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Previously on All Stars: The queens played the Snatch Game of Love. Shea Couleé did a wonderful job and was the week’s winner. For the latest Gag Of The Season™, every non-top All Star queen was placed in the bottom. And at the last minute, India Ferrah brought up a campaign effort by Alexis Mateo to (allegedly) take down Shea a few episodes back. But despite the crazy drama, India was sent home.

The girls sit down to rehash the madness, where Alexis tears up about the backstabbing she just suffered. She’s relieved that the girls all voted for India to go home. Unfortunately, most of them––Shea especially––still don’t fully believe Alexis is innocent.

I think she’s gonna be sick… no? (Get it?)

The ladies reconvene the next morning, marveling over this talent-packed top 5. Miz Cracker admits she’s staying silent in the group conversations on purpose, though, because she’s already put her foot in her mouth enough this season.

Smart girl.

This week, for the first time in ages for All Stars, we’re doing a design challenge! The queens are tasked with putting some lewks together for a Charles family backyard cookout, using unconventional (read: white trash) materials. And they’ll be doing it in front of Ru’s extended family! Plus the Pit Crew and some extras.

Is there no budget this time around?

The girls get started designing their outfits, and it quickly becomes clear who has some experience with sewing and who doesn’t… on their second (or third) time on Drag Race… on All Stars 5. Really, queens? Jujubee in particular basically admits she has no idea what she’s doing and desperately needs help.

Someone’s in trouble…

Miz Cracker is another one who, despite being more experienced with garment-making, is struggling a bit with the construction of her lewks. The very rambunctious demons in her head quickly start bouncing off the walls.

Someone get her some Krisis Kontrol!

Fortunately for these girls, Mama Couleé is here to make it better. Shea takes time out of her own work to give them some fabric and sewing tips.

She’s a winner AND a saint.

Blair St. Clair interrupts the kiki, noticing India Ferrah left her a note before she left. It’s a sweet little message, which she reads out loud. Shea got a note from India too, and though Jujubee is bitter she didn’t get one, she does take it upon herself to read the one Alexis got, which Alexis didn’t want to read. Juju makes up an overly dramatic hate letter for everyone’s entertainment.

Bless Jujubee for knowing exactly how to play to the TV.

Alexis eventually learns her letter from India only says nice things, which she doesn’t believe for a second. She still thinks India is a hoe who totally lied to fuck her over.

“Hahaha you fake-ass bitch”

RuPaul comes around to check on his top 5 and get some sob stories from a few queens. Shea Couleé talks about how her father passed away two days before Season 9’s cast was revealed, when all she’d ever wanted was for him to see her on the show and be proud of his child. And then Shea’s sister passed away a month after that, while the show was airing. They were both huge supporters of hers.

So awful. Shea is so damn strong.

Next up is Jujubee, who talks about her father dying when she was young and her mother abandoning her and her sisters. Juju revealed earlier in the season that she was a recovering alcoholic and drug user. She left behind a lot of the people in her life a few years back to rebuild a new family around her sobriety. She tells RuPaul: “I’m not completely found, but I’m not as lost as I used to be.”

Ru tells Juju to stay on that path, because Ru herself wouldn’t be here today without those sober friends. The two of them have a beautiful moment that sort of turns into a mini-meeting.

So happy for both of them.

Ru’s Lewk Ruview:

She is giving me Monica Bellucci in Matrix skin-tight rubber dress teas and I do not hate it! The green accents are cute too. It’s a toot!

It’s time for the challenge to start, and RuPaul’s sisters are actually here for the cookout!

The one on the left is done with this shit.

First up, the queens will be walking down the runway as Ru’s cookout guests, complete with trashy voiceover backstories. Aw, I like those challenges! Let’s get to it.

Miz Cracker is playing the crazy mess of an aunt who’s disliked by the whole family and fucked up her kidneys with all the drinking. Everyone knows that girl, and Cracker plays her brilliantly. Come through Stevie Nicks, you better fucking werk!

Jujubee is playing the Asian bestie with an obsession for MSG. She’s wearing the biggest, floppiest sunhat in the world and she nails the comedy as per usual.

Blair St. Clair is the trashy redneck cousin with the country accent. Her character is silly and fun, though the jokes in her narration aren’t quite as plentiful. Still, she looks bangin’. I do declare, she’s the queen of the cookout.

Shea Couleé is serving a beautiful throwback with an oversized T-shirt referencing her cookout character’s mother Grandrea, whom she played in Season 9’s 9021-Ho challenge. She sells the personality with the narration, and turns the “RuPaul is also my…” prompt that everyone got into a fun twist about Ru being her best friend. It’s a sweet little performance.

Alexis Mateo comes in as Carmencita the former housekeeper, leaning fully into her Latina heritage for this one. We definitely know who this character is as well, but the jokes are oddly lacking and she has a wig reveal into a rather sad-looking thing. It’s not great at all.

