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Previously on All Stars: Latrice Royale came back to the competition and proved (apparently) that she deserved to stay. Naomi Smalls was brought down by her partner, Valentina, and came close to elimination. But ultimately, the latina goddess sashayed away.

In the werk room, the queens celebrate the gloriousness that is Valentina. With that said, though, Trinity The Tuck admits she had also picked her Season 9 sis’s lipstick.


RIP sisterhood.

Trinity may love Valentina and consider her one of her closest friends, but above all else, Trinity wants a fair competition. No favoritism, no saving queens who are famous and well-loved—if you’ve been doing poorly, you’re going home. Period.

Nonetheless, Naomi Smalls thanks Trinity for keeping her here. But Trinity shoots back that this basically had nothing to do with Naomi. She just chose to eliminate the weakest link, and that happens to mean Naomi is safe another day.


Oh okay cool cool

The ladies compare track records so far. Monét X Change is doing well, but Trinity The Tuck and Manila Luzon are inarguably the frontrunners right now.


“That’s right henny”

Everybody’s all “well you guys are doing great good job,” but in her confessional, Monét is not afraid to say she is more than willing to break the “rules” they’ve sort of agreed on if it’ll allow her to push past the competition and make it to the top.



The next mornting, the ladies return to a werk room where all the framed RuPaul pictures have been replaced with Judy Garland‘s. Everyone is confused, and Trinity demands to know what is happening.


Trinity’s constant panicked confusion is a mood.

Ru comes in to announce, as expected, that this week’s challenge is a tribute to Judy Garland. More specifically, it’s a makeover challenge where the queens will be dragging up their own best Judys. One by one, the contestants’ best friends/soulmates enter the room. Let’s do a little supercut of all the emotional screaming.







I think Latrice won that mini-challenge.

Once everyone has calmed down, the queens sit down with their respective Judys and start to throw ideas around. Monét X Change’s best friend, Patty, is this tiny, Jonathan Van Ness-like ball of hairy gingerness. They’re adorably close, but the family resemblance is gonna be hard to find—and Monét went home on her season’s makeover challenge, so she’s nervous as hell.


I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

Ru returns to the werk room to reconnect with the queens and their Judys and give them some life advice. Monique Heart is up first, and Ru questions her and her bestie Danny about Monique’s occasional defensiveness on the runway. It’s a nice moment where Ru teaches Monique about allowing herself to be vulnerable when the time calls for it.


Yay bonding!

Trinity’s best Judy is also her boyfriend, Leo—the same one from the Season 9 finale! Aww. Trinity is a bit nervous about putting him in drag because he’s never done drag before. That’s crazy to me—how can you date Trinity The Tuck and not be tempted to try her shit on once in a while?!

Trin-Trin worries Leo might be too butch to pull off fishy queen like his lady. But Ru gives her this stellar advice that really should be applied everywhere at all times: “There is a sissy who lives in every man who walks this earth. Bring that sissy forth.”


Amazing advice and a great idea for a new single. Now available on iTunes.

Ru visits Naomi, who so far has flown way under the radar in this competition. Ms. Smalls would like to get herself and her friend Ricardo to do something different for this challenge, and not just some cute girly drag. Ru notices Naomi’s hands are shaking and asks her about her nervousness. Naomi worries about saying the wrong thing or acting like a fool. Ru hits back with more amazing life advice: “Please, say the wrong thing. And please, act like a fool.”



Latrice is having a moment with her best friend, Tim. These two have been friends for 25 years (damn). Tim was here to help Latrice get back on her feet after she was released from her stint in prison. Without him, she might not have ever gotten to where she is. Ru tears up, praising their bond of friendship and saying this time, Latrice gets to pay that debt back and let Tim’s inner diva shine through.


Ouch, my feelings!

The next morning, it’s time for the queens to start putting they Judys up in all them drags, and that means all that facial hair has gotta go. For Monét’s friend Patty, that apparently includes eyebrows too.


Ohmygod it’s Blair St. Clair! Hey girl!

Latrice is just about done with Tim’s makeup, and Tim gets to see himself all done up in the mirror for the first time. His exact reaction: “OH! Okay! No, it’s good!”


She hates it.

Main stage time!


Well, come on, Teletubby! Teleport us to Mars!

Now if you’ll indulge me a moment: one of this week’s guest judges is the one, the only, the amazing Ellen Pompeo, a.k.a. Meredith Grey on Grey’s Anatomy, my FAVORITE TV show. If you’ve never watched it, or if you stopped when Cristina left (understandable), you need to get back to it right now. It’s all on Netflix, so you have zero excuses.


Do it for Ellen!

First up, the queens need to perform a lip-sync tribute to Judy Garland with their dolled-up besties. Everyone’s wearing the same thing and the editing cuts back and forth a lot between all the pairs, so it’s hard to tell who does well and who doesn’t.

Monét’s bestie Patty Cash is a strong standout, though, with a very good mug, super expressive face, and killer choreography.


Werk that clown makeup, bitch.

Now for the part that actually matters: the runway, girl.


Oh my god, Latrice Royale is wearing an evening gown! Groundbreaking. Her partner, Alexis Knight, is um… She looks passable? I’m trying to be nice here. I like their gowns’ fabrics at least.


