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Previously on Drag Race: The queens were split into two groups, the winners’ circle and the Porkchop girls. Both groups were asked to showcase their fashions and talents. Symone and Denali emerged as their respective groups’ frontrunners. Elliott with 2 Ts got to join the winners’ circle after being kicked out of the losers’ group. And no one was eliminated for three long weeks straight.

At last, all the queens are together! The Porkchop girls, fresh off their episode, get to meet the (slightly delusional) winning team.

This is about to get juicy!

The winners are definitely acting high and mighty, and things get even worse when Elliott with 2 Ts surprises the Porkchop girls by coming out from the corner and revealing she never left to begin with. Boom, bitches.

The gag of the season.

With plenty of conflict between all the girls all set up, the stage is set for an explosive first elimination. I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

This week, there’s no mini-challenge: we’re jumping straight to a fun-filled maxi-challenge. The queens are split into three teams to act a fool in three different (but basically identical) Hallmark channel spoof trailers. I love me a good Hallmark romcom!

Denali decides she wants the spotlight on her to showcase she’s a good actress and not just a talented lip-syncer. So she picks the central role in her team’s script.

We shall see how this goes. Also, I would kill for Denali’s jacket.

In her confessionals, Kahmora Hall randomly admits she can’t stand Elliott with 2 Ts’ voice.


This is the first acting challenge of the season, so the girls with the theatrical chops are gunning for the win. Tina Burner and Rosé in particular are eager to steal the spotlight, and they start rehearsing their lines as loudly as possible within earshot of each other—presumably some kind of New Yorker intimidation ritual.

Ah yes, the fearsome air cigarette pose. Might as well hand her the win.

RuPaul returns to the werk room to speak with each team. When she asks Utica, a religious gal playing a weed-loving hippie, if she’s ever smoked weed before, Utica kills Ru with a series of hilarical facial expressions.


Tamisha Iman is playing a Cher parody, so Ru asks her a bit about her knowledge of the diva. Turns out Tamisha doesn’t know a ton about Cher and may not do very well playing a version of her.


The queens start recording their trailers. Tamisha does struggle with the Cher characterization at first, but some helpful coaching from Ross Mathews gets her where she needs to be.

She did that.

Joey Jay is having some trouble too. She flubs some of her lines and forgets to play to the camera.

Joey, you in danger, girl.

There’s a new contender in the race for best actress: Rosé realizes her scene partner, Symone, kept her acting talents a secret during rehearsals and is bringing it all out when it matters, in front of the cameras. She’s a threat.


Kahmora Hall is playing a tree, which involves a lot of standing still and green screen work. But she totally misses the references and intonation on her lines.

Also why is she wearing a breastplate under her green screen suit?!

On the first ever elimination day (finally!), Kandy Muse asks her sisters Tina Burner and Gottmik for a little help putting together a last-minute outfit change for the week’s runway category. But can the winners’ circle sisterhood help save Kandy’s lewk?

C’mon, seamstress factory!

Symone reveals her first time in drag was at her senior prom. IN HIGH SCHOOL. IN ARKANSAS.

The bravery.

Tamisha Iman talks a bit more about her biological children, revealing they range between the ages of 33 and 35 and she had them in high school. And get this—she named her drag self after her biological daughter Tamisha.

My heart!!

Ru’s Lewk Ruview:

The dress is super cute, but the red hair really elevates the lewk! I love seeing Ru in different hair colors. And most importantly, look how happy she is to be here! I’m glad Grandma’s still having fun on this little show.

The category tonight is “Trains for Days.” Choo-choo, bitches.

Denali looks gorgeous in this amazing Quetzalcoatl-inspired feathery garment. The hair perfectly matches the outfit and the makeup is beautiful. C’mon, Sesame Street.

Olivia Lux is giving us 18th century composer realness with this accoutrement. It’s very chic, and the Prince vibes help give it that touch of modernity.

Elliott with 2 Ts is giving me very Madonna meets Princess Di in this fluffy garment and shapely updo. I’ve compared Elliott to Diana once already, so I guess I must really think she looks like her. Maybe I’ve just watched too much The Crown.

Kahmora Hall looks gorgeous in this form-fitting Asian mother of dragons lewk, and the fan is a nice touch. The garment looks expensive as shit.

Miss Symone is decidedly brave as fuck. She’s come out on the runway wearing a durag with a train flowing off it. It’s a brilliant homage to Black culture and just a gorgeous outfit. Brava.

Lala Ri is giving us head-to-toe snake skin with this Covid-safe outfit. Like Symone’s, it’s a bold choice, but something about it feels like it’s missing. Maybe a wig.

Utica looks both silly and glam in this elevated reference to the iconic Carol Burnett curtain dress. It’s a fun interpretation of the theme.

Rosé looks absolutely gorgeous in this androgynous tulle-covered pantsuit moment. Giving me touches of David Bowie. Love it.

Gottmik is showing her trans pride with the blue and pink colors and visible chest in this gorgeous fem glam number, complete with a bedazzled leaf blower to help her outfit flow. Genius.

Tina Burner chose an interesting interpretation of the theme by giving us a train conductor lewk. It’s fun and clever and very cartoony, but I wish the fabric and wig were a little less cheap-looking.

Joey Jay’s serving a very conceptual lewk with this giant tongue train with a piercing. It’s provocative and amusing and she’s wearing a wig, so yay for Joey.

Despite the help Kandy Muse got from her sisters, her Jessica Rabbit outfit still has some visible construction issues. The polish in the dress and wig aren’t quite there.

