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Previously on Drag RaceBrooke Lynn Hytes slayed again in the second outfit-designing challenge of the season. Yvie Oddly revealed she has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which makes her joints likely to dislocate themselves. And Ariel Versace was sent the fuck home after being unable to diversify her lewks (and falling on her face during the lip-sync).

Back in the werk room, the queens discuss the events of the previous week. Vanessa Vanjie Mateo isn’t very happy at being safe again. Yvie Oddly jumps in to tell her that’s because she’s been told by the judges to switch up her silhouette and she’s not doing it.


Oh we’re playing that this year bitch?

Obviously, Yvie’s harshness goes over wonderfully. Things escalate a lil’ bit and Yvie and Vanjie quickly get into a shouting match about each other’s critiques.



The next morning, RuPaul comes in with famous queen Love Connie for a calisthenics-themed mini-challenge. The queens get into quick drag and get silly with some aerobics and shit.


Brooke Lynn Hytes puts her dance training into the exercise and does some super high kicks.



Plastique Tiara channels her Haus of Edwards heritage and does some wild-looking death drops.


Silky Nutmeg Ganache ends her portion somehow eating a cupcake she’d stuffed in her cleavage. Confusion ensues.


A’Keria Chanel Davenport embraces the shenaniganry and slaps Love Connie. The nerve!

Plastique and A’Keria win the mini-challenge!



This week, the gals’ maxi-challenge is an athletic performance. They’ll be competing in the “Draglympics,” with three categories in their routine: Fanography, voguing, and “shablams,” a version of a death drop.


No biggie!

Plastique and A’Keria get to pick their team members, and poor Scarlet Envy is picked last. She takes it like a champ.


Never let them see you sweat!

Choreography practice begins with Travis Wall and Adam Rippon, who start to teach the gals how to dance with fans, vogue, etc. A’Keria Davenport quickly feels overwhelmed.


Tew much.

Silky Ganache is determined to get that shablam thing nailed, no matter how much her size gets in the way. She does manage to slide down to the floor, looking only slightly ridiculous but killing it.


That is just so fun to look at.

Yvie Oddly is struggling, and she tells Travis Wall she’s going to need to take it easy during rehearsal at least. She doesn’t mention her condition because she doesn’t want preferential treatment, but she seems very uncomfortable.



Over on the other team, Ra’Jah O’Hara and Miss Vanjie are doing well—Scarlet Envy, not so much. The gal is struggling with the majority of these steps.



The next day, Miss Vanjie breaks down from nerves. She hasn’t been doing as well as she’d hoped so far, and Yvie’s comments about needing to step her pussy up are getting to her.


Baby no!

While the girls are doing their makeup, Yvie opens up a bit more about her illness. Having Ehlers-Danlos syndrome means there’s a good chance she’s going to end up with a lot more health problems, maybe even being in a wheelchair, within 10-20 years. So she doesn’t have a lot of time left as the kind of drag queen she is now. She’s almost always in pain, but it’s now or never.


Brave queen.

Let’s head to the main stage!


Oh work bitch.

Like with Season 9’s crazy cheerleading challenge, it’s hard to tell who does well at the Draglympics challenge and who doesn’t. The overall performance and jumpy editing make it a pretty even showing. Still, some highlights:


Yvie Oddly lands wrong while doing a kick up. Ouch.


Silky Ganache pulls out a surprise skill with some baton twirling. Werk that cheer spirit.


A’Keria Davenport provides excellent entertainment and grade-A twerking and looks gorgeous throughout (well, except while she’s making that face).


Plastique Tiara shows off her flexibility and rocks that booty.


Nina West and Scarlet Envy aren’t the best dancers, but they make up for it with humor.


Miss Vanjie does the thing, but a lot of her kicks and splits are starting to look very familiar at this point. The same dance move can only be entertaining so many times.

Now for our runway theme: “All That Glitters!”


A’Keria C. Davenport is fucking stunning in this RuPaul-inspired pageant look. It’s just pure perfection. There is nothing to say.


Brooke Lynn Hytes looks gorgeous in old-school Hollywood glam. It’s really pretty, and I wish we could have more of this kind of lewk on the show.


I appreciate Silky Nutmeg Ganache’s concept, but the lewk is a little basic, especially after the last two.


Red alert: Yvie Oddly is using a cane. The look is gorgeous and tells a great story, but I’m clouded by Eureka PTSD flashbacks and I’m having trouble focusing on the outfit.


Shuga Cain is giving us Aztec warrior queen with her look. It’s pretty cool, but there’s something about it I’m not quite fond of. Not sure what.


Plastique Tiara looks gorge in this ascended angel fantasy. It’s really beautiful. Come through, Plasteeeeeque.


Ra’Jah O’Hara’s lewk is a bit conceptual, with the mask and the globe hanging from her fingers. She also came in with this super gorgeous veil and literally got rid of it half a second after coming on the runway, so… that was a mistake.


Vanjie, no!

Vanessa Vanjie Mateo is wearing a VERY simple bodysuit and bunny mask, and her entire upper body is covered in glitter… That’s a different shade than her legs. The whole thing is a miss.


Nina West’s lewk is definitely very Nina, campy and funny and cute. I do kind of wish we could see some glamour from her someday, though.


Scarlet Envy is going for Hollywood hippie, a beautiful mix of red carpet runway and flower power realness. It’s simple but gorge.

The verdict is in: A’Keria Chanel Davenport’s team is victorious, and A’Keria herself is the week’s winner!


About time my girl won something!

