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Previously on Drag Race: Vanessa Vanjie Mateo vanjied her way into our hearts. The Vixen came to fight, and girl did she get what she wanted. Kameron Michaels had the overall presence of a goldfish (but like a really pretty one). And Asia O’Hara struggled between being a fierce competitor and being kind to her sisters.

It’s time for the reunion, hennies! Are you ready for this scalding hot T? I’m not.


We start off immediately with all the queens sitting together, ready to get into it. I wish they’d let us get a look at their full outfits before they all sat down but okay werk.

First on the agenda: MISS VANJIE. We get treated to a Vanjie-tastic montage of her impact, on and off the show, including a shot of RuPaul‘s very own “Vanjie” necklace that she sported at the Time 100 Gala.


Oh work, bitch.

Vanjie talks about how she was initially just hoping to have her 15 minutes of fame from being the first queen eliminated, but that the Vanjie moment propelled her to crazy places.


Also, she looks damn good, mawma.

The queens then go over the season’s most memorable lip-syncs, from Monét X Change vs. Dusty Ray Bottoms to the very disappointing Monique Heart vs. The Vixen. Monique Heart talks about how badly she fucked up her lip-sync and asks the cameraman to zoom in on her to talk to America.



Speaking of Miss Brown Cow, Aquaria is over here serving genderfuck cowgirl realness. She talks about how shook and frustrated she was when both Kameron Michaels and Eureka were saved on their lip-sync.


It’s okay cause she’s pretty.

Lastly, we go to Miz Cracker, whose first trip to the bottom two sent her home while Kameron stuck around past her third. Cracker explains she chose to do their sultry lip-sync song in a lighter, more comedic way, which didn’t quite work. But she stands by it.


Surprisingly not that salty!

Now, enough with the cutesy fun. Time for some drama! And who better to bring said drama but Miss Vixen. RuPaul brings up her many confrontational moments, starting with the legendary “NO! TOO VAGUE!” scene in episode 2. The Vixen, who tonight is being a model of calm pleasantness (read: palatable to white audiences), tries to logically explain her position without letting things get heated.


Okay but Kalorie Karbdashian-Williams eating popcorn in the background is everything.

Aquaria and Cracker explain they’ve patched things up and things seem to be better between them.

Up next: Eureka and Vixen’s crazy-ass fight in Untucked. The Vixen says watching herself get this ugly was difficult, but that Eureka was in the wrong here by testing her and provoking their argument. Eureka apologizes and says she’d like to move on, but Vixen, while she does seem to try to make an effort not to raise her voice or escalate things, refuses to accept Eureka’s apology.

Ru jumps in, blaming both parties but being especially harsh with Vixen.


“You can also not say anything,” Ru says, while blatantly expressing her opinions.

Vix audibly tries to hold tears back through the confrontation until it gets to be too much, at which point she thanks her fans for their support and peaces the fuck out.


She gone.

Now that The Vixen has ditched and everyone is nice and shooketh, the queens discuss her behavior. Some try to understand the reasoning behind her actions while others, RuPaul included, condemn her, saying you can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped.

But Asia O’Hara speaks up, breaking down in tears and expressing how terrible it is that nobody tried to hold her back and have a conversation with her and that everyone is just giving up on reaching out to The Vixen because it’s too difficult.


Boom. Heart broken.

Asia and Ru herself get into a heated argument about trying to do better for people who are struggling and how Ru feels The Vixen failed to put her feelings aside and be respectful to everyone else present. Of course, this is happening mere minutes after everyone was goading her into a confrontation, so it’s a little hypocritical. But they both make fair points regardless.

Moving on from Vixen drama, Ru addresses Dusty Ray Bottoms’s sob-worthy conversion therapy story. Dusty talks about how her relationship with her family is mostly nonexistent because they don’t see each other as “equal humans” (ouch), and that things are hard sometimes because she wishes she had that family to talk to.


Are your tear ducts empty yet?

On a similar note, Monique Heart talks about the rift between her and her religious mother, and how she feels alone, but she reinterprets her religious upbringing into living with drag as her authentic self: “Psalms 110 says ‘He wraps himself in a garment of light.'”



More heartbreaking stories! Blair St. Clair recounts how she’s processed the sexual assault she revealed during the show. She says she found herself falling into alcoholism to cope with it and that she’s pushed through it and is sober now.



Monét X Change and Yuhua Hamasaki also talk about dealing with their conservative families and the relationship they have as a result of drag.


This look was a choice though.

To lighten the mood, the girls play “Toot or Boot” with each other’s outfits, which inevitably leads to a conversation about Monét X Change’s infamous sponge dress. As it turns out, Monét has a gift for Ru—her very own sponge dress!


Asia is about to call the police.

Now back to drama, because everyone likes drama: Ru brings up Asia O’Hara saying Miz Cracker was “not a star.” Cracker recalls how hurt and depressed she was for so long after leaving with that sentence in her head. She almost shows some emotion.



Asia wholeheartedly apologizes to Cracker, saying it was cruel of her to say that sort of thing and she was wrong. Cracker accepts the apology “this time,” warning her there won’t be a next time.


Oooo girl.

Monique Heart pipes up to question Kameron Michaels’s… entire personality, basically. She thinks Kameron’s stage performances and social media presence are vastly different from her attitude around her fellow season 10 queens.



I’m pretty sure it’s just that she’s an introvert and she has an easier time being fun in controlled situations like social media than locked up in the werk room with 13 other queens for weeks. But I could be wrong!

Either way, everyone agrees that they have no idea who Kameron is and they think she’s a bit fake. Turns out Kameron Michaels is this season’s Valentina!


Werk fan favorite!

Meanwhile, during that whole conversation, Miz Cracker is very visibly struggling to keep her wig from falling off her head.


This is a bit awkward.

Mama Ru asks the eliminated queens who they think should win out of the top four queens. Aquaria gets two votes, Asia gets three, and Eureka gets four. And none for Gretchen Wieners—I mean Kameron.


Fuck my drag, right?

And that’s it for the season 10 reunion! This year’s biggest victims: Vixen and Kameron. As long as we’re entertained, right?


Now dance for us, puppets! Dance!

Next week, we get to find out who gets to be America’s Next Drag Superstar. But first, stay tuned for my next post, where I’ll walk down memory lane and look back at my first impressions of the Meet the Queens videos!


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