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Previously on All Stars: The girls competed in an adorable Rusical challenge about girl crushes. Miz Cracker attacked Ongina, made Blair St. Clair‘s team leader job difficult, and just generally pissed everyone off. Shea Couleé annihilated the episode. And poor defeated Ongina gave up and went home.

The girls decompress in the werk room, where it’s revealed everyone unanimously voted for Ongina to go home. Ouch. The queens get out of drag, but Shea Couleé is still fangirling over having defeated Alyssa Edwards in a lip-sync. Alexis Mateo doesn’t intend to let Shea sail through this competition unhindered, though. Miss Mateo is here to win, and she’ll do whatever she needs to.

Shea, you betta watch out, girl. Alexis is coming for your gig!

The next morning, the ladies are going over the past week’s events, most notably Miz Cracker’s treatment of Ongina. Cracker explains she just wanted Ongina to believe in herself and expressed herself poorly, but a few of the girls, including Mayhem Miller, don’t believe her at all. Like most things Cracker, this apology is feeling a little inauthentic––not to mention it’s coming quite late. Alexis Mateo piles on to the argument, telling Cracker she’s on thin ice and implying she won’t hesitate to send home a queen she can’t trust.

“Does not compute”

This week, the girls will be putting together BnB sets and presenting them to the camera––like the club challenge from All Stars 4 but weirder. So of course, that means the queens are expected to move furniture around and paint walls and shit.

How barbaric!

The next morning, as they’re getting ready for the challenge, Shea Couleé and Miz Cracker discuss all the drama. Shea has no issues with Cracker personally, and their group, which also includes Mariah Paris Balenciaga, is doing fine. Once again, though, Cracker puts her foot in her mouth by listing out loud the people she respects in the werk room. Alexis Mateo jumps on that, asking her if that means Cracker doesn’t respect her.

“Oh my Gaga”

Cracker tries to explain herself until Shea jumps in to defend her teammate. Shea is not here for the non-stop attack on Cracker.

A rivalry is brewing, ladies!

Alexis does backtrack a bit by explaining English is not her first language and that sometimes, things she wants to say come across inaccurately. But Jujubee and India Ferrah giggle in the background about how crappy an excuse that is.

Thank God for this comic relief.

It’s time for the BnB presentations!

Miz Cracker, Mariah Paris Balenciaga, and Shea Couleé are going for a Golden Girls presentation with this cute Miami-themed room and some old lady drag. Cracker does a good job with some fun quips and a skit about calling her children. Mariah’s lewk isn’t the best, and she doesn’t shine a lot in this group. Shea looks the most like an old lady and sells it too.

Alexis Mateo, India Ferrah, and Jujubee are presenting a jungle-themed stay with mosquito “Ru-pellent,” golden showers, and whole lot of animalistic fun. Golly! Alexis is her usual fun self, accidentally popping off the top of her Ru-pellent and playing it off for laughs. India fades away a bit between her strong scene partners, but she looks like a WOMAN. Jujubee is the most natural comedian and definitely leads her group to success.

Blair St. Clair and Mayhem Miller took a page out of the legendary Club 96’s book by playing two vapid divas obsessed with gold and being rich. Mayhem Miller occasionally trips on a few of her lines, but she and Blair play beautifully off of each other. Blair St. Clair is hilariously entertaining start to finish. This is honestly the only group that truly brings the funny out of the three.

Ru’s Lewk Ruview:


This week on the runway, the girls are serving three looks in one! Bring on the reveals!

Up first, Blair St. Clair is giving us time travel realness with a cutesy dame from the ’50s moving into Marvelous Mrs. Maisel ’60s chic. And then, the gag of the season: she does a wig reveal and somehow pulls these massive sleeves and bell-bottom pants out for this killer of a ’70s disco lewk. The middle lewk could use a tiny bit of polish, but the reveal into the third one is just delicious.

Mayhem Miller is keeping to the hotel theme with this cute lewk. The first reveal is really just removing her coat, so that’s a little easy, but her second, featuring a wig reveal into a matching cap for her bathing suit, is damn good.

Alexis Mateo is going for a circus theme. The first circus tent-inspired lewk is pretty fierce. Then she reveals into a fluorescent ballerina, then ends with a colorful trapeze artist outfit. The ballerina one is a tad confusing, as that’s not the first thing that comes to mind when I think of the circus. But the wig reveal into a bedazzled bun with drawn-on edges is super cute.

India Ferrah’s serving up a houndstooth confection with this beautifully structured garment that she slowly rips away piece by piece. I wish she’d done something with the hair at the end, but it’s a well-designed and very smooth three-in-one.

Jujubee is a holiday costume queen this week. She’s a Halloween witch, then she’s Mrs. Claus, then she’s a slutty Easter bunny. It’s a fun concept, but the execution is pretty cheap. It looks super costumey.

Mariah Paris Balenciaga is giving us Manhattan socialite with a futuristic edge. The first lewk with the huge fur coat and superhero visor is fierce, then she breaks into a cute cocktail outfit, and lastly this gorgeous pageant gown. And that mug is BEAT. So beautiful.

Miz Cracker is telling the story of Princess Anastasia with a literal Fabergé egg that unfolds into the most incredible royal gown. And then bam, that comes off into this sexy Marianne-like revolution lewk. It’s gorgeous, it’s so well-made, it’s insane, it’s pure Cracker.

