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Previously on Drag Race: The dolls performed in a musical about social media and Rosé finally earned her first win of the season. Symone did really poorly at something for the first time and landed in the bottom for it, but both she and her bottom two sister Kandy Muse were saved with a last-minute double shantay. In other news, we predict this season should end roughly around the same time COVID-19 does.

Kandy is a little bit shooketh following the non-elimination. She’s grateful to be here and says there’s a fire lit under her booty yada yada, but I think she might still be processing things because she’s not her usual self.

Our sis is shaken, not stirred.

Someone else is a bit upset at this turn of events: Denali was hoping one of the Winner’s Circle girls in the bottom would’ve been eliminated in that lip-sync so that the Porkchop queens could have a better chance at taking over. But we’re right back to square one with that double save.

Call her Panini ’cause she is pressed.

This week’s mini-challenge involves the queens paying homage to RuPaul‘s vintage genderfuck days with a hand-made quick drag punk lewk and accompanying performance, involving the masked Pit Crew!

I missed you, boys!!

Gottmik goes all out with the androgynous punk vibe and totally looks the part.

Kandy looks like my sleep paralysis demon.

Tina Burner looks super convincing and shakes her white ass all over that stage. It’s a winning performance.

This week is the Snatch Game! The queens get to prepping their characters. Utica Queen is playing Bob Ross, but because she wants to avoid wearing an afro and falling into cultural appropriation, she’s… designed a fake afro out of… squirrel plushies.

Now just between us squirrelfriends… What the fuck?

Rosé plans on bringing her heritage to the Snatch Game table by playing Mary, Queen of Scots. Kandy Muse picks up on Rosé’s accent and calls it an “Ireland accent.”

This is why Ru kept her. TV gold.

During Ru’s annual “Make it Funny” tour, Elliott with 2 Ts reveals she’s playing Rue McClanahan as her Golden Girls character. RuPaul is a Golden Girls superfan, so this is a huge risk. Elliott is going to have to hit every note as Blanche and elevate it to make it drag-funny. Elliott is confident she can do it, but Ru’s not so sure.

“I guess I can eliminate this one”

Let’s get this Snatch a-cookin’!

Symone is making a statement as historical hero Harriet Tubman. It’s a fun performance, even though she mistakes Jenifer Lewis for Jennifer Lawrence. Awks.

Gottmik looks spot on as Paris Hilton, and she is absolutely hilarious. She does this thing at the beginning where she’s speaking with a normal voice before realizing the cameras are rolling. Genius.

Rosé nails the Scottish queen vibe and her accent fully sells the character. She even plays around with it and occasionally makes herself impossible to understand for comedic effect. Kandy? Is that you?

Tina Burner is playing Richard Simmons. The voice is pretty on point, though there aren’t a ton of jokes there. Still, it’s a solid performance.

Kandy Muse is impersonating Patrick Starrr, the YouTube makeup artist. “Impersonating” might be a big word, though, because while funny, Miss Muse is mostly just a version of herself. It’s a little lazy.

Olivia Lux came to the challenge as a relative unknown, vegan mom Tabitha Brown. Sadly, it’s a real disappointment. She teaches the audience virtually nothing about the chef and fails to land any of her jokes.

Denali nails the comedy as legend, star, and daily inspiration Jonathan Van Ness. The physical comedy is excellent and Denali’s voice and inflections are perfect. Toot.

RuPaul warned her: Elliott with 2 Ts doesn’t manage to live up to Blanche’s hype and falls totally flat as a second-rate Rue McClanahan. We’ve seen this happen plenty of times.

Utica Queen’s humor doesn’t really land as Bob Ross. She plays him sort of dry and sarcastic, which is not his vibe at all. Plus the voice is wrong, which like… Bob Ross’s whole aesthetic is 80% his voice.

The next day, the girls get ready for the runway and discuss the challenge performances. Olivia overhears Utica saying she didn’t think Olivia did very well with Snatch Game. But Utica supposedly told Olivia off-camera last night that she did great. So there’s a disconnect there and Olivia is not happy about it.

Ooooooo the claws are coming out mawma.

Ru’s Lewk Ruview:

Something about this rubs me the wrong way. It might be the stripes. The blue and pale pink combo is a bit hard to get into. The hair and makeup are cute though.

This week’s runway theme is fascinators! C’mon, royal wedding!

Olivia Lux is giving us mad scientist presumably getting killed by her own creation with the melted mercury spill on her head. It’s a clever concept, but I don’t love how that giant latex lab coat swallows her body.

Rosé is smartly playing on another facet of her brand this week with this rose-themed outfit. The dress is beautiful while still hugging her body and the thorns on her waist and arms are a great touch.

I used to work at Disneyland Paris, and the Phantom Manor there has its own version of the classic Haunted Mansion’s own stretching room with the twisted paintings. Utica Queen’s brilliant bug-infested picnic lewk reminds of one of the paintings in that room, featuring a peaceful picnic being assaulted by ants and deadly predators. A very clever outfit.

