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Previously on Drag Race: The girls competed in another athletics challenge that threatened to take Yvie Oddly‘s ankle out of commission. A’Keria Chanel Davenport won a damn challenge. And Scarlet Envy was violently ganged up on and sent home after some serious shenaniganry.

Back in the werk room, Scarlet’s new nemesis Ra’Jah O’Hara takes her lip-sync win in stride and throws an immense amount of shade at Scarlet. Like, refusing to read her mirror message, insulting her attitude, saying it was more than time for her to go…


“Oh ok”

Yvie brings up how angry Ra’Jah was about being singled out by Scarlet last week. Miss O’Hara is bitter as fuck about pretty much everything right now, and while none of the queens are saying this out loud, a lot of them seem to think she’s in danger of being next.

Ra’Jah doesn’t see it that way, though. She proclaims herself the next “lip-sync assassin” and says it’s time for some more queens to pack up: Shuga CainPlastique Tiara, and Nina West in particular.


Not a fan of subtlety, this one.

The next morning, RuPaul comes in with a fun new mini-challenge: the queens must get into some booby quick drag for an exceptionally bouncy potato sack race. Fun!


Silky Nutmeg Ganache rips her blouse open to reveal a… number of boobs inside her bra.


One of Nina West’s pads pops up and just bounces around outside of her shirt for a while. She makes it work.


Shuga Cain GETS the boobography, and really makes the most of it.

Nina West and Shuga Cain win!


Shuga won something!!

With that, we introduce the week’s maxi-challenge: a “farm to runway” design challenge where the queens must use produce (like, farm stuff) to create lewks for the main stage. Lady Gaga realness.


Already over it.

With all the produce and stuff sitting right there for the queens to use, Shuga Cain is taking some time to just… eat shit. Because why not?



Concerned about her critiques last week, Vanessa Vanjie Mateo decides to ask Yvie Oddly for some advice. Yvie was very blunt with her critiquing of Vanjie last week, but at least, Vanjie knows she can rely on Yvie to give her truthful opinion about shit.



Mama Ru comes back to chat it up with the queens as they’re getting their outfits ready. He visits Plastique Tiara and the conversation quickly turns to her family. Plastique’s relatives have bristled in the past when Plastique has tried to be her true self in front of them. She hasn’t been able to show them who she really is yet. Things get really emotional and Ru embraces Plastique, telling her this is her new home and she’s “her new mommy.” It’s a little heavy-handed, but so sweet.



Watching from a distance, Ra’Jah O’Hara is feeling a little nonplussed about the whole thing. She implies that Plastique pushed that moment for screentime and wasn’t being completely genuine.


Wow okay we’re just saying everything that pops into our heads huh?

Ru has been asking the queens on last week’s winning team who they think should go home next, to put everyone in the same boat as the bottom girls he asked previously. Brooke Lynn Hytes names Ra’Jah, A’Keria C. Davenport names Brooke Lynn because she’s competition, and Vanjie names Yvie Oddly… because of the whole clocking the repetitive lewks thing.


“Okay bitch”

Silky Ganache ALSO names Yvie… using the excuse that she hurt her ankle.


She ain’t happy.

When Yvie’s turn to name someone comes around, she’s quick to throw Silky right back under that bus, hennie. She says Silky hasn’t shown she’s taking the judges’ critiques into account, and that’s a problem.


The groundwork has been laid for RuPaul’s Drag Race: Civil War.

Now for something more fun: Alyssa Edwards is here!!



The legend has come to give the queens some runway walk pointers. One by one, the girls walk down the main stage for her and she helps them sell themselves.


For Miss Vanjie and Brooke Lynn Hytes, it’s all about slowing down and allowing themselves to leisurely show themselves off to the judges. Not just the walk, but the personality.


Silky gags Miss Edwards with her kookiness. For Alyssa to be speechless, it do take a lot, gal.


Plastique Tiara happens to be Alyssa’s drag daughter! Something about her mama being there makes Plastique go all out with the drama on the runway. She’s like Plastique 2.0: new and improved.

Yvie Oddly walks out, does the fucking thing, and then throws a little quip Silky’s way about being sent home “because she’s injured.”



Alyssa adds a little last-minute twist to the challenge: a choreographed country dance performance!


Ooo gurl.

The next morning, the girls are getting their shit ready for the runway. Ra’Jah claims she had to make a last-minute change to her lewk because Plastique allegedly stole some of her materials.


That’s a lot of anger towards Plastique girl.

Runway time!


Killer dress, boring hair.

The gals do their country dance performance thing. It’s kind of a hot gay mess.


They’re feeling their country oats at least.

Let’s move on from that.


Shuga Cain is doing a windswept wig thing with burlap, seeds, and flowers trailing her outfit. It’s not absolutely outstanding, but it is pretty cute.


Everyone (including the judges) finds Silky’s lewk uninteresting, but I kind of like it, honestly. Yes, it looks a little homemade, but there’s a kind of southern charm to it.


Yvie Oddly is serving up glamour (!!!) for what may be the first time ever. Her flaming foliage look is absolute gorgeousness, and she is giving us all of the mug to go with it. Toot!


Nina West’s wig is gorge, and the concept of the outfit is nice, but it’s unfortunately not beautifully executed. The shapes are all wrong. It’s a shame.


Brooke Lynn Hytes doesn’t have a whole lot of produce on her, which doesn’t fit the theme 100%, but she looks so good it’s hard to care.


