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Previously on Drag Race: The queens performed in one-woman shows and the frontrunners bombed. Crystal Methyd finally emerged as a serious threat after winning her first challenge. Gigi Goode continued her recent streak of mediocre performances. And the legendary Heidi N Closet was given a beautiful send-off by RuPaul.

The girls return to the werk room to discuss Heidi’s departure, but their convo is cut short by a damn blackout in the studio!


Heidi said no ma’am!

They head to the Untucked lounge to chat instead, where Crystal basks in her victory. The ladies come to the realization that this next challenge is the final one before the top three. They’ve only got one more chance to impress the judges and earn their spot in that finale.


“I’m fucked”

This week is a big ol’ plug for RuPaul’s Drag Race Live, the Las Vegas residency featuring some of the series’ best stage performers. Which is obviously now shut down ’cause, don’tcha know, the world has ended.

The mini-challenge involves a quick-drag Vegas showgirl lewk and fun comedic routine. Gigi Goode does great with a surprisingly gorgeous quick-drag getup and a surprise face-plant.


Werk those broken limbs!

Jackie Cox is doing this strange mewling sound (Crystal Methyd calls it “meeping”) to make herself sound both silly and sexy, but everyone’s a little bit weirded out by it.


I don’t see what the problem is. She clearly looks irresistible.

Gigi wins the mini-challenge!



For the final challenge, the gals will perform in a shortened medley version of the Drag Race Live show. As is now the standard with final challenges, they’ll be writing, recording, and dancing to their own verses in the show. Exciting!

Jaida Essence Hall and Crystal Methyd are having some trouble writing their lyrics, but the girls all put their heads together to give each other advice and words of encouragement.


This IS RuPaul’s Best Friend Race!

The gals head into the recording session with pretty boys Leland and Freddy Scott. Gigi ends one of her verses with a kiss sound… and she’s struggling to make it a good kiss sound.


Just keep kissing. Just keep kissing.

Jaida Essence Hall is a confident bitch, but she’s not a singer. Oh, at all. Poor gal can’t even sing scales, let alone her verse.


“Oh, honey…”

Todrick Hall is firedt, officially––Jamal Sims has replaced him as the choreographer for this number. Jamal runs the gals through the complicated dance moves he had in mind for this act. Jackie Cox manages to follow the moves she’s assigned, but her dancing right now is very unsexy and, as a few of the other girls suggest, very dad-like.


Somehow she’s so unsexy that she manages to circle right back into sexy. Like in a super dorky kind of way.

Crystal Methyd’s struggling a bit as she’s not much of a dancer either, but she keeps saying she’s amazing and talented. Gigi explains that’s actually a completely valid way to boost yourself up. The more you tell yourself you’re the boss, the more your brain will listen and believe it. Fake it till you make it!


It’s true!

While the girls are doing their makeup for the last time (sort of), they talk about their run on the show and the first impressions they had of each other. Jackie says she thought Gigi’s pirate-themed entrance look seemed a bit costumey.


Oh she about to walk the plank girl.

Everyone agrees Crystal is the most improved out of the bunch. She came in so shy and uncertain and kept doing pretty poorly in the challenges… until suddenly, she didn’t. She’s turned into a real confident powerhouse.


Go Crystal!

Ru’s Lewk Ruview:


It’s a little classic (not a fan of the hair), but it’s still a solid lewk. It gets a B.

The Drag Race Live Rusical starts with a super catchy number about arriving in the werk room, featuring all the queens’ entrance lewks.


Aww, babies!

Next, the dolls serve up something that I don’t think has ever been done on Drag Race before: a ballad! This soft, emotional number is all about coming into being queer and learning to love yourself. It’s actually really beautiful.


My feels!

Finally, the girls strut their stuff in a disco power anthem featuring the verses they wrote for the challenge. It’s fun, it’s snappy, it’s colorful, it’s awesome.


We have been blessed with the musical numbers this season.