Tamisha Iman looks beautiful in this hot pink garment, which she made herself, mind you. I will say I don’t love the tulle in the front as I feel it cuts her in half—but the rest of it is cute.

It’s time to watch the finished products, starting with “Misery Love’s Company.” Olivia Lux does a good job and Elliott with 2 Ts is occasionally fun, but Denali is pretty dull and Kahmora Hall is a disaster.

The second film, “God Loves Flags,” is quite a bit better, thanks in no small part to Symone’s excellent acting and ridiculous pronunciation of the phrase “flag factory.” Rosé and Utica do a good job too—only LaLa Ri is a bit flat.

Lastly, “April Fool’s Rush In” stars five ladies: Tina Burner does a good, albeit not particularly memorable, job as the mean boss. Gottmik is fun with the comedy but not as good at acting out real emotion. Kandy Muse is a laugh riot and Tamisha Iman ends up doing great as the Cher impersonator. Last and unfortunately least, Joey Jay is quite forgettable and doesn’t play to the camera at all.

Elliott, Olivia, Utica, Joey, Gottmik, Tina, and Tamisha are all safe. Denali, Kahmora, and LaLa get high marks on the runway but didn’t do well in the challenge. Kandy is the opposite. Symone and Rosé did a fantastic job.

The queens return to the werk room to untuck, where Kandy says she felt some safe girls—Elliott in particular—should’ve been in the bottom.

How dare you insult Princess Di like this?!

Denali has a beautiful, emotional moment with Rosé, who gives her the pep talk of the century. The New York gal tells her she’s a fabulous lip-syncer and she just needs to go kill it again on that stage like she did in their lip-sync last week. The warmth and the confidence in Rosé’s voice are super reassuring.

Okay, I’m into this sisterhood! More of this, please.

The winner of the first real challenge is… Symone!

Ladies, we have a frontrunner.

LaLa Ri is safe.


Denali and Kahmora must lip-sync to “100% Pure Love” by Crystal Waters. Kahmora’s dress doesn’t allow her to do anything but walk, so she just very slowly glides around the stage. She puts zero energy into her number. It’s a tragedy.

Charlie, let’s go!

Denali, on the other hand, has set out to prove she well and truly is a lip-sync assassin, and she’s accomplishing that. She duckwalks, she does a split, she has all the moves and she’s entertaining as hell. She gets to stay.


Poor Kahmora Hall is one of the most beautiful girls in this cast, but she had a lot on her mind and that inner saboteur ended up dragging her down big time. It’s a shame to see such a gorgeous queen go home first, because you know she would’ve lit that runway on fire every week.

But that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Doll Call!

Denali – Denali may have gone from winning her group’s episode to falling to the bottom two of the first real challenge, but she didn’t let that get to her. She used this opportunity to show she’s a serious threat and she isn’t going down without a hell of a fight. Part of me wants to see her in the bottom again just so she can murder some more lip-syncs.

Olivia Lux – I thought Olivia did great this week in the sassy grandma role, but she was just deemed safe. Still, Olivia’s been a consistent threat this whole time. She’ll go far.

Elliott with 2 Ts – Poor Elliott continues to be treated as the scrappy underdog who everyone underestimates. I do hope she gets a chance to prove once and for all that she deserves everyone’s respect—but even if she isn’t able to do that, she’s showing she has a heart of gold and that’s just as important.

Symone – Pure, unadulterated talent. I will say I hate an obvious winner edit, though, and Symone is looking a lot like that right now with two wins in four episodes. I’m going to need a few other queens to do better than her here and there, otherwise this season is going to get boring real quick.

LaLa Ri – LaLa is fading fast among the numerous big personalities in this cast. If she doesn’t bring it ASAP, she could be gone next.

Utica – Utica is middle-of-the-pack right now, performance-wise, but her hilarious reaction to RuPaul’s question this week got her in Mama’s good graces for sure. She may be this season’s Crystal Methyd—the kooky underdog coming for that top spot.

Rosé – From her first couple of episodes, I was worried Rosé’s cutthroat competitiveness would brand her as the season’s villain. But she’s shown a surprising kindness toward some of these queens, particularly with Denali this week. Rosé’s the good kind of confident, where she knows what she brings and can afford to take a minute to help other people along the way. I’m warming up to her.

Gottmik – Gottmik did well enough in the challenge and continues to be a beauty on the runway, but I am waiting for her to really shine. So far, she’s just doing okay. I love her style and personality, so I hope she can go far.

Tina Burner – I’m surprised Tina didn’t do better this week. This challenge was right up her alley, so between that and her so-so runway lewks… perhaps she’s not as much of a powerhouse as I’d expected. I’m waiting for her to prove me wrong.

Joey Jay – Honestly, I’m a bit shocked Joey was deemed safe this week. She doesn’t seem like much of an actor on top of having an issue with the wig thing, so this is a lot of marks against her. You gotta pick a struggle, girl.

Kandy Muse – Kandy’s top placement went right to her head, and in contrast with Rosé’s real confidence, I’m concerned Kandy is the wrong kind of confident—the type who feels she needs to take others down a notch to feel better about herself. She’s entertaining for sure, but the aesthetic thing is going to need some improvement stat if she wants to stick around.

Tamisha Iman – Tamisha is a fascinating person. She said in Untucked this week she’d rather sit back and listen and learn from the younger generation for now before speaking her mind. She has a sense of calm that she applies to everything that speaks to the courage of someone who’s seen it all. I really admire that.

One queen down, twelve to go! Let’s keep it going, hookers!

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