more relatable. So she goes all out with her commercial filming, wearing an angry Jan robe and fucked-up makeup.

That’s how I look every morning.

Utica has some very interesting ideas involving drinking straight from a cow’s udders and licking a can. Miss honey we are in a pandemonium! Stop licking things!

She ends up dropping her can on the floor and breaking it open. Actual, literal mess.

Well that’s an omen if I’ve ever seen one.

Gottmik’s filming involves doing a lot of weird stuff, including opening her can and pouring it all over herself in a sexy way. Ross Mathews and Carson Kressley are totally bewildered, and so am I.

What is happening

RuPaul’s Lewk Ruview:

I love love love the way this sheer gown hangs off Mama Ru. The hair is flawfree too. Toot.

This week, category is “Beast Couture.” Bring back my Club Kids!!

Utica Queen looks creepy and intense as this Medusa-esque fur monster. It looks great for the category, but honestly, having seen some of the incredible garments Utica has brought to this runway, this feels a little easy for her.

Kandy Muse… baby… what is this?

At least her makeup is pretty cute. But the rest? No. Not ever.

This messed up Build-a-Bear look by Tina Burner… I will say it’s a lot better than Kandy’s. But that’s all she has to say about that.

Now for some actually good looks: Symone is delivering as this sexy anthropomorphic fox. The curves are perfect, which seems like it’s super hard to accomplish with a costume like this (see: Tina’s suit). C’mon, Zootopia!

Gottmik looks so fun in this cartoony monster face with the big eyes and teeth around her body. The hair and makeup make her look like a completely different person on the runway this week, which is super impressive.

Speaking of impressive makeup, Olivia Lux looks great in this elevated Monsters, Inc. fantasy. It’s pretty fierce.

Last but absolutely not least, Rosé looks incredible in this demonic Pan’s Labyrinth number, but make it fashion. The most important thing to note with this look is that it’s so incredibly polished, which is hard to do for something this unnatural-looking. Brava.

Now for the finished commercials!

Utica Queen went all out with the weird on this one, staying true to her barely understandable brand. The whole thing is somewhere between a fever dream and a sleep paralysis demon’s midnight showing. Most awkward is the lack of narration at the beginning that makes it incredibly uncomfortable to watch.

Kandy Muse’s “K Special” is straight-up about drugs. She does a fun job dancing around the subject and serves up her usual effervescent personality. It does the job.

Tina Burner’s commercial is about ditching the boring old housewife routine and putting some spice in your life. She does her best to throw as much enthusiasm into the performance as she can, but the whole thing falls a bit flat. It’s not super entertaining.

Symone puts her usual charm into her ultra-sweetened drink commercial and it’s a laugh riot. She pulls out the Southern accent she used in the iconic “Flag Fact’ry” challenge and it works just as well the second time around. It is a blast.

Gottmik’s “sex juice” involves feeling like everything you do—including falling off chairs, farting, and spilling drinks all over yourself—is ridiculously sexy. Unfortunately, the commercial overall feels a little weird and confusing and doesn’t quite land. It might’ve helped if Mik had an outfit change before and after the drink. Maybe.

Olivia Lux’s brand can be summed up with her mini-purses (one of which makes it in the commercial) and her beautiful smile. She tries to make that into a story by having it be a “pursuit of happiness” thing. It doesn’t quite work, unfortunately. There aren’t a lot of laughs.

Rosé’s commercial is super self-referential, even going so far as to make fun of herself for wearing too many humongous ruffly dresses. It’s not an absolute knee-slapper, but it feels like Rosé’s in on the joke and it makes her performance stand out among the others. Yay her.

Symone and Rosé did excellent in the challenge and on the runway. Kandy’s look is garbage, but her challenge performance saved her. Utica, Gottmik, and Olivia were a bit mediocre. Tina is basically told she’s gotten boring.

The kiss of death.

Back in the werk room, Tina tries to understand the judges’ critiques by seeking feedback from her fellow queens. Kandy and Rosé try to explain the judges’ intention—that she hasn’t quite seized on the opportunity to try new things and her performances have been a little flat. But Tina gets a little short with the girls, leading Rosé to sing to her that she’s being snappy.

“I will key your fucking car”

A few of the girls play a risky little game by listing off who they think is fierce competition. No one names Olivia, which she’s a little shooketh about. Miss Lux is once again back to being underestimated, the way she was at the beginning of the season. Or is it just that she’s fizzling out?

NOW she’s bothered.

Tina Burner gets a message from her mom, which gets her extra emotional. She breaks down a bit in front of the queens, talking about her mother’s bipolar disorder and how she wants to do well for her—but she feels like she’s not good enough.

Poor teddy bear.

Symone is announced the winner of the challenge. But then Ru turns to Rosé and tells her she is also a winner, baby. Rosé celebrates while Symone cheers for her from the back.

This is the kind of supportive sisterhood I love to see!

Gottmik and Olivia are safe, so the lip-sync song, eternal bop “My Humps” by the Black Eyed Peas, is for Utica and Tina.

Tina does a great job with the first half of the song, putting plenty of energy into it. But she tires out halfway through and also seems to forget a lot of the lyrics.

Utica has a much harder job going into this lip-sync: she has to make it work with her monstrous, soulless runway lewk, which is decidedly not very Fergie-like. But she does an excellent job with the handicap, putting a whole new creepy twist on the banger. “My Humps” is now a Halloween song—you heard it here first.

As predicted from the judges calling her boring earlier, it’s Tina’s time to go. Miss Burner came in as a fierce competitor from day one, but seemed to rest on her reputation as a Winner’s Circle girl a little too much. It ended up biting her in the padding, because while she was being a little complacent, everyone around her was working really damn hard. Maybe she’ll be able to come back for All Stars with a stronger drive and a renewed aesthetic.

No, seriously. The gal needs a whole new aesthetic. Burn everything.

Sorry gal. Love ya!

Dolls! Where are my dolls!

Utica Queen – From a winning performance last week, Utica sadly went right back down to where she was before that. The judges don’t understand her sense of humor, and frankly, I tend not to either. I don’t know how much further she can go.

Kandy Muse – Has Kandy Muse been getting carried through the competition by the producers and judges? Yeah. A little bit. Has she been delightfully entertaining to have around the whole way through? Absolutely. Is she going to make it to the top four?! Who even knows anymore. These bitches are crazy.

Symone – I MEAN. What can you even say at this point that hasn’t already been said? Let’s just wrap this up and call her a winner, yeah? I wanna get to All Stars 6 already!

Gottmik – Mik had her very first poor performance of the season, which is quite a shocker after a spotless track record. Hopefully, this is just a momentary lapse rather than the beginning of a downward spiral. I still think she’s a total frontrunner.

Olivia Lux – Poor Olivia’s repeated failures these past couple of weeks have taken her right out of that guaranteed top four spot and dragged her back to an underdog position, as evidenced by her sisters leaving her off their list of competition. Can she push past that and still make it to that final? We shall see.

Rosé – Rosé powered through losing her best friend in the competition and used that as fuel to do even better. She’s the only member of the Porkchop group who’s managed to truly thrive this season, and we love to see it. I think she’ll make it to the top, and I couldn’t be prouder.

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