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Previously on Drag Race: The eliminated girls returned for a makeover challenge, but weren’t allowed to re-enter the competition. Vanessa Vanjie Mateo slayed the world but was fully and truly robbed of a challenge win. And Nina West sashayed away despite a terrible lip-sync from Silky Nutmeg Ganache.

The ladies return to the werk room, where the overall feeling echoes RuPaul‘s reaction to Nina and Silky’s lip-sync: “meh.” Several of the ladies present are disappointed by Silky’s mediocre performance after her constant boasting about her lip-sync skills throughout the season.


Mama A’Keria is not impressed.

Humbled by the humiliation she just suffered, Silky takes a moment to appreciate her good fortune and reaches out to Yvie Oddly to mend fences with her, saying she’d like to try to be friends after the competition. Yvie tearfully accepts.



The next morning, instead of Mama Ru, Michelle Visage comes to see the girls as is tradition for the final challenge.


It’s always nice to be reminded she has legs. And them heels! Soju found dead.

For this last week, the queens will be writing, recording, and lip-syncing to a musical track together, along with a guest appearance on Ru and Michelle’s podcast.


No pressure.

While Vanessa Vanjie Mateo is off recording her rap, A’Keria Chanel Davenport is the first podcast guest of the episode.


Oh my goodness Ru is in drag for this! She made an effort hennie.

Ru and Michelle dug up some good T about Miss A’Keria: she’s an adoptive parent to her brother’s 2-year-old and has been raising the kid since he was 9 months old. I’ve been calling her “Mama” this whole time and she actually is one!


C’mon, Mama Davenport!

Silky Ganache is next in the podcast studio (which is really just the main stage) and talks about how a lot of the other girls in the competition didn’t like her much. She’s channeling the spirit of forgiveness and invites the queens who do like her to guest star on her cooking spin-off show.


That actually does sound kind of fun to watch.

Yvie Oddly talks to Ru and Michelle about how her past arguments with other girls have alienated them and hurt their chances of being friends. Michelle suggests that she make an effort to let other people in more. Seems difficult to accomplish for a girl who wears her heart on her sleeve.


Poor Yvie.

Brooke Lynn Hytes discusses her relationship with Miss Vanjie and how she’s never ever had a boyfriend before. Michelle Visage has the most concerned facial expression.


“Wow Ru she’s never been in a relationship before I think we need to get rid of this boring loser”

Miss Vanjie is up next to talk about her relationship with Brooke Lynn and how much she’s grown since her original season. In her own nutty way, she’s able to illustrate how much things have evolved for her.



With all the recordings and podcasts out of the way, dance rehearsals with the nefarious Todrick Hall get started. While some queens are doing better than others, it quickly becomes clear that Brooke Lynn’s dancing is very… “prim and proper,” and that she needs to put some “stank” on it.


Basically, she’s too damn white.

Silky Ganache, on the other hand, is selling it hard.


“Cool cool cool”

A’Keria inherited the beautiful pageant-y grace from the Davenport family, but as opposed to her distant relative Kennedy, dancing skills are not something she was blessed with. She struggles hard with the moves, and good ol’ Toddy immediately jumps at a chance to berate her.


“You are an embarrassment to this season, this television show, and frankly to my own career and I think you should go home and come back for season 23 when you’re actually ready to do something useful and not be a smoking pile of shit”

Now for a fun plot twist: the choreography on the main stage is just a piece of the performance. The rest will be taking place AROUND the stage… in a single take.



Let’s fast-forward to the good part!


Serving embarrassing bridesmaid dress… but make it fashion?

It’s time for the big number!


A’Keria Chanel Davenport is up first. Her lines are cute but lack energy, and so does her lip-sync. Also, her sparkly Cleopatra hair keeps flopping around her face very awkwardly.


Brooke Lynn Hytes’s rhymes are sick and she looks great, but there is definitely a sense of overwhelming “whiteness” there. She’s also not 100% in sync with her lip-syncing.


Oh my goodness!

Silky Ganache’s bit is a little shorter than the others for some reason, but it does slay. She does a great job with the energy and she pulls the “beached whale” move during her performance, which is always entertaining.