Monique Heart and her girl Shanida Heart (clever bitch) are doing this trippy face-on-a-dress thing that Monique’s done a few times before. It’s pretty cute, and the lashes on the forearm are a genius touch.


Manila Luzon and Iyowife Luzon (interesting choice, but okay) are doing this card deck fantasy thing. Queen of clubs and queen of diamonds. It’s cute and you can tell Iyowife is totally feeling herself, but this looks pretty basic—especially for Manila, who’s usually so detail-oriented.


Naomi Smalls and Extra Smalls (I live) come out as two beautiful Chers, and then, BAM. Wig reveal, mustache magic, Naomi goes from Cher to Sonny. It’s genius, it’s excellent boy drag, and she doesn’t let her friend’s makeover overshadow her own performance. You betta werk, Naomi.


Trinity The Tuck and Indigo The Tuck look super polished and regal in their designer outfits, and as expected from Trinity, her partner’s tuck is flawless. Trinity also looks super proud and in love, so that just makes it even more adorable.


Monét X Change and Patty Cash are doing the thing. Patty is 100% feeling her fantasy and seriously looks ready for Season 12. Monét looks great too, and those matching sequinced outfits are killer. Tewt.

Critiques are in: Monique isn’t the most polished but she’s smart and creative, so yay her. Monét and Patty killed it (obviously). Manila didn’t do too great, but she does take a moment to remember Sahara Davenport and explain how much she was grateful for her husband Michael (Iyowife) being there for her after Sahara passed.



Latrice failed pretty badly. Naomi is a standout this week. And Trinity delivered, though it could be said she kept things a little simple.

Monét X Change and Naomi Smalls are the top two.



Trinity The Tuck and Monique Heart are safe, which means Latrice Royale and Manila Luzon are the bottom two.


Dun dun dunnnn

Back in the werk room, the queens grapple with the fact that Team Latrila is in the bottom and one of them will be going home at the end of the day. For real this time!

Latrice sits down with Monét and tells her she belongs here, but in her confessional, Monét says she don’t give a crap about Latrice’s fame and legacy prior to this season. Another quotable gem from this episode, courtesy of Monét: “If you are judging a cooking competition, I’m judging you on this flat-ass soufflé you made today, not the beautiful confection you made last month. That doesn’t matter.”



Manila chats with Naomi, who has said time and again that she idolizes her. Manila makes a case for herself, saying she does deserve to stay because she’s been slaying everything. Naomi supports her and tells her again how much she loves her.



In their little safe corner, Trinity and Monique try and guess who’s going to vote for whom. Monique recaps things a bit for us: Latrice saved Naomi last week by eliminating Valentina, so Naomi could be tempted to return the favor. And Manila was intending to eliminate Monét a few weeks back when she lost a lip-sync, so Monét could still be in her feelings about that.


Ooooooo gurl.

The best Judys come back for a quick hello/goodbye. Latrice, Manila, and their respective Judys sit down together and everyone is having trouble keeping it together. Iyowife starts crying, Manila starts crying, Alexis starts crying… Latrice is the only one who puts on a brave face, saying she’s grateful to be surrounded by her closest friends and that is all that matters in the moment.


Where was this Latrice all season?!

The lip-sync song, in honor of Judy Garland, is “Come Rain or Come Shine.”


It’s a tricky song to perform and Monét X Change attempts to pull a park-and-bark, standing there delivering the song as seriously as she can manage. It might have worked if her opponent had tried to do the same, but Naomi Smalls got a gorgeous outfit change and is chewing the shit out of the scenery and emoting every single verse.


Come through!

So obviously, Naomi wins.



She goes to pick her lipstick, and naturally, as expected, she sends home Latr—


… Oh.



The gaggery!


The goopery!


The shookethery!

Now that, ladies and ladies, is a power move. Under everyone’s petrified gazes, Manila is written out. Bam. It’s a shocker, but it’s also an amazing plot twist. Dot com.

Manila Luzon, a little bit shook, exits All Stars 4, accompanied by her husband/wife and leaving with a plethora of new fans. No matter how many times she does this shindig, like Shangela, she’ll always be one of the top players in the game.


She’ll be just fine.

Another run-down for the books!

Latrice Royale – Latrice redeemed herself in a way this week, not by being good at the challenges, but by being her vintage Season 4 self: the warm, loving, supportive mama bear we all fell in love with. That’s what we wanted from her all along!

Monique Heart – Mo-Mo continues to do well, always a decent safe at worst and a great performer at best—and of course, entertaining as fuck no matter what. Stunning!

Naomi Smalls – Naomi saw herself fading away, was handed an opportunity this week, grabbed it by the balls, and squeezed. Hard, bitch. It’s a gag and a half, and she just went from this season’s Kandy Ho to an actual villainess. Eat your heart out, Gia Gunn.

Trinity The Tuck – With Manila shockingly gone before her time, Trinity is now without a doubt THE frontrunner of the season. But can she take the crown? Only time will tell. She certainly deserves it.

Monét X Change – Monét did really, really well this week, redeeming herself from Season 10’s makeover challenge. Like Monique, she’s just been continually slaying left and right and surprising everyone. Werk, sis.

That is all for now—adios, darlings!

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