Now let’s see how each gal did:


Crystal Methyd’s singing and lip-syncing aren’t the best out of the group, but she still serves that good ol’ Methyd acting (not sorry, never sorry) and makes the judges laugh. Plus her look for the final act is really fun.


Gigi Goode is back, bitches. She’s turned the energy up to 11 and is eating up the stage. It’s delightful to watch the Gigi from the first half of the season doing what she does best again. She does this move where the back-up dancers slide her across the floor and it is capital-F Fierce.


Jackie Cox looks beautiful and does a great job at being nuanced throughout the whole number. Most notably, she shines during the emotional ballad––an easy target for this queen.


Sadly, Jaida Essence Hall is a noticeably worse singer than the rest of these girls, and it makes her sound a little slow compared to the others. Still, she makes up for it by serving face and attitude by the boatload and looking flawless as usual.

Now for the runway: category is “Eleganza Extravaganza,” so like… basically whatever the dolls feel like!


Crystal Methyd’s all-blue Genie look involves a staggering amount of ruching in the arms, legs, and––tragically––the coochie area. Those parts are a bit hard to look at, but her makeup is incredible and the concept is great.


Gigi Goode has made a very bold choice to forsake her usual gorgeous minimalism on the runway and serve up something super different: a campy, comedic nerd-at-the-prom Jantasy. It’s unexpected, and while it’s not something I feel she should’ve had as her final lewk of the season, it’s still well executed.


Jackie Cox is pulling out all the stops with this beautiful number. It’s loud and yet there’s a simplicity to it that’s really appealing. I can never say no to a poofy dress anyway. Brava.


Jaida Essence Hall always looks gorge. This form-fitting pageant gown––made, as per usual, by Miss Hall herself––may not be the most incredible, show-stopping lewk out there, but it’s still slaying that runway. Does Jaida ever get tired of being beautiful?

The critiques this week don’t mean much, since the judges are always nice on the final challenge. We’ll fast-forward. Gigi Goode is the week’s winner!



At the end of the day, there’s really no way to pick a top three based on this challenge because they all slayed. So it has to come down to track record. Jaida Essence Hall is safe, and Crystal Methyd and Jackie Cox must lip-sync to Jennifer Lopez‘s “On The Floor” for the last spot.


Jackie is always a hypnotic performer. She does a fantastic job with the song, nailing the lyrics and eating the scenery.


But Crystal knows exactly what she’s doing. She goes full camp with the number, pulling out all the silly dance moves from her one-woman show. The judges go wild and Crystal wins the day. Werk that ruching!

Jackie Cox is a fighter and a proud, proud queen––as well she should be. She may not be leaving with any maxi-challenge wins, but she’s accomplished incredible things on this stage. The joy she brings to everything she does is really something everyone should take inspiration from. I can’t wait to see her slay on All Stars someday.


Salamati, Superstar.

Three queens left, hennies!

Crystal Methyd – Crystal had such an incredible run on the show. I really thought she wouldn’t make it much further past the halfway point––and I don’t think anyone else did either. I think after her terrible Snatch Game performance, she decided to stop worrying and to just have fun and be silly. And it worked wonders for her. She’s a joy to watch and a real artist.

Gigi Goode – Good morning, Miss Goode! Girl finally broke through that nasty funk she’d been in for weeks and remembered who the eff she is. It was great seeing her thrive again. Gigi reminds me a bit of Sasha Velour with the intense hunger she has for the win. Or maybe it’s just her big mouth, I don’t know. Either way, winning the last challenge of the season brought her right back on par with Jaida for frontrunner status.

Jaida Essence Hall – Jaida had the exact opposite run as Gigi––she mostly started out slow and was sort of in the background for a lot of the season’s first half, but then emerged as a very serious threat. I think Gigi and Jaida are pretty even at this point as far as track record goes, meaning the finale will have to determine the winner fair and square.

Are we all ready to watch the queens reunite, kiki, and crown a winner… via Zoom? Bring it, Miss Rona.

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