Vanessa Vanjie Mateo’s rap is absolutely killer, but as she has in the past, she fails to sell any kind of emotion in the lip-sync. The stone-cold facial expression is a real letdown when the lyrics are so good.



Yvie Oddly pulls out her contortionist moves again and completely kills her bit. Her lyrics are on point, her dancing is great, and as opposed to Vanjie and A’Keria, she is serving face and expressiveness start to finish. Werk, bitch.

Now, the final runway!


Brooke Lynn Hytes is representing for her ballerina origins, serving Swan Lake and Nutcracker and all those other ballets. She looks great — but honestly, for a final four extravaganza lerk, it’s a bit of a letdown.


Silky Nutmeg Ganache is going full pageant with this beautiful bedazzled dress. The colors are gorge and she is selling the garment. For Silky, this is really polished. However, this is like the sixth time we’ve seen that wig on this season. Do these queens not have other wigs? What about Ariel’s?


Vanessa Vanjie Mateo is giving us gorgeous ballgown realness with this green fantasy. The look is simple but truly beautiful, and a great change from her bodysuits. Toot.


Yvie Oddly is serving up all the glamor in the world with the beat mug and form-fitting gown, but she’s added sprinklings of Yvie oddities with three boobs, three ass cheeks, three eyes, and three fingers per hand. It’s genius, glorious, fantastic.


A’Keria Chanel Davenport’s gown is truly beautiful — and most importantly, she made it herself! Werk, queen. Something about the hair is not quite right, perhaps not big enough, but it’s still a great lewk.

The critiques are in: A’Keria did well (okay werk), Silky was fun and entertaining, but Brooke Lynn and Vanjie fell flat and were missing passion. Yvie, on the other hand, fully slayed it.


Aww, yay!

In the Untucked lounge, Silky and Yvie open up to each other and finally forgive each other for past differences.



On the main stage, even though there’s no official winner, Yvie Oddly clearly takes the top spot.


We’ll count it as a win.

A’Keria and Silky get to move on to the finale, which means Vanjie and Brooke Lynn are in the bottom two together.



The girls lip-sync to “Pride: A Deeper Love” by Aretha Franklin. Both girls do a great job. Brooke Lynn especially is so impressive, doing almost the entire lip-sync en pointe.


Kill it, cyst!

At the end of the day, despite two great performances, Brooke Lynn Hytes has been a frontrunner this whole season and Vanjie has been in the bottom quite a lot, so it’s her time to go.

Miss Vanjie was tossed off season 10 after a single episode but made more of an impression than half the cast, all but guaranteeing herself a spot on season 11. Her overall performance this time around was rocky (though, to be fair, she did deserve a few challenge wins that she did not get), but she was able to remind the world why it fell in love with her — and help it fall even further head over heels. Never change, Miss Vanjie.


I want more of those cookies!

Our final run-down!

Brooke Lynn Hytes – Brooke Lynn stumbled a bit this week because of her obsession with perfection. She was unable to let go and be messy and it almost got her kicked off — though let’s face it, as the frontrunner, she was unlikely to go anywhere. She’s still definitely one of the strongest contenders for the crown.

Silky Nutmeg Ganache – Silky’s overall showing this season was inconsistent to say the least; going from delightful to confusing to straight-up mediocre, then right back to entertainting. Does she deserve a top four placement instead of, say, Nina West or Miss Vanjie? Hard to say. I hope she makes up for her lip-sync fail during the smackdown for the crown.

Yvie Oddly – Yvie had been suffering from some very noticeable fatigue these last few weeks, being unable to reach the level of C.U.N.T. she’d displayed earlier in the season. But this week was Yvie’s 100%. She reminded all these hoes exactly who she is and why they should be very, very afraid of her. Miss Yvie is back on top and could very well win this thing.

A’Keria Chanel Davenport – Out of these four bitches, A’Keria feels like the one who’s made the smallest impression overall. While she’s a fun, talented bitch, I still don’t feel like I know who she is all that well. At this point in the competition, that could be her downfall, especially when faced with three other girls who’ve got their brand and identity down to a T, for better or worse.

That is all for this episode! Tune in soon for the reunion recap!

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