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Previously on Drag Race: The queens of Season 13 finally came together and competed in their first real challenge. Symone won the week and proved she was the one to beat, while Denali officially became a legendary lip-sync assassin. And poor Kahmora Hall had to make like a tree and leave.


Back in the werk room, the hookers go over Kahmora’s elimination and the week’s events. Kandy Muse reiterates she doesn’t feel Denali should’ve been in the bottom two: she thinks it should’ve been Elliott with 2 Ts.


Season 13 couldn’t have found itself a better underdog than Elliott, because the lady with 2 Ts is fully unbothered. Kandy’s comments aren’t getting to her, and she’s not gonna play into the drama either.

And on the topic of queens who are done with Kandy, Tamisha Iman interrupts Miss Muse as she’s saying Symone is her biggest competition this season. Tamisha says Kandy hasn’t had a chance to see what everyone else here can do, and she can’t dismiss the rest of the cast yet.

Mama is not having any of your shit.

This week’s mini-challenge is a cringe-worthy dance session featuring baby quick drag. The queens put on oversized diapers and bibs and flop around on the floor and my soul temporarily leaves my body due to the secondhand embarrassment.

Rosé has a whole contraption set up where she looks like she on her mama’s back. It’s pretty clever.

LaLa Ri looks like an actual baby and throws in some twerking. It’s a good performance, in a “dear God make it stop” kind of way.

Joey Jay is not trying at all. I live.

LaLa Ri wins this mini-challenge.

At least she made some nice coins from that craziness.

This week, the maxi-challenge is a Bag Ball. The queens will need to showcase three bag-themed lewks each, the final one of which they will need to make from a bunch of actual bags in the werk room. With twelve queens, that is 36 lewks total.

Wish me luck.

This is the challenge where we get to identify the girls who never learned how to work a sewing machine. This season, that’s Symone and LaLa. Fortunately for them, Utica is an expert garment maker and knows how to work these machines. She gives each of them a little help.

All hail Saint Utica, queen of the seamstresses.

Symone is super nervous about this. She doesn’t really know what she’s doing and it’s getting to her. Her usual effortless confidence is being held hostage by her inner sabotwah today.

We’re seeing a new side to our frontrunner this week!

As it turns out, LaLa Ri was put in drag for the first time by none other than Tamisha Iman several years ago. So… Tamisha is basically LaLa’s drag mom.

Strongest womb in the business.

The next day as they’re getting ready, the girls discuss the BLM movement and the marches that several of the queens joined this past year. LaLa reveals the killing of Rayshard Brooks happened a few blocks away from her home in Atlanta. That could’ve been her. She breaks down about how people can just be killed for being Black and the injustice of it all. But she also takes the time to tell the girls that they need to come out of this season using their platform and their voice to fight the good fight. Evil triumphs when good people do nothing.

Preach, queen.

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m really coming around on LaLa this week.

Ru’s Lewk Ruview:

RuPaul is serving Lil’ Miss Barbie Doll tonight with the hot pink and the blond hair, and gurl! Those LEGS! Mama’s still got it.

Let’s get these 36 lewks started! The first category is “Mixed Bag,” a free-for-all category where the theme must involve the word “bag.” C’mon, creative freedom!

Denali is opening the ball with this excellent airbag look. It’s fun, it’s high fashion, and she camps it up beautifully.

Joey Jay is giving us IV bag with a little play on words, since she’s thrown some ivy on her outfit too. I’m just grateful she’s wearing a wig.

LaLa Ri is bringing Oogie Boogie and Diana Ross’s love child to the runway. And that’s a sentence no one has ever said before. I wish the burlap sack portion meshed better with the rest of it, but I like the concept.

Elliott with 2 Ts acknowledges she’s serving us “cheap gift bag,” and that at least shows some self-awareness, because this does look a little cheap. The hole between the dress and the tulle is unfortunate.

Tamisha Iman rode the creative freedom train all the way to the end of the line with this “old bag” theme. It’s a bit off-topic in my opinion, but she does look like a convincing old lady. ‘Cause… you know… she is.

Move aside, Jimbo—this is officially the biggest pair of bobbies to ever grace the stage of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Symone looks both ridiculous and glamorous as fuck. Oh, and then she pops them with a pin for good measure. Love it.

Olivia Lux must’ve been shaking in her lil’ boots a couple episodes ago when she saw Symone walking out on the stage in a lewk that’s almost identical to this one. It’s super cute and she sells it well, but oh my goodness, it’s so freaking similar. Awkward.

Gottmik went all out with this “body bag” lewk. She’s serving… well… guts. This mid-autopsy fantasy is wild. Brava.

Turns out Rosé is Scottish, and she’s paying a beautiful, polished homage to her heritage with this bagpipes look. Morgan McMichaels is shaking.

