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Previously on Drag Race: The dolls turned out lewks in a fashion ball. Aiden Zhane made some “interesting” fashion choices and cemented herself in everyone else’s minds as a weak link. Brita went into the challenge a little too confident and got a harsh reality check. Gigi Goode slayed once again. And Rock M. Sakura was FUCKING ROBBED.

The girls recover from Rock M.’s shocking elimination and discuss some of the critiques they were given. Nicky Doll in particular is feeling a little shaken. The judges keep telling her they’re not seeing her personality, but are always telling Aiden Zhane how unique and intriguing she is.



This week’s maxi-challenge is one that means a lot to me personally: the queens will be hamming it up in a parody of Grey’s Anatomy!



I said this last year and I’ll say it again: Grey’s is still one of the best shows on TV, 16 seasons in. So put your quarantine boredom to good use and start watching it on Netflix, bitches. That’s an order.

To decide who gets each role, the queens are handed prescription bottles, two of which contain special pills that will dictate who’s in charge of casting. Turns out that’s Gigi Goode and Nicky Doll. They get to work casting and, immediately, a few conflicts come up.


Decisions, decisions.

Two queens end up being victims of casting choices. First, Aiden Zhane is handed a Mae West-like ghost character––and Aiden’s not super familiar with Mae West.


Jackie’s calling the police.

Widow Von’Du wanted the grumpy mom character (Ellis Grey, for those of you in the know) but is given a different role instead. She handles that decision really well.



Nicky Doll partnered herself up with Widow by giving her the role she didn’t want, so she’s on the receiving end of Widow’s disappointment this week. Because Widow is what? Over it.



Meanwhile, Brita is realizing most of her scenes are with Aiden, whom she hates with a burning passion. Brita is desperate to show what she’s got after being in the bottom and being partnered up with Aiden might hold her back in a big way.


No one’s happy today.

After some more moping around the werk room, filming for “Gay’s Anatomy” starts. Jaida Essence Hall, as “Rhonda Shimes” (I see what you did there), fudges up all her medical puns repeatedly right off the bat.


Jaida has weaknesses?! Say it ain’t so!

Jackie Cox is a performer, so she’s ready to sink her teeth into the main role as “Meredith Gay.” But she’s immediately overshadowed by Gigi Goode, who’s absolutely killing it as the borderline psychotic “Tizzy Stevens.”


“I hate everything”

Aiden turns the camp up as “Henny” (think a Denny Duquette who acts like Mae West) but is having trouble focusing with Brita so close to her. Apparently Brita spits a lot when she talks.



The next day, the girls have an emotional time applying their makeup. Jackie Cox talks about how her mom had massive expectations for her and didn’t ever want to let her pursue the arts and do what she really was passionate about. To this day, she still doesn’t know Jackie is doing drag. Jackie hopes her mom will watch the season and get to know Jackie for who she really is.


Right in the feels.

Widow chokes up. Her mom died in a car accident when Widow was 17. She never got to come out to her and show her who she’s become. She says “I just wish I had a chance” and my heart breaks.


Tell your mom you love her. Right now.

Now for something a lot more cheerful!


Meh. This is very safe for Ru.

First things first: this week’s runway category is “Planet of the Capes.” Edna Mode found dead.


Jaida Essence Hall is doing the most with those huge shoulders, the bright coral getup with the nude illusion, and that crazy hairdo. I approve.


Brita’s serving up Little Red Riding Hood meets S&M dominatrix. It’s actually pretty cute, but as the judges point out, the cape is a bit of an afterthought.


Jackie Cox is representing for her Persian heritage with this stunning belly dancer getup. The outfit, the wing-like cape, the headpiece… Amazing.


Jan is keeping with her sporty theme by giving us a skydiver lewk, complete with the most sickening boots. It works.


Gigi Goode is delivering a smart, simple, tailored look with this Troop Beverly Hills reference. Got any Thin Mints?


Heidi N Closet‘s look is cute, but the judges rightfully make note of the fact that all the pieces look disjointed, like they shouldn’t go in the same outfit. Oops.


Crystal Methyd looks… wait for it… fucking gorgeous. She’s giving us Frida Kahlo, she’s giving us softer makeup, the hair is right, the cape is flowing, and the COLOR COMBO. I am dead. Do not resuscitate.


For once, Aiden Zhane’s runway look is a stunner. She’s pulled out this incredible homage to Silence of the Lambs, and the cape + hat duo is fierce. Oh, and apparently, that moth on her mouth is A REAL MOTH. Ew, ew, ew. But also, respect.


Widow Von’Du is using her natural body to the fullest extent with this nippy watermelon number. It’s kooky and the cape is kinda weird, but it’s hilarious and actually sort of gorgeous. And she sells it wonderfully.


Nicky Doll looks gorgeous in this Joan of Arc getup. She gets docked points for having a very simple piece of fabric as a cape, but man, she looks good.

Now for the main event: Gay’s Anatomy!


Jaida’s part ends up decent enough, despite the mess-ups during filming. Jackie does well, but Gigi completely steals the spotlight.


Brita goes a little over-the-top with her acting, but Aiden actually nails the Mae West character. She needs to burn that wig, though.


