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Previously on Drag Race: The queens were asked to take their deepest, darkest, most embarrassing truths and… turn them into a runway outfit. No pressure! Aquaria was named one of the entire series’ best fashion queens. And Miz Cracker crumbled under the pressure and went home.

The ladies get back to the werk room and mourn their salty white friend. Eureka praises Kameron Michaels for being this season’s clear lip-sync assassin. As always, Kameron is being a bit quiet about all of it, but in her confessional, she says she intends to keep slaying all the way to the end.


Werk, mawma.

Asia O’Hara seriously regrets being so mean to Cracker last time, when she said she wasn’t a star. Cracker was clearly super shook and it may or may not have affected her lip-sync performance.



The next mornting, RuPaul walks in to introduce the mini-challenge—oh wait nope nevermind no mini-challenge this time.


R.I.P. puppet challenge.

However, as this is the last challenge episode, we’re going all out with a killer song performance à la “Kitty Girl” and “Category Is!”


Look at all those nervous smiles.

The first step in this process is for the girls to come up with their own verse in Ru’s remix of “American.” Asia O’Hara doesn’t sing, oh at all, so she’s in trouble.


Lost fish.

Aquaria is first to head to the recording of her song verse, which is happening on the runway this time. That one messy bitch, Todrick Hall, is there to monitor the recording, and so are some music producers who seem to share a name.


Kummerspeck? Oh honey that sounds like my Friday night honey.

Right away, it becomes clear Aquaria is a teensy tiny bit tone-deaf because Todrick gives her a key to start on three times in a row and she sings in a whole other key three times in a row.



Aquaria is super confident, though, and thinks she nails it. Hopefully, Kummerspeck are good at autotune.

Meanwhile, Eureka is the first queen to go chat it up with Ru and Michelle Visage on their podcast. Eureka brings up both her knee-popping accident last year and her sick mom who’s been recovering while Eureka is here.


“Mmmm, emotions, delicious”

Asia O’Hara gets to the recording for her track and has a lot of trouble with both the rhythm and hitting the right notes. But Todrick Hall, with a significant (read: torrential) amount of tough love, gets her on the right track.


Todrick Hall is the embodiment of living for one’s shady-ass self.

Aquaria joins Ru and Michelle in the podcast studio, which is basically the Untucked lounge.


Werk that budget.

Aquaria’s podcast bit is more lighthearted. They crack jokes, talk about her growth in this competition, and eat Tic Tacs.

Kameron Michaels replaces Aquaria in the podcast studio. They talk about how quiet Ms. Michaels is, and she brings up her deceased dad whose dislike of showing emotion influenced her a lot.


Oooh, a dead parent. 10 points for House Michaels.

Eureka is on the runway to record her track. She’s doing pretty great until she gets to talking about being an “Elephant Queen,” at which point Todrick suggests that she make an elephant noise.


Oh, Lord, this is Morgan McMichaels’s quacking thing all over again.

Asia O’Hara is last to join Ru and Michelle’s podcast, and Ru literally brings up Asia’s dead parents within seconds. They also talk about Ru’s pep talk to Asia a few episodes ago, when she said “Remember who you are,” words that Asia declares she has lived by ever since.


I mean it’s been like three weeks but okay werk.

Lastly, Kameron Michaels records her track with Todrick and is asked to go a whole full octave higher. With a little coaxing, she manages, with the exception of one small voice crack. “Fuck the crack!” Todrick declares enthusiastically.


He wishes.

With the four queens back in the werk room, Eureka asks Kameron to give her a little demo of her verse, out of curiosity. When Kameron politely refuses, Eureka makes a big ol’ mountain about it and everybody gets sassy. Favorite line: “Sit down and tease your hair, bitch.”


The shade of it all.

The queens get back to the main stage to rehearse the dance number. Aquaria totally murders the shit out of her rehearsal, then has this super emotional moment of realization when it hits her she’s in the top four of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 10.



Asia O’Hara kills it too, but Kameron Michaels and Eureka are having a bit more trouble. Kameron is fairly confident that she can eventually get this right with a bit of practice, but Eureka is fully lost.

“If I were you… don’t sleep tonight,” Todrick says, telling Eureka she needs to rehearse nonstop all night in order to get this right.


Sleep deprivation! What fantastic advice.

The queens come back to the werk room the next morning, for the last time ever, with a “top four!” cheer.


Wonder if Eureka slept.

Kameron Michaels, who’s been doing her makeup in the corner for the longest time, decides to be social and joins the girls near the mirror. But it’s so hot there that she immediately changes her mind.


“Screw this I’m out”

The queens talk about who should win and who is most likely to, and Asia says there’s only one winner: VANJIE.


The only right answer.

Time for the main stage!


Getting really damn tired of that wig, but she looks good otherwise.

We’re getting straight to the good stuff with the Rumix of “American” by the four queens!


Aquaria starts things off and clearly, she must’ve managed to nail the recording at some point because she sounds great. Her verse is fierce, flawless, and very Aquaria. She’s serving Madonna with a bit of Dita Von Teese on the side.


Asia O’Hara looks fierce, and while her part starts off a bit slow, she makes up for it with a super tight routine during the chorus. Werk that hair.


Eureka’s routine looks like she may have missed a few steps, but she brings all her Eureka-isms to the party and it’s still a blast. Plus, like Asia, she makes up for it in the second half.


Kameron Michaels doesn’t have a lot of crazy moves, but she pulls off her rather complicated choreography like it’s nothing. She also happens to sound the best out of all of them.


Yas, slay the children!

Category is: Final Four Eleganza Extravaganza!


Aquaria’s evening gown is fantastic, has a beautiful unifying theme, and is accented with these literal dangling stars coming from her eyes. I mean… wow. Gorgina.


Asia O’Hara’s lewk is Egyptian-inspired, with the angular features, blue and gold gown, and the jewel on her chin. It’s honestly fantastic. Supertoot.


Kameron Michaels’s look is a tiny bit simple compared to things we’ve seen her in before, but it’s still super pretty. The colors are lovely.


Eureka is going all out with the branding on this one, with a gown that defines her name and a dictionary prop in her hair. It’s pretty neat, though like Kameron, it’s not the best she’s ever looked.

For the critiques, everyone gets glowing reviews for their performance both this week and overall.


“You get a good critique! And you get a good critique! Everybody gets a good critique!”

In the Untucked lounge, the queens shower each other with praise nonstop. It’s a beautiful series of touching moments that culminates with Kameron Michaels’s mom leaving her a heartfelt video message.


All of the tears.

Overwhelmed by Kameron’s video, Asia has to step away for a minute because both her parents are gone and she’s feeling all the feelings. But when she gets a sweet video message from her best friend instead, the world gets a little bit brighter.


So many emotions.

Back on the main stage, Mama Ru asks the queens to lip-sync, all together, one last time—to her own song, “Call Me Mother.” However, the whole thing is totally ruined by all the confessional talking about wanting to win that is played over the lip-sync. Great fucking job, Alexis Michelle.


Here’s a little something anyway.


And another!

That final performance, and everyone’s showings throughout the season, have persuaded Ru to make a big decision: no one is going home.


Yay top four!

So that’s that: Aquaria, Eureka, Asia O’Hara, and Kameron Michaels are all moving on the grand finale.

But first, we’ve got our reunion to get to next week! I cannot wait for all the drama that is going to unfold. It’s gonna be juicier than Roxxxy Andrews, bitch.

See y’all next time!

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    Hi I’m wondering what are the actual. names of the two sound mixers aka kummerspeck?

    1. I actually have no clue, sorry! They’re pretty elusive on the interwebs.

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