Tina Burner went for “brown bag” with this tipsy alcohol-themed outfit. The construction isn’t all that great, but she sells the stumbling drunk act in a fun way.

Kandy Muse looks cute and polished in this little magician look, and her magic bag that contains a giant stick and then turns into a cute cape is a delightful feature.

This Utica poodle lewk is absolutely adorable. The poofy hair is everything, and the outfit is super fashionable too. It’s a serve.

So. The next category is “Miss Moneybags,” a runway theme that’s all about appalens. Except for some insane reason, Drag Race decided to partner with Coach to showcase the brand’s oversized women’s bags. The result is an absolutely insane attempt at matching random handbags with these extravagant lewks the queens brought from home. The colors clash horribly and nothing makes sense. So I’m going to try to ignore the bags as much as possible.

Denali is giving us Cruella De Vil with a fascinator that’s worthy of the Royal Family. It’s a great lewk, and the huge nail that’s attached to her cigarette holder is just perfect.

If I saw someone in this butch Joey Jay eyepatch look at a club (RIP clubs), I’d bitch-slap people out of the way just so I could go tell them they look incredible. But on the main stage of RuPaul’s Drag Race? Meh.

I’m living for this bald-headed yet feminine LaLa Ri look with the floral dress and matching pumps. It’s adorable.

I can appreciate the intent behind Elliott with 2 Ts’ cute ’80s business attire with giant shoulderpads. But when this follows an equally basic look from the previous category, it gets me a bit worried about her aesthetic.

This Tamisha Iman look is a nice concept as well, but it’s not quite big enough. The side cape needed to be bigger, and so did the hair.

Symone looks fantastic in this homage to one of my favorite movies of all time, The Fifth Element. The shiny hot pink, the holes for the knees, the shape of the wig… it’s all great.

Out of all the business suits in this category, I think Olivia Lux’s stands out the best. The colors are super satisfying and the flowy cape is delicious. Even that disaster of a handbag looks good on her.

RuPaul and the judges are absolutely living for this bedazzled monochrome showgirl moment Gottmik is bringing. It’s beautiful, for sure, but I don’t really see what all the fuss is about.

Rosé is referencing the movie Big Business with her runway look. It’s a nice outfit, but it’s nothing incredible either.

This beautiful houndstooth moment by Tina Burner is a sight for sore eyes. It’s stoned head to toe, and after this many runway looks, so am I.

I’m feeling entertained, amused. Kandy Muse’s rich hooker in panties look is interesting, her hair made of money is interesting.

Utica’s giving us this gorgeous ’20s piece (hideous purse notwithstanding) covered in dazzling jewelry. As RuPaul later points out, though, I just wish she’d tone down the campy faces and walk on the runway, because it really cheapens the beauty of her garments.

For our third and final category, we’ve got the hand-made Bag Ball garments.

Denali is serving Día de los Muertos with this gorgeous conceptual garment. The patterns are bold but work very nicely. I just wish she was a tiny bit more cinched. But still, gorge.

I don’t quite understand this polkadot look from Joey Jay. The shape of the outfit is a bit confusing. Also, her hair and makeup… I don’t know about this, girl…

What is dis hunny?

I will give LaLa props for coming out on the runway in this hot-ass mess and selling it like it’s couture. You did that, girl.

Elliott’s third look isn’t absolutely stunning, but it’s a definite step up from her first two. The construction is clean and the hair helps sell it.

Tamisha gets props for the construction of her garment, since it does look well-made. Unfortunately, the mismatched materials and overabundance of decorative elements make it look a bit cheap. It’s a shame.

Symone’s outfit definitely looks poorly crafted—like it’s barely being held together by hot glue and desperation. But she helps save it a little with that fabulous hair and those stylish sunglasses. I need me a pair like those.

Olivia looks gorgeous in this resplendent number. It would’ve been so easy for an outfit made out of these fabrics to look horrendous, but she’s managed to pull it together in a beautiful way. I’m loving the hair and diadem too. Fierce.

Gottmik went to ✨ fashion school ✨ and you can tell. This creation is definitely the kind of thing you’d see on an actual runway in New York. Not really my thing, but I appreciate the concept.

Rosé looks so good in this vintage alien Jantasy, complete with the perfectly coiffed hair. The level of polish on this is a joy to behold.

I can appreciate a signature aesthetic, but I really wish someone would tell Tina Burner that like… red and orange and yellow don’t look that great on someone with her skin tone.

I love Kandy’s hair in this. The rest of the look? Ehhhhh. The concept and color combo are cute. That’s about it.

My God. This Utica garment is such a showstopper. The construction is so clean and perfect and satisfying to look at, and she’s paired it beautifully with this hair and makeup, the long nails, and those beautiful white stockings. Just marvelous, I say.

