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Previously on Drag Race: Queens competed in the Bag Ball, serving lewks upon lewks. Symone revealed a heavy weakness that hurt her previously spotless record. Gottmik won the challenge over Utica Queen, who was lowkey robbed. Tamisha Iman and Kandy Muse created the best Untucked fight in years. And Joey Jay was sent packin’.

In the werk room after the elimination, the girls hash out the insane argument that happened moments ago. Kandy is done with Tamisha and doesn’t intend to talk to her again. But I think Tamisha is still getting a little bit of pleasure from egging Kandy on. She repeats “I SAID WHAT I SAID” a few times in the most declarative tone ever.

I’m gonna need that on a T-shirt immediately kthx.

This week’s mini-challenge is fairly extensive: the girls are pairing up to create an outfit out of wallpaper, model it against said wallpaper, and give it a funny backstory. Also, the groups the girls form now will carry over into the maxi-challenge. The hookers pounce on each other like horny rabbits and leave poor Tamisha Iman and Elliott with 2 Ts alone to settle for each other.

My poor babies!

Tina Burner, Kandy Muse, and Gottmik create a sushi-themed creation that is actually kinda sickening. I’d roll with it. (Get it?)

Tamisha and Elliott are good at constructing garments, so their Carole Baskin-inspired outfit looks pretty great for a quick drag thing. And something about Elliott’s hilariously lifeless presentation pulls the whole thing together. They win the mini-challenge.

Tamisha about to die so Ru probably wanted her to be happy.

This week’s maxi-challenge involves the paired-up queens dancing to a Rusical-type moment. No lip-syncing, just dancing. So kind of a Soul Train sort of moment, I guess.

LaLa’s outfit is how I feel about this challenge.

RuPaul chats with each of the girls about their current placement in the competish. Rosé comes up as someone in particular who has some work to do on herself if she wants to win a challenge soon. She needs to let go and not be too perfect, says Ru.

Rosé watching her storyline develop before her eyes like…

In choreography, Tamisha and Elliott learn that their part of the number will involve dancing with hula hoops. Why? Producer interference, of course!


In her confessional, Tamisha reveals her mobility is limited by the fact that she secretly has a colostomy bag hidden under her clothes and her drag at all times, a remnant of the cancer she survived a year ago. But she’s not telling the choreographer, judges, or other queens about it because she doesn’t want it turned into a storyline or used against her.

Actual saint.

Ru’s Lewk Ruview:

I don’t love the huge ruffly thing Mama has going on around her shoulders. It’s a little cheap-looking. But the rest of the gown and the hair and makeup are beautiful.

Tina Burner, Kandy Muse, and Gottmik (a.k.a. the self-proclaimed “Mean Girls”) open the lip-sync-less Rusical with a half-hearted performance. Tina is full of energy and actually looks good in her trademark colors for once, but Kandy and Mik lag behind and throw the whole choreo off.

Tamisha Iman and Elliott with 2 Ts look great but are done a huge disservice by their assigned choreography, which prevents them from shining the way they should. Still, Elliott does a good job with what she’s given. Tamisha does look a bit nervous, though.

Utica Queen and Olivia Lux are next, and while Olivia looks amazing and shines with her dancing and energy, Utica loses points by not looking quite as disco and ruining her performance with her constant campy facial expressions. Sigh.

Rosé and Denali have the most complex choreography of the whole challenge and they absolutely kill it, looking great while being completely in sync and playing beautifully off of each other. It’s just a shame Denali is repeating her wig from her “Phenomenon” performance and her dress is terribly unflattering.

Symone and LaLa Ri do a good job in the last group performance in the Rusical. Symone solidifies her “Becky with the good hair” status with another amazing wig, and LaLa looks like she’s living and breathing disco. Side note: the lighting crew needs to calm the eff down thank yew.

With that strange challenge out of the way, it’s time for the runway. Category is “Little Black Dress,” an opportunity for these girls to get creative with a restrictive category and show what they can do with an old standard.

Tina Burner has a reveal into this dress with flames on the bottom and cheeky handprints on it. It’s cute enough, I guess. But that wig? Tina, make like your last name and BURN IT.

Kandy Muse is giving us a dual homage to Comme des Garçons and Princess Diana with this interesting oil spill fashion moment. It’s a creative look, but as Michelle Visage points out, the stains on her neck kinda look like a beard. Oopsies.

Gottmik is making an incredibly bold statement by showing off her new body, fully naked and pad-free. Her little black dress is essentially a merkin, and she grabs the edges of it as she curtsies. Genius.

It’s a shame Elliott with 2 Ts takes off her beautiful overcoat so early, because we’re left with a dress that isn’t the most innovative for most of her presentation. That said, the hair is the nicest she’s had on this season so far.

Tamisha Iman looks beautiful in this dress (which she made herself!), but she’s sadly fallen into that “Little Black Dress” trap: it’s a bit basic.

Olivia Lux is looking incredible, though the real stunner here isn’t the dress but this massive, opulent wig. I believe it’s the same one Valentina wore in my favorite picture of her ever. Olivia looks like a million bucks and she knows it.

Utica Queen looks so good in this golden Wicked Witch lewk with massive lips and a lipstick purse. The top of her hat reveals she’s actually a life-size version of her earrings, but sadly, that’s really hard to tell. Still great though!