Next up, the hand-made design category: Backyard Ball Eleganza!

Miz Cracker has created this beautiful concoction using picnic cloth, badminton rackets, and some other sports-y stuff that I’m not straight enough to recognize or be interested in. Considering she made this in two days, it’s freaking gorgeous.

Jujubee pulled through and put together an adorable little fruity lewk. It’s a delicious tropical fantasy and for someone with poor sewing skills (who did get help from Shea), it’s pretty solid.

Blair St. Clair’s outfit is this beautifully layered garment that’s draped around her. The concept is super high-fashion, but the execution isn’t all there unfortunately. That being said, let’s take a second to admire that fucking HAIR AND MAKEUP. Divine.

Shea Couleé looks so, so beautiful in this Valentina-esque bride lewk with a Louisiana twist. It’s a little bit country bumpkin, a little bit sexy pinup, a lot bit gorgeous bride-to-be. This just makes me happy.

Alexis Mateo’s red dress covered in pieces of red solo cups is, first of all, making me worried for her safety––that shit is sharp! She has a reveal where she lifts the bottom half of her gown and shows off a whole-ass kiddie pool underneath, which is adorable. Unfortunately, the construction is not all there. The hair loaf is cute though.

Blair and Alexis weren’t the best this week. On the other hand, Cracker, Jujubee, and Shea did well with their lewks and presentations. Both Cracker and Juju credit Shea with helping them put their outfits together.

Aww, I love the sisterhood!

Shea tells the judges she knows this is a competition, but she thinks helping each other should always come first in our community. Drag is a team effort! Love that.

Cracker is the top All Star of the week!

And that’s the most emotion we’re gonna get from her.

Back in the werk room, Cracker declares that while all four of the other queens are officially in the bottom according to Ru, she doesn’t think Shea and Juju are really bottoms given their track record. Alexis and Blair are the real bottom two here.

“Oh wow”

Blair has no intention of going home tonight, so she fights like hell in deliberations. She announces clearly that she has so much drive and talent and doesn’t deserve to be sent home yet.

Alexis, on the other hand, is once again reeling from the possibility that the other queens’ opinions of her have soured since India’s reveal last week. She does her best to fight for her spot, but she does seem a little defeated.

Alexis, no!

Blair gets emotional from how much she does want this. She tears up telling the girls how much the competition means to her, and how quickly she’s grown in the past few years. Shea tells Blair that watching her compete has reminded Shea of how much she wants this too. Juju gives her a big hug to seal the deal.

She wants this SO HARD it hurts.

The lip-sync assassin of the week is… Roxxxy Andrews!!


The lip-sync song is one of my favorite songs EVER, “One Last Time” by Ariana Grande.

Miz Cracker does a decent job with the performance, looking great and peppering in a few decent moves here and there. But one does not simply defeat Roxxxy Andrews in a lip-sync. She comes out looking so opulent in her giant feathery coat, then pulls a double reveal into a skimpy little negligee with the most amazing detail:

Oh. My. Lanta.

The (third or fourth) gag of the season, tbh.

So obviously Roxxxy wins, which means she pulls out the group vote’s lipstick:

Blair lives to slay the runway another day.

Alexis Mateo is such an amazing queen. She’s seriously the whole entire package. I got to meet her recently and she’s just as much of an angel––and queen of entertainment––in person as she is on television. I am not worried about her at all. She’s going to enjoy her new batch of adoring fans from this season and go on to even bigger and better things.

That is a yes, Alexis: You are and always will be sickening.

Top four, bitches!

Miz Cracker – Cracker was super shaky in the first half of the season, especially as far as her popularity with the other girls was concerned. But she’s managed to pull off a beautiful comeback, and with Alexis Mateo gone, most of Cracker’s enemies have left the competition. Still, do we think she has what it takes to actually win the crown? I’m not sure.

Jujubee – Juju has done so, so well all season, and I really think she’s the only one who could win this besides Shea. Her one weak point was aesthetics, but she’s managed to push past that––and while we haven’t seen anything jaw-dropping from her on the runway, she’s still held her own beautifully. And everything that comes out of her mouth is gold.

Blair St. Clair – I say this every week, but I am so incredibly proud of lil’ ol’ Blair for pushing past her personal struggles and blossoming so wonderfully in such a short time since Season 10. She’s surrounded by serious powerhouses here and is still managing to stand out week after week. Whether or not she makes it past the top four, it’s undeniable at this point: she is Drag Race royalty.

Shea Couleé – Shea did well this week and won some major points for being the mama hen who helped everyone out. That’s a huge plus for a potential winner: not only showing you’ve got what it takes, but you’re kind and secure enough in your own talent to also help others competing against you. She’s a winner, through and through.

That’s all for this week, ladies. See y’all next time!

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