RuPaul takes a moment to ask Yvie Oddly how she’s doing, ’cause not only does the girl have a cane, she’s also sitting on a stool on the main stage.


The Eureka PTSD flashbacks!!

Yvie says she just needs to rest her ankle a short while and she’ll be fine. But I am officially concerned.

The winning team members are all safe. The other five, not so much. Plastique and Nina, overall, are praised for their performances regardless. Ra’Jah has a sweet moment where she thanks choreographer and guest judge Travis Wall for his positive encouragement, throwing some light shade at Yanis Marshall for his Todrick Hall-esque tough love methods a couple weeks ago.


Tough love stings, y’all.

Miss Vanjie is clocked for her lewk. Violently.



Scarlet Envy gets the worst critiques by far. She’s told she faded away in the challenge, and her runway look is a bit confusing because the silver necklace clashes with the gold outfit (I mean… okay). So what does the bitch do? She tears the fucking necklace off.


What a power move.

Scarlet admits her confident persona has been shaken this week and she’s having a hard time putting on a brave show. So what better time to kick a girl while she’s down? Ru asks the queens who should go home out of the five of them. The first four all name Scarlet.


Someone go give her a hug right now!

After some initial hesitation, Scarlet names Ra’Jah.


Ooooo bitch it’s about to go DOWN

Backstage, Yvie Oddly talks about her ankle and how she’s been under a lot of pressure. Silky Ganache and Brooke Lynn Hytes jump in and tell her sometimes she can be too intense with her feedback for the other girls. Yvie recognizes this and acknowledges that she’s sometimes too harsh.



Now for some drama. Apparently, when Ariel Versace went home, she left a bunch of wigs behind that some other queens claimed. But then it turned out that those wigs were left for Plastique Tiara, who, allegedly, said that it was okay for those other queens to take them “because they need it.” Silky Ganache is pissed and is looking forward to unpacking this tea set.


She mad.

The bottom queens return, and Ra’Jah is FUMING. She goes on and on and on about how Scarlet threw her under the bus, doesn’t let her finish her sentences, and just generally acts pressed.



Silky Ganache pushes that drama aside for some wig talk. She accuses Plastique of hoarding wigs… and thinking she didn’t need the wigs… and that the other girls did… And… I don’t fucking know the whole drama is just so convoluted. It is a pointless conversation and we are moving on now.


Thank u, next

Back on the main stage, the bottom two are, as expected, Ra’Jah O’Hara and Scarlet Envy, lip-syncing to “Last Dance” by Donna Summer.

Both girls are doing great. Ra’Jah’s the better dancer, but Scarlet pulls out all the stops. Including pulling a bedazzled pair of scissors from her cleavage and cutting herself out of her dress.


This. Fucking. Bitch.

They both end it with a photo finish.



Now, at this point, one would think, okay, let’s give these hoes a double shantay. Or, well, Ra’Jah’s been in the bottom a few times and Scarlet won a challenge a few weeks ago, so let’s maybe save Scarlet.

Nope. Ra’Jah stays and Scarlet goes.


What the actual fuck

Like she has been all week, Scarlet takes her elimination like a pro, with grace and a calm demeanor.

When this gal first walked through the werk room doors, I pegged her as a terrible filler queen and thought she would go home immediately. Now, six episodes later, to have her sent away so prematurely feels completely criminal. This bitch better be brought back later in the season. Or on All Stars. Either way, she has a bright future ahead of her.


Shine on, cyst.

Now for a run-down:

A’Keria Chanel Davenport – A challenge win was already becoming overdue for this ultra-talented queen. She killed this week and is already one huge step further toward a top four placement.

Brooke Lynn Hytes – Brooke Lynn continues to be a frontrunner and a definite judge favorite. I just hope the show doesn’t keep making it too obvious that she’s likely to win the whole thing.

Silky Nutmeg Ganache – Miss Silky did surprisingly well this week, for such an athletic challenge. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and this gal is finding her way alright. I just wish she would lay back on the unnecessary shit-stirring in Untucked.

Yvie Oddly – Last time we had a queen who needed help walking down the runway and had to sit down during deliberations, that queen was sent home to go have surgery and came back the following season. While I figure Ehlers-Danlos doesn’t quite work that way, I am very worried that the same is going to happen to Yvie.

Shuga Cain – Shuga looked good on the runway and gives good confessionals, but she completely faded into the background this week. Between that and her track record so far, I’m not convinced she’ll be going much further.

Plastique Tiara – The judges seem determined to give Plastique this “pretty girl with no substance” storyline, and it’s getting a little grating. She’s been doing great, and if they maybe gave her a little more screen time, we wouldn’t have this problem!

Ra’Jah O’Hara – Let’s get one thing straight right now: I do not dislike Miss O’Hara. In fact, I think she’s super entertaining and I am happy to have her on my television a little longer. That being said, she’s been circling the drain for a while now, and I do not understand why she was kept around instead of Scarlet, besides for the sake of drama. And girl, let’s face it, Silky and Yvie are providing more than enough of that already.

Vanessa Vanjie Mateo – Miss Vanjie seems cursed on the runway. She was sent home last season for not having enough of a silhouette, and now she’s stuck doing the same silhouette week after week. And she probably can’t fix that, because most of her lewks were brought from home and not made on the spot. So she might be in trouble.

Nina West – Nina has been doing well so far with her camp comedy. She’s surpassed my expectations for sure. I do wonder how much longer she can get by without some real glamour lewks, though.

Well, this episode was a mixed bag. With this recap, I leave you all with some parting thoughts on this week:

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