Denali looks beautiful in this black widow-inspired garment. There’s a web under her arms, another on her back, and then she takes off her hat and reveals extra pairs of eyes on her forehead. She betta Von’Du. (I MISSED SAYING THAT!)

Rosé, no! I get the intent behind this fluffy, cinched-illusion look, but the end result is just… a pillowcase. The hair and makeup aren’t that great either. Yikes.

LaLa Ri looks cute in this bedazzled little dress that’s dripping in jewels. The Cher hair is a really nice touch too.

Symone is serving up another incredible wig with this reference to an old RuPaul lewk. And can we talk about how gorgeous her oiled-up skin looks? Wow.

Mik, Denali, Rosé, LaLa, and Symone are safe.

Oh she mad y’all.

Tina and Elliott did well in the challenge but don’t look particularly great on the runway. Kandy, Tamisha, and Utica were a little iffy at both. Olivia killed it.

Backstage, Rosé laments being safe after what she thought was a breakthrough with Ru earlier. She doesn’t know what to do about this perception everyone has of her as this perfect ice queen. Mik tells her she does see her as this intimidating fortress of a queen, like the judges do.

Poor perfect little pillow.

Mik gets a message from her parents, who address her by her chosen boy name, Cade. This is a big deal for Mik, as his parents have struggled with that part of his transition for a while.

My heart!

Kandy is shooketh about being in the bottom. She doesn’t completely understand the critiques she was given, which isn’t a great sign. On the bright side, though, she and Tamisha seem to have moved past their squabble. They’re able to put that behind them and focus on what matters now.

We love a quick resolution.

Olivia is this week’s winner!

So well-deserved.

Kandy and Tamisha are in the bottom two, and they’ll need to lip-sync to “Hit ‘Em Up Style (Oops!)” by Blue Cantrell.

Tamisha gives a beautiful, tight, controlled performance of the song. It’s good, classic drag. But like her first lip-sync on the premiere, it feels like she tires herself out halfway through.

Lucky for Miss Muse, Kandy has the opposite trajectory. Her performance during the first half is hesitant and nervous, but by the end, she kicks the emotion into high gear and gives it everything she has. She gets to stay another week.

On her way out, Tamisha takes the time to hug Kandy goodbye and make sure all their bad blood is behind them.

Like, honestly. Have you ever met a better person? The answer is no.

Tamisha announces that you don’t always have to win—”sometimes, you just have to show up.” And that is exactly what she’s done. In just a handful of episodes, Mama Iman has shown us her heart of gold and set the standard for how to conduct yourself in a professional, mature manner… with a sprinkling of excellent TV drama thrown in for good measure! I think I speak for a great many people when I say she will be missed tremendously.

And for the last time, where is my “I said what I said” T-shirt?!

Time for a Doll Call?

Tina Burner – I need-need-NEED Tina to provide more variety with her outfits. We get it, you like fire! For the love of everything that is holy, wear something else!

Kandy Muse – Kandy got a harsh reality check this week, just as I anticipated. It’s going to be very interesting to see how she moves forward now. Will she let her inner saboteur finish her off or will she rise from the ashes a humbled and driven competitor?

Gottmik – Mik is lucky she serves incredible looks week after week, because her dancing is not the best and she likely won’t survive a lip-sync if she lands in the bottom two. I’m hoping she’s able to bring it in an acting challenge soon—there needs to be more to her than just her amazing aesthetic.

Elliott with 2 Ts – I’m glad Elliott was given her due this week, though it does feel like she was given a handicap with those hula hoops. She continues to be a fun presence on the season, but I feel the producers aren’t willing to let her truly shine.

Olivia Lux – Just like Symone, Olivia has that “it” factor, that undeniable star power that’s going to carry her far. Between her dancing ability, her beauty, and her acting chops, this girl has a ticket straight to the top four as long as she doesn’t mess anything up too badly.

Utica Queen – Poor Utica just cannot seem to stay away from those silly faces she keeps making! They might work for acting challenges or a laugh in the werk room, but she needs to be able to pose like a model and serve face to go with her amazing lewks on the runway. Ru’s getting tired of her shtick, and that’s a very bad sign.

Denali – Poor Denali just can’t seem to break through since her time in the bottom two. I’m still confident she’s going to go far, because the girl’s got a lot of talent—and clearly, it’s going to be hard to take her out in a lip-sync.

Rosé – Rosé is another queen who’s struggling in the safe zone. She’s so good, but as Mik confirmed this week, Rosé seems to have some difficulties showing her true, genuine self to the world. I’ve seen it in her interactions with Denali, though. I know she has that warmth the judges are waiting to see.

LaLa Ri – LaLa pulled herself up from her terrible moment last week with a very solid performance this time around. But as the weaker girls are starting to drop out, I fear LaLa’s time may be coming soon. I hope she proves me wrong.

Symone – Symone’s still bringing amazing lewks out onto the runway every week, but I can’t help but feel she’s almost cheating in that sense, knowing all her looks were made by designers and she can’t put a basic garment together. It’s a sad realization that may tarnish her perfect run so far.

Next week, we get another acting challenge that’ll help to start define who we’re going to see last a while. And can you feel it? Snatch Game is on the horizon!

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