Widow ends up doing a fantastic job with the character she didn’t want. That’s talent, y’all. Nicky, on the other hand, tries very hard to be goofy but falls a little flat.


Jan does an excellent job as Meredith Gay with a face transplant. The acting is stellar, as is the usual for Jan.


Heidi and Crystal do well as the couple that’s impaled on a giant fork together, but neither of them truly shines.


For some insane reason, Dahlia Sin makes a cameo as the fierce broc-ally! Werk that air time.

We’re doing things a little differently this time: Jan, Widow, Jackie, Gigi, and Aiden are all in the top! And we’re gonna pretend Widow wins this one, okay?


She betta Von’Du!

Jaida and Crystal did well enough for girls in the “bottom,” but Brita and Nicky’s characters didn’t quite land. Heidi is clocked on her outfit. RuPaul tells Crystal she looks like a Polynesian queen… which is literally what Brita calls herself.



Ru asks the queens who should go home this week. Jaida names Heidi, but the other queens all say it should be Nicky. And Nicky agrees she should be the one to go home.


Nicky, nooo!

Backstage, Brita expresses how ridiculous she thinks it is that she’s in the bottom and Aiden is in the top. She thinks Aiden shouldn’t even be safe, let alone in the top.


Ooooo sis…

Jaida and Nicky jump in to pile more shit on Aiden, who finally loses it and fights back. The whole thing erupts into a screaming match. Poor Heidi, who knows she’s in the bottom two and is feeling sensitive, has had enough of the drama and needs a minute. Sweet ol’ Jan comforts her for a second, but the fighting on the other side of the room is still going.


Meltdown in 3… 2… 1…

Finally, Heidi storms back in to scream at everyone to shut the fuck up and leave Aiden alone. For good measure, she points at several random queens saying “Fuck you! Fuck you!”



Nicky takes Heidi to the side to give her a lovely pep talk. She tells her not to doubt herself and that she has a fire in her that she needs to harness to stay in the competition. It’s a sweet moment.



Brita is safe. Fresh off their sweet moment together, Nicky and Heidi must lip-sync against each other to “Heart to Break” by Kim Petras.


Nicky uses her looks to her advantage and plays up the stone-cold warrior queen vibe for her performance. She looks gorgeous.


We already know Heidi can do all the stunts, but she smartly avoids overdoing it and plays it cool, only pulling a couple of tricks. She emotes the hell out of the song and wins the day, despite a very brief wig snatch moment.



This is such a strong fucking season. Rock M. was well and truly robbed, but the fact that it makes sense that Nicky Doll is going home third is completely insane. She’s such a talented queen, and yet there is no one else who really should’ve gone home instead of her. Poor Miss Doll wasn’t quite able to get her personality across to the judges because of the damn language barrier, and that is something I can relate to. But she is so polished, and with a few more years of practice, she’ll be unstoppable.


Adieu, ma belle.

Rundown time? Okurrr.

Jaida Essence Hall – Jaida faltered for the first time this week, but more than made up for it with her runway lewk. I’m not too worried about her, but now that she does seem to have weaknesses, there’s a question of whether other queens could end up overpowering her after all. Still doubtful.

Brita – I’m going to try to be nice here and say that in Brita’s defense, she came into this competition knowing she was a New York legend and she’s now finding herself completely overwhelmed––which would explain her nasty lashing out at Aiden. Still, it’s incredibly unattractive. She’s really not coming across as a very nice person. She’d do better to focus on herself and stop worrying about everyone else.

Jackie Cox – Jackie did well this week, and her runway lewks are rarely disappointing, but she still hasn’t managed to really shine. She needs to stand out soon, because with a season this strong, these girls need to be constantly amazing to survive.

Jan – At least Jan was considered one of the top queens this week, but she still isn’t being given the recognition she deserves. It’s disappointing, because her joy is so infectious. You can’t help but love her. She was excellent comic relief in a very intense Untucked episode this week, too.

Gigi Goode – Gigi absolutely murdered this acting challenge… just like the challenge before it, and the challenge before that. She is absolutely the one to beat now, but even though she’s the obvious frontrunner, she still manages to make you wanna root for her. It’s impressive.

Heidi N Closet – Poor Heidi’s runway lewk betrayed her this week, but her challenge performance was still decent. In any other season, she might’ve had a shot at the top five or six. But the sheer amount of talent this year is mind-boggling. I still hope she can eke out a few more weeks.

Crystal Methyd – Crystal was technically in the bottom this week, but ironically, I think this is the week where she emerged as a real contender. She’s shown she can nail the acting challenges after all, and that runway look was an absolute stunner. Watch out for this one, she’ll sneak up on you.

Aiden Zhane – Aiden actually did well this week, which, thank God. She needed a win. I’m getting really tired of all the queens ganging up on her. They’re all just making themselves look bad. At this point, I’d like this whole storyline to turn around with Aiden coming out victorious over Brita. How gaggy would it be if Aiden sent Brita home?

Widow Von’Du – Widow blasted through adversity and an emotional day this week, proving once again that she’s a force to be reckoned with. I still can’t believe I thought she’d be an early out. This gal is in it to win it and has the talent to back that up.

Next week, it’s everyone’s favorite challenge: come get this Snatch, hennies! See y’all soon.

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