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Previously on Drag Race: The queens tried to recover from a six-way lip-sync. Vanessa Vanjie Mateo and Brooke Lynn Hytes had a little kai kai action. Silky Nutmeg Ganache let her personality shine forth and won herself a challenge. And poor, unprepared Mercedes Iman Diamond sashayed away.

Back in the werk room, a slightly shooketh Ra’Jah O’Hara talks about how she’s ready to turn it out and lip-sync the house down every week if she has to. But Yvie Oddly shoots that down real quick, telling her there’s basically no point in her being here if she’s not going to make an effort in the challenges. Shit gets uglier from there.


Oh gurl.

Ra’Jah is not having Yvie’s holier-than-thou attitude right now. She is p-i-s-s-e-d. And gurl, no one pisses off Miss O’Hara. Among other things, Ra’Jah calls Yvie stinky. STINKY.


Biiiiiitch I love this messy ho.

The next morning, the girls are discussing “Branjie,” a.k.a. Brooke Lynn and Miss Vanjie, the hottest new couple on the block. Silky Ganache is feeling a little jealous, though, so as a joke, she and Nina West decide to create some sparks.


Oh my Lanta.



With that, RuPaul comes in accompanied by Trixie Mattel!



For their mini-challenge, the queens need to become quirky dolls that can be branded alongside the new RuPaul doll.


Silky Nutmeg Ganache is the fun messy bitch with the bag of chips tucked inside her frilly coat.


Yvie Oddly’s doll is a radioactive gal with a fun attitude and a helluva cameltoe.


That NAME.

Ra’Jah O’Hara kills it with a banjee girl shtick and a giant cup of “drank.”


Ohmigod it’s Alicia Keys!

A’Keria Chanel Davenport is Penitentiary Barbie, and she will cut a ho.

Ra’Jah O’Hara wins!


Yvie Oddly found dead.

This week, the maxi-challenge is Halloween-inspired.


But… We’re in April.

The queens are tasked with participating in a monster ball! The three runway categories: Trick or treater, witch, and sexy monster. Ladies, to your sewing machines!

Five and a half minutes into the challenge, Silky Ganache is already struggling. She announces if she has to lip-sync this week, so be it. (She is MOTHERFUCKIN’ READY!)


Girl… (also where the fuck did that beard come from)

RuPaul returns to the werk room to chat it up with the girls and give them advice. When Brooke Lynn Hytes talks about her idea, a murderous pageant queen who wears other queens’ heads as a headpiece, Ru is like “but how you gonna make it funny?” And Brooke Lynn is shook.


“Abort. Abort.”

Meanwhile, Ariel Versace is living her best life, making a cute mermaid outfit. She’s super into her adorbs Disney lewk, but it’s not very scurry. And that’s the theme. Scurry shit.


Girl, what u doin

On the opposite end of things, Scarlet Envy is going for “creature from the black lagoon” realness, with this gold fabric draped all over her body, face included. She is feeling ALL of her oats.


“Okay, hun. You keep doing you.”

Shall we fast-forward to the runway? Yes please.


Not too shabby.

First up: “Trampy Trick or Treater.”


A’Keria Chanel Davenport is a Vegas dealer. It’s cute, glam, and creative.


Okay, bitch! Vanessa Vanjie Mateo is out here looking like a very fuckable angel. Werk.


Plastique Tiara is doing a bunny girl look, which is a tad basic. She does look super cute, though.


Scarlet Envy’s sexy pirate isn’t 100% cohesive, but it’s sexy, has a nice bichromatic theme, and she sells it well enough.


Nina West is full-on camp with this Little Shop of Horrors tribute. It’s very costumey, but, well… that’s Halloween, so yeah.


Ra’Jah O’Hara is feeling her Catwoman fantasy in this leather and lace number. It’s cute, and the color combination is super pleasing.


Shuga Cain‘s look is supposed to be a ’90s troll doll, but it looks more like some kind of strange alien princess who got lost in Agrabah. It’s very strange, and the blue nude suit doesn’t make a ton of sense.


Brooke Lynn Hytes is a mummy… who is walking down the runway in full ballerina mode, en pointe. Werk bitch.


Ariel Versace’s white and red needle look is somewhere between gorgeous and unfinished-looking. It’s a shame, because there was a lot of potential there.


Yvie Oddly is nothing if not a creative bitch. Her lewk is dinosaur chic, complete with claws at the ends of her pumps. She really sells the T-rex thing, too.


Silky Nutmeg Ganache’s unicorn sorbet lewk is a little on the basic side. It’s cute, but eh.

Part 2: “Witch Please!”


A’Keria Davenport is wearing an extremely monochrome look (why it gotta be black?) that makes it hard to make out the details, sadly. Plus she has her hands up in front of her face the whole time. Why?


Miss Vanjie is a dark, bedazzled, feathery mistress for her witch look. It’s just… not very witchy. But definitely hot.


Plastique Tiara is doing Maleficent realness, and issa toot, henny. She looks great.


Scarlet Envy is giving us Idina Menzel, Stevie Nicks swamp witch glamour with the big ol’ nose and outfit covered in seaweed. She wasn’t afraid to get ugly with this one, and it pays off.


More camp! MORE! Nina West took things in a different direction by becoming a Salem witch being burned at the stake. The flame design is pretty cheap-looking, but it’s an interesting concept.


Ra’Jah O’Hara’s green Emerald City lerk is a great homage and a super snazzy choice. Plus she is WERKING that runway.


Shuga Cain’s Bloody Mary look is a nice commitment to the nasty theme, but it’s not the most polished. It’s just okay.


Brooke Lynn Hytes is showing off her cointatas with this expensive Suicide Squad reference. It’s pretty gorge, and she sells the presentation.