Shea Couleé is giving us perhaps the most successful coccoon evolution lewk in Drag Race herstory with this incredible, trippy, Alice in Wonderland-esque moth fantasy, complete with surprise spreadable wings and the most incredible makeup. And she fully sells it with these quirky bug-like head tilts. Amazing.

The verdict is in: Blair St. Clair and Mayhem Miller had the best hotel and group performance, but the winner of the week is… Jujubee.


Blair was ROBBEDT. And that’s on period.

Alexis is told her lewks were a bit much, India and Mariah faded into the background, and Cracker had some trouble landing all the jokes. Cracker admits it’s been a struggle keeping up with the competition when she’s having so much trouble connecting with other queens. Guest judge Nicole Byer, wisdom incarnate, tells her to throw that out the window. “You’re you, you’re fabulous. Be you, who cares about what anybody else is saying?”

Preach, ma’am.

Ross Mathews calls Shea Couleé’s outfit “crafty.” CRAFTY?!

Are we in the Upside Down?!

Alexis and Cracker are safe, meaning Mariah, India, and Shea are in the bottom three. What kinda shenanigans?

Backstage, Jujubee, Blair, and Mayhem celebrate Juju’s win. Jujubee admits she’s proud of herself for managing to remain sober throughout the competition. She’s been sober for a while now and as many queens will attest, this show is a real test of sobriety. Both Mayhem and Blair admit they’re in similar boats. As a drag queen, it’s hard to resist the draw of alcohol when most of your career is spent in bars. As Jujubee says, “One is too many and a thousand’s never enough.”

My heart!

The safe and bottom girls join the tops, where India shows, I think, the most emotion she’s shown on this competition so far with an angry outburst about her best not being good enough. It’s a shock to see someone so soft-spoken being so animated all of a sudden.

That’s a lot of emotion for the bottom.

The girls split up for deliberations. Mariah tells the girls she’s sitting with that she’s proud of what she’s accomplished. She admits she was worried about being in a team with Cracker because of all the drama in the previous challenge, but she loved working with her in the end. Cracker, well… cracks (not remotely sorry) and sheds some tears.

She just needs a hug!!

It’s time for the girls to vote. As Jujubee approaches the lipstick stand, she spends her confessional talking about missing her cats and scooping their poops. She says she’d love to have three cats, but… “two is enough, for now.”

Is that a subliminal message?!

The lip-sync assassin of the week is Monét X Change!

C’mon, All Stars winner!

The lip-sync song is “Juice” by Lizzo. Jujubee is famous in the Drag Race world for being a total lip-sync assassin––she has NEVER lost a lip-sync. But hey, there’s a first time for everything. She’s weirdly disengaged throughout the number, and doesn’t seem to know all the lyrics.

Who is she?

Monét, on the other hand, is feeling fresh, cute, tweezed, and plucked. She emotes the shit out of the song and pulls some fierce dance moves.

Keep your wig on, sis!

Monét wins the day, and reveals the queen who was voted out by the group:


Mariah Paris Balenciaga is GORGEOUS, always, and has such a way with words. She’s a real role model and an activist, too. Sadly, the other two out of the three bottom queens had won the previous weeks’ challenges, so she was the most logical choice to go. Still, I’m going to miss her beauty.

Farewell, you fabulous creature.

Who’s left?

Blair St. Clair – Blair was well and truly robbed this week. I worry she’s this season’s Jan, in the sense that she may have been cast as filler and won’t be allowed a win by the producers. I damn well hope I’m wrong, because so far, her challenge performances and her runways have all been excellent. Tens across the board for this pretty bitch.

Mayhem Miller – Mayhem’s been surprising me. I expected her to fizzle out early the same way she did in Season 10, especially with her first challenge performance. But she did well this week, and has been showing a lot more personality. This one may have a chance after all!

Alexis Mateo – I’ve said this before, but Alexis is BRINGING the entertainment to this season. She’s such a delightful personality. Even when she’s starting drama, she’s still fun to watch. Alexis knows how to create good TV, whether it’s with comedy or fighting or some nutty mixture of both. She must stay at all costs.

India Ferrah – India may have won the first challenge, but she’s starting to fade among these powerful personalities. It’s hard to stand out on Drag Race when you don’t have a loud voice or a bunch of catchphrases. I hope she’s able to use some of the intensity we saw at the end of this episode and bring it to the next challenge.

Jujubee – Jujubee is a talented girl, and I was hoping she’d finally get her first ever challenge win at some point. But I have to say, I didn’t think that runway was worthy of a win. Still, it was nice to see her so vindicated, and her touching story about substance abuse was so important. I’m glad she was able to share that with the world.

Miz Cracker – Ooooh, gurl. Cracker is SPINNING. The poor gal seems to be struggling with a lot of demons still, and I think Alexis has figured out exactly how to push her buttons. I hope she manages to pull herself together, because she’s been delivering in the competition. At least she’s showing more emotion than in Season 10! That’s something.

Shea Couleé – I find it offensive that anyone would call Shea’s look “crafty,” especially next to some of these other outfits that seemed pretty cheap in comparison. But this big blow to her track record is going to even the playing field in an interesting way now. This ain’t the Shea Couleé show anymore––there’s room for everybody, let’s just say that!

Tune in next time, loves!

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