A’Keria Chanel Davenport’s lewk is a strange misstep for her. She explains earlier in the episode that her original idea failed and she had to rush to make a backup garment, and it shows. Her outfit doesn’t look very well constructed. Also, that wig is kinda lame.


I definitely like this lewk from Vanjie. Granted, the execution isn’t super polished, but the wig and the makeup really elevate it to a place that’s still very cool.


Whether or not Plastique did steal stuff from Miss O’Hara, you can tell Ra’Jah ran out of bark to complete her outfit. The top half is really cool (and the hair made of grass is gorge), but the pants are just not the tea.


Plastique Tiara’s lerk, on the other hand, is fucking stun. It is artfully put together and looks like it should be on a Fashion Week runway. Seriously, I’m gagged.

Shuga, Silky, and Vanjie are safe.



Yvie, Brooke Lynn, and Plastique all get high marks. A’Keria didn’t do great. Nina still needs to work on her figure and padding. Ra’Jah attempts to explain the story behind her “Groot” lewk, and Brooke Lynn holds back laughter.


You shady bitch.

The ladies all head backstage, where Yvie Oddly confronts Silky Ganache about how they named each other to go home when Ru asked. Silky does this weird thing where she keeps shrugging and spinning around during their argument, like she’s unbothered. It’s strange.


This is how the Ganache fights with other queens. By shrugging a lot.

A screen gets rolled up for a video message: it’s Plastique’s boyfriend. He leaves her a super sweet message, the usual stuff, and mentions her family hopefully coming around to love what she does. A’Keria Davenport is suspish.



A’Keria thinks what Plastique’s boyfriend is saying doesn’t quite line up with her own story about her family, and she tells as much to Ra’Jah. Poor Ra’Jah doesn’t need much to pop off right now, as she’s feeling very on edge already. So she pops the fuck off on Plastique about getting three tender moments this week, about her family situation maybe not being as dire as she said, about pretty much everything.

But Plastique sees right through the vitriol that Ra’Jah is throwing her way and into the queen’s hurt confidence over consistently being in the bottom the last few weeks. She takes Ra’Jah’s hand and apologizes to her.


Magnanimous queen.

The whole time, Brooke Lynn is sipping her drink and rolling her eyes in disbelief at the craziness ensuing tonight.


TV gold.

You thought the drama was over? Oh, no. Yvie pops off at Vanjie about how Vanjie also named her to go home to Ru, and Vanjie pops off right back. Loudly.


Oh my goodnesssss

Yvie and Vanjie are literally screaming at each other now, about how they’re not really friends and all that good stuff. Brooke Lynn Hytes gathers all the couch cushions around her to use as a fort so she can quietly sip her drink in peace.



Finally, Brooke Lynn jumps in for one second, exclaiming “Can’t we just bottle our feelings like normal people?” My feelings exactly, girl.

The Untucked drama finally comes to an end as the queens head back to the main stage. Plastique wins!


Very well deserved.

Ra’Jah O’Hara and A’Keria Davenport are the bottom two. They perform to “Strut” by Sheena Easton.


Both queens actually do a great job at the song. But Ra’Jah losing her grassy wig, along with her vastly inferior track record, finally ends her run on the season.

Ra’Jah O’Hara saw through production and their attempts at giving some queens more of a moment (like Plastique this week) while others like her were left in the dust. And it made her bitter and resentful. I hope she learns to internalize her anger moving forward because she is a talented bitch with a good sense of humor and she does not deserve to be remembered only for her attitude.


Bye, girl!

Who asked for a run-down?

Shuga Cain – Shuga really isn’t being given a lot of screen time. She did well this week, but just isn’t being allowed to shine much on the show compared to these other queens, all of whom have been given some semblance of a storyline. Based off of that, Shuga may be the next to go.

Silky Nutmeg Ganache – Once again, Silky is relying on drama to get by in this competition—though to be fair, Yvie was partly responsible for this week’s tiff. Silky really needs to prove that she can make it to the top by being more than just a personality, because she hasn’t yet.

Yvie Oddly – Yvie just can’t seem to let things go. She had to go and pick a fight with both Silky and Vanjie this week because of what they said to Ru. She’s doing great in the competition and she knows it, so why not let the comments roll off her back and come out on top by doing better than them?

Nina West – Nina is still struggling with her looks, but she is eager to take criticism and apply it. She’s also just so kind and fun, a rare change of pace among all these moody queens. I hope she keeps sticking around.

Brooke Lynn Hytes – Brooke Lynn maintains her frontrunner status, but this week, she wisely chose to amp up the personality a little bit in Untucked with her hilarious reactions to the fighting. She’s a breath of fresh air.

A’Keria Chanel Davenport – This challenge was a misstep for A’Keria, who is usually so much better at this sort of thing. I’m choosing to believe she’s going to pick herself right back up and go back to last week’s “vision in gold” levels of excellence.

Vanessa Vanjie Mateo – Vanjie’s been feeling a little sensitive about how safe she’s been all season, and it bubbled up this week in Untucked. Not to take Yvie’s side here, but she needs to apply her frustration into improving on her work rather than picking fights with other queens.

Plastique Tiara – This was Plastique’s episode, through and through. Ra’Jah had a point when she said Plastique was really being set up to win this week with all the positive moments. That said, that lewque was all talent. She deserved the win for sure.

With seven of the queens now gone, we are down to the good stuff, hennies. The competition is about to get really fierce, and I cannot wait. See y’all next week!

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