Ariel Versace is giving a hat tip to Meryl Streep in one of my fave musicals, Into the Woods, and for that she gets a pass on still looking way too pretty for a Halloween theme.


Yvie Oddly is embracing the spooky with a really cool-looking white-eyed witch. It’s simple but very effective.


Silky Ganache’s The Wiz reference is cute, but a little simple—and compared to the Wicked Witch of the West that she’s paying homage to, it’s not quite monstrous enough.

Now the final category, “MILF: Monsters I’d Like to Freak.” Okay, werk.


A’Keria Chanel Davenport is a spider queen, with a giant spider on her back. Gross. It’s somewhere between great and a little weird.


Vanessa Vanjie Mateo is looking sickening… and a little sick, in this green tombstone accoutrement. I love it. It’s very well put-together.


Oh you betta werk. Earlier in the episode, a lot of the queens were doubting Plastique Tiara’s ability to do spooky, but she done proved them wrong. That makeup is killer. Pun sadly intended.


This. Fucking. Cunt. Excuse my French. But wow, Scarlet Envy really is that bitch with this crazy club kid lewk. It’s a shoot.


Nina West is ALSO that bitch. This Hannibal Lecter face mask fantasy is brutal, and so well-made. I approve.


Ra’Jah O’Hara looks great in this skeletal fantasy. The white fur pants are hot, and her makeup looks really cool.


Shuga Cain’s look is honestly pretty scattered. It’s half-Vegas showgirl, half-Satanic demon, and the outfit is a bit poorly constructed.


The “monster” part of Brooke Lynn Hytes’s look is a little minimal, honestly. I find this a tad basic, but the judges eat it up, so… eh.


Ariel Versace’s mermaid is pretty. But that’s the thing, isn’t it? “Pretty mermaid” doesn’t fit the theme at all. It’s so sad when a queen is afraid to look ugly.


After Yvie Oddly’s great first two looks, this is a bit of a disappointment. The garment’s construction doesn’t make a ton of sense, the hair is super boring, and the look, which is supposed to be “voodoo doll chic,” doesn’t really read that way.


Silky Nutmeg Ganache’s red devil look is a tad cheap-looking, construction-wise, but the way that red pops against the white wig is all very pleasing to the eye. I don’t hate it!

Nina, A’Keria, Scarlet, Vanjie, and Ra’Jah are all safe.


Um what

Plastique did great in the lewks department, but failed the sell the personality on the runway. Shuga’s looks didn’t work, oh, at all. Brooke Lynn slayed. Ariel is read to filth for her looks. Yvie and Silky have opposite problems—Yvie needs to work on her glamour looks and Silky needs to step away from the pageantry.


Oh lordie.

The gals head backstage, where Shuga Cain gets a video message from her fiancé, who recounts an emotional tale about them being a proud couple together at his Marine Corps Ball. Tears everywhere.


Oh, the feels!

Ariel Versace is in her head over the harsh critiques she got, and is worried her fans will think she’s just an Instagram hoe with no substance. A’Keria Davenport jumps to the rescue, insisting that Ariel has already proven she’s more than that.


Listen to Mama Davenport.

Back on the main stage, Brooke Lynn Hytes wins the day.



Shuga Cain and Ariel Versace are, as expected, the bottom two. Their lip-sync song is “I’m Your Baby Tonight” by Whitney Houston. A peculiar choice for a Halloween episode but okay.

Shuga Cain’s giving the song all her energy and she knows the words, but her face is sort of frozen in this one cringed-up, eyes-closed expression the whole time. It’s very jarring.


Someone help her, she’s stuck!

Ariel does a good job at selling the song, but halfway through, she slips and falls.


Ariel nooooo

No matter how good the rest of her performance is, poor Ariel has sealed her fate here. Shuga Cain stays, and Ariel has to go. She had a very specific look, but versatility is so important in this competition and she just didn’t quite manage to show enough of that.


Ironic that the mermaid queen’s downfall would be her feet.

Shall we do a run-down?

A’Keria Chanel Davenport – I’m still really happy with A’Keria. She absolutely is top four material. She’s super polished, a loving mama bear, and has great reaction faces.

Vanessa Vanjie Mateo – Vanjie’s still doing decently, but she’s been flying under the radar a lot lately. For the triumphant returning queen, I’m not seeing a lot of triumph so far.

Plastique Tiara – This week, Plastique proved to everyone that she’s more than just a Barbie doll. Now, what she needs to show is that she has that “oomph” factor that we haven’t quite seen from her yet.

Scarlet Envy – It is preposterous that Scarlet was just safe this week. Her swamp witch and creature from the black lagoon lewks were so, so good.

Nina West – Nina knows her brand and plays it up. She knows she’ll never be as glamour as some of these girls, so she turns the camp dial up to 110, and it works for her.

Ra’Jah O’Hara – Ra’Jah avoided the bottom this time by serving some good looks. She remains an entertaining presence in confessionals. Her attitude is just good TV.

Shuga Cain – I was rooting for Shuga at first, but she’s really been failing to shine for me so far. I’m still waiting for a “wow” moment from her.

Brooke Lynn Hytes – Brooke Lynn is 100% the teacher’s pet this season, with two wins already in a five-episode span. I just hope the judges and production can let things be a little more even and not go for such an obvious winner edit. Obvious winners are never fun.

Yvie Oddly – Yvie is the season’s resident weirdo, and the judges do love themselves a weirdo. She’s fun, wacky, and super creative, and she’s definitely going far in this competition.

Silky Nutmeg Ganache – Last but not least, Silky is still kicking with her personality taking center stage every other week. It’ll take a lot to take this one down. And no, that was not a fat joke! How dare you.

That is all for this week! Tune in next time for some serious shenaniganry. (Spoiler alert: I am not happy about it.)


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