I did it! I covered all the lewks! RIP me.

Denali, Elliott, Symone, Olivia, Tina, and Kandy are safe. Gottmik, Utica, and Rosé are praised to high heaven. Joey and Tamisha didn’t do very well. LaLa is read to filth for her bag look.

I mean look at this. LOOK AT IT.

In the werk room, the safe girls discuss being safe and wishing they could get critiques. Olivia tries asking the girls if they’d be down to share critiques with each other, but Kandy jumps on that opportunity to tell Elliott she needs more self-awareness. Obviously, that doesn’t land very well.

“Oh… We’re doing those kinds of critiques? Okay”

The top and bottom girls rejoin the safe queens, where Tamisha Iman suddenly announces there are a couple of girls in the cast that she doesn’t like—Kandy included. She thinks Kandy is arrogant, and she tells her as much.

Nuclear meltdown in 3… 2… 1…

Kandy is obviously furious, and she pops awff like never before. I definitely think there’s some part of Tamisha that’s getting off on Kandy’s rage, which makes the ensuing argument even more entertaining. There are screams, there are insults, there are threats of violence… Okay, that last part’s not so cool. But the rest is delightful TV.


Finally, the argument ends and tension is released when a bug chases a few of the girls around outside the studio.


The verdict is in: Gottmik is this week’s winner.

911? Yes, we have a robbery in progress.

Tamisha is safe, so the bottom two are Joey and LaLa. They’ll be lip-syncing to “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea. LaLa’s terrible bag look completely falls apart in the process, but she gives an amazing performance. Joey sadly looks a little dead in the eyes. She does attempt one stunt by throwing a bunch of dollar bills in the air, but she does it at a point where LaLa’s standing right in front of her… and then LaLa wins the day by using Joey’s prop against her.

I feel that, girl. It’s a tough economy.

Joey Jay is an entertaining gal for sure, but she seemed to fizzle out hard in the last couple episodes. This week, she almost looked completely checked out. I almost wonder if something was going on behind the scenes. Either way, her sense of humor will be missed.

See ya, you gay ass bitch.

Doll Call:

Denali – Denali had a rough week last week and was just completely in the background this episode. I love her sense of style and she’s a talented gal, so I do hope she pulls it together and lands in the top soonish.

LaLa Ri – LaLa graced the stage with one of Drag Race’s worst lewks EVER this week, but she also had a ton of really positive screen time, between her speech about BLM, her fun confessionals, and her excellent lip-sync. She’s super fun, but I feel her time here is almost up.

Elliott with 2 Ts – Elliott skated by this week, and mostly got screen time because of Kandy’s attacks. Here’s hoping she’s able to stand out for other reasons in the next few weeks. I worry her aesthetic may become an issue though.

Tamisha Iman – Hoo, gurl. Tamisha may not be performing particularly well but she is instigating so much drama and providing entertainment by the ton. She’s so much fun to watch. I do hope she steps it up soon though.

Symone – It was interesting to realize Symone is literally incapable of making her own outfit this week—a bit of a shock, since it means all her clothes are made by a team of designers. It’s disappointing, but there’s still a whole lot of other aspects to Symone that are great. Just not this one, I guess.

Olivia Lux – Poor Olivia isn’t managing to get out of the safe zone just yet—but it’s still early. She’s still performing very well overall. Let’s give it another week or two before we start calling her the Jan of the season.

Gottmik – Does Gottmik have an incredible eye for fashion and amazing lewks? Absolutely. Do I think she deserved to win this week over Utica? Eh. Do I think she’s a shoo-in for one of the season’s top spots? Most likely. And that is okay with me.

Rosé – Speaking of the Jan treatment, I’m very glad Rosé’s not going through this. The judges are recognizing her talent and brilliance and it’s nice to see. I’m also really liking how level-headed she is in Untucked and in general. She’s a good egg.

Tina Burner – I must say, with every week that goes by, I’m a little less impressed by Madam Burner. I pegged her for a frontrunner at first, but she’s not doing much to shine lately. We’ll see where that goes.

Kandy Muse – Ooooh, mama. Miss Thing is good television, that’s for sure. But it’s clear she’s suffering from some delusions of grandeur, as Tamisha stated. She’s fun, but she’s going to have a rough awakening when a few more of the filler queens go home and her aesthetic starts to pale compared to the rest of the cast.

Utica – Utica has such a style and aesthetic. She’s absolutely delightful to look at. But I think her personality and sense of humor are a bit too mild for Ru and her crazy show. The best thing for her right now would be to go totally balls to the wall in a performance challenge.

That’s all she wrote! Thanks for reading, queens!

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