Symone is taking my breath away with this hauntingly beautiful homage to the Black Lives Matter movement, featuring bloody bullet holes in her back and the phrase “Say Their Names.” Symone recites the names of murdered Black people as she walks down the runway. Incredible, and so important.

Gottmik is serving up some of her preferred aesthetic with the white face and a total punk-rock outfit. The giant safety pin with the bedazzled drop of blood hanging from it is so clever.

Denali is absolutely killing it with this runway look. She’s serving (literally) a vintage diner waitress on ROLLER SKATES and a whole-ass coffee pot pouring into a cup on her head. So freaking good.

Elliott with 2 Ts’s lewk is supposed to be a flamingo, which like, I only realized that after she brought it up. It doesn’t quite measure up to all these amazing lewks around her, and the makeup is a bit harsh.

Tina Burner is uh… a prize-winning horse… with riding boots and a whip… and a bunch of roses.

No. Sorry. Next.

Kandy Muse is looking cute with this poofy layered houndstooth dress and a fascinator made of feathers that are spelling her name. The feathers look a tiny bit messed up around the “U,” but in an otherwise pretty good look, that’s forgivable.

Symone, Tina, and Kandy are safe, but Symone gets a special shoutout for her powerful runway look.

We’ll take what we can get!

Olivia, Elliott, and Utica did pretty poorly, while Rosé, Denali, and Gottmik are praised for their performances and runway looks. Yay, more praise for Rosé and Denali!

Olivia gets a little emotional in the Untucked lounge as she realizes she may be in the bottom two. She tells the other girls she’s “fighting to learn and grow from y’all.”

My heart!

The tension between Olivia and Utica is addressed again, and Utica falters in her attempt to explain herself or apologize, saying she’s afraid of conflict. But a couple of the dolls reveal that Utica has a tendency to behave differently off-camera. Rosé recalls one instance where the girls were having dinner after filming and Utica started reciting unused ideas she had for the reading challenge… essentially insulting the other queens while they were eating.

The T has been spillt.

Utica is essentially trying to fit in any way she can, and for her, that means occasionally trying to be a little shadier off-camera to “test the waters.” But of course, to everyone else, that comes across as disingenuous. I’d feel that way too if I were them.

Guest judge Ts Madison comes in to chat it up with the ladies. She tells Gottmik how proud of her she is for revolutionizing the system, from one trans person to another.

We love to see it.

Gottmik is this week’s deserving winner!

She ate this challenge.

Olivia Lux is safe, which means the bottom two are Elliott with 2 Ts and Utica Queen, who must lip-sync to “Fascinated” by Company B.

Elliott pulls out a few cool moves, but overall, she’s sluggish and seems disconnected. It looks like the pressure of the competition might’ve gotten to her; she’s checked out.

Elliott, no!

Meanwhile, Utica surprises everyone by being a lot more limber and agile than most of us would’ve expected. She saunters and spins and uses her long legs to shine in the best way possible.

We got a new dancing diva!

Utica stays, and Elliott goes.

Miss 2 Ts faced a massive roadblock from the start of this competition by being named the least noteworthy member of the Porkchop girls. She managed to push through in the face of difficult odds for quite a while, but the pressure of being the constant underdog must’ve gotten to her eventually. It’s a little unfair that the premiere’s events have been affecting some of these girls so profoundly this whole time. All in the name of good TV, I guess.

Ta-ta for now, beautiful.

Now for a Doll Call:

Olivia Lux – Liv had a bit of a fall from grace this week, going from her streak of great performances to a bottom three position—and on the Snatch Game no less. Still, this doesn’t have to be an omen of things to come; I believe she still has her spot in the top four.

Rosé – Rosé did well again this week. She’s definitely turning into a frontrunner, which is such a welcome departure from her safe Porkchop queen status earlier on. I think she might be able to break through to that finale, just like she said.

Utica Queen – Oof. Beyond a mediocre track record on the season, Utica is now also a dealing with a cast of queens who may or may not have the wrong impression of her and are starting to find her disingenuous. She’s circling the drain at this point and I’m not sure there’s any stopping that.

Symone – Most queens would be terrified of the Snatch Game, but Symone used this challenge and runway to spread an important message and raise awareness about a cause we should all be paying more attention to. It takes a lot of bravery to do what she’s doing.

Gottmik – Gottmik did SO well this week. I’d been saying the one thing I needed to see from her was a real character performance, and she delivered that and more for Snatch Game. If it wasn’t clear before, it’s obvious now: we have a new frontrunner on our hands.

Denali – I’m glad Denali has been able to pull herself out of the safe zone and is being recognized for her many talents. Now, the question remains: can she manage to step out of these other girls’ shadow and claim a win for herself?

Tina Burner – Tina has been fading into the background hard lately. She was introduced as a real contender, but she just hasn’t been accomplishing a whole lot so far. And her fashion choices are… well… Choices.

Kandy Muse – Avoiding the bottom the week after being saved from elimination is a rare feat that most queens can’t seem to manage, and Kandy was able to do that. Yes, she did well in Snatch Game mostly by playing herself… but hey. At least she’s still here.

See y’all next week, dolls!

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