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Previously on Drag Race: YouTubers came in to get their oversized balls tucked and feel their oats on the runway with the queens. Miz Cracker created a masterpiece and finally won a challenge. And Monét X Change was defeated by the lip-sync assassin, Kameron Michaels.

The queens get back to the werk room and mourn the sponge-loving ho, Monét. Cracker is super shook that her best friend just got sent home, and Kameron feels hella guilty.


You tore them apart, Lisa!

Kameron says she’d almost feel better going home than feeling so bad for having sent someone home. Asia O’Hara, even though she’s said she’s all for sisterhood over competition, is having 0% of that.



The ladies congratulate Miz Cracker for her win, and Cracker responds with her usual amount of enthusiasm, which is… fairly minimal.



Asia is not impressed, though. She thinks at this point, Cracker’s time to shine has come and gone and she is just not good enough. But she’s keeping that to herself. For now.


Still done.

The next morning, RuPaul comes in with an extra special guest: it’s everybody’s favorite hottie, Cheyenne Jackson!


Basement: inundated.

This week’s mini-challenge is, uh… Let me see if I got this right: The queens are asked to decorate pancakes with random food to make it look like a face, and then Cheyenne has to taste… a tiny piece of the pancake… by itself… and decide if he likes it.


I think we need to make that piece even smaller, guys.

Honestly, it’s a stupid challenge. But the process of it does give us a couple of gems, like Eureka eating everything in sight and Aquaria fully trying not to throw up over the combined scents of raspberries, ham, and gummy bears.



Let’s skip past the rest of the irrelevant tomfoolery of this mini-challenge and get to the end: Asia O’Hara wins.


Clap for this hooker!

With that over with, RuPaul reveals the new maxi-challenge: Queens must use their own deep, dark inner saboteur as inspiration to create two different lewks on the runway and personify both their happy, successful side and their self-hating, insecure side, with snarky voiceovers to boot.



The queens gather around a table to brainstorm about their negative traits, essentially, which sounds like an awesome idea. It’s all fun and games until Asia O’Hara calls Cracker a robot and tells her she doesn’t show a lot of depth.


“Initiating emotion.exe… Software not found.”

RuPaul comes in to speak with everyone about their lewks and the voiceovers they also have to prepare for their runway personas. When Aquaria, Cracker, and Kameron sound hesitant, Ru tells them to go darker and really dig into their worst insecurities.


“More depressing, more! I want to see a full mental breakdown!”

The next morning, the girls are putting finishing touches on their garments while Cracker and Kameron commiserate over their fear of this challenge and its outcome.


Remember when these two were just happy mermaids laughing together in Untucked? I miss that.

The girls talk about confidence while doing their makeup and Kameron mentions how working out and being healthy are super helpful to feel good about yourself. Aquaria agrees and compares it to feeling good about peeing clear. “If you pee clear, cheer!”


C’mon, urine!

Runway time, girl!


Ru’s padding is a bit much, but other than that, she looks pretty good!

For the sake of the challenge, the queens are using a bit of movie magic to appear on the stage as both their personas at once. It’s a little campy, but it works!


Kameron’s “good gal” lewk is giving us a bit of Princess Elsa remixed as a warrior queen. It’s cute, it’s video game-y, I like it.


Kameron’s evil twin Katrina Michaels, though, is going all out with the primitive glamazon bitch vibe. The skirt is a little basic, but the face paint is incredible. The highlight of the voiceover: “Wake up and smell the poppers.”


I’m gonna go straight to the point here: this is ugly as hell and I hate it.


Eureka’s inner saboteur look, Eufilthior, is a fun reference to Divine and has an entertaining voiceover. It saves her from a really poor performance as her good self.


Miz Cracker’s good self is going for a beautiful, quirky Marie Antoinette look. It’s fun, it’s cute, and while the outfit itself is not the best she’s worn, the wig and attitude make up for it.


Cracker’s “bad” look, Miz Crumbs, is pretty nice, and I like the gray hair. She’s serving queen of bones (or something). Her voiceover, though, is pretty superficial and really doesn’t dig in very much.


Aquaria’s “nice” lewk is simpler than some of her other runways, but it’s pretty stunning. She’s serving fashion icon at the premiere of her long-awaited new film. In Italy. In the ’60s.


Her evil twin has a bone-chilling (get it?) reveal, looks incredibly cool, and her voiceover is done quite expertly. Her final line, “kill the bitch,” really paints a perfect picture.


Asia O’Hara’s nice look is cute, color-coordinated, and has balloons. I like balloons.


For her inner saboteur look, North Korea (!!), Asia made the bold choice to go bald. Between the makeup, the dark clothing, and the shriveled, blackened little balloons trailing behind her, she is fully selling the evil twin thing start to finish. Her best voiceover line: “This is clearly Miss Cracker’s season.”

For the critiques, they’re apparently still having the queens stand on stage as both their good and bad selves so they can react to each other’s critiques.


Okay, werk.

The judges think Kameron Michaels and Miz Cracker’s looks are a bit costumey and their voiceovers weren’t harsh enough. Eureka inexplicably gets a pass on the horrible “good” look and is praised. But Aquaria and Asia have by far the best critiques.

With that done, the “nice” queens are “sent away” and the bad girls remain for that one question everyone loves: “who should go home tonight and why?”

Kameron names her biggest competition, Aquaria. Cracker and Aquaria name Kameron. Eureka goes off the critiques and names Cracker. And then Asia goes all-out and says Miz Cracker is not a star and deserves to go home.



With the queens backstage in the Untucked lounge, RuPaul expresses her frustration with how Cracker refuses to allow anyone to see through her self-produced appearance. I quote: “Wake the fuck up!”


Ooo gurl she mad y’all.

Backstage, the girls kiki about the challenge and their positioning. The ladies ask Kameron Michaels how she feels and she almost knocks over her cocktail in frustration.


She mad too.

Kameron is completely done—and furious—with how the judges don’t seem to think she can do anything successfully except look pretty. Asia and Eureka give her a pep talk and convince her to keep trying to stay and keep sending hoes home.

Kameron and Cracker retreat to the outdoor utility closet thing and Cracker reveals how hurt she was with Asia’s comments on the main stage.


Look at this beautiful, sad saltine.

Meanwhile, Asia and Eureka praise Aquaria for having the balls to admit, on stage, to having been a bitch to Eureka and Kameron when they were both saved in the lip-sync.


Mature fish.

Buoyed by the positive comments, Aquaria attempts to go cheer up Miz Cracker, with whom she seems to have rekindled a friendship. It looks like it’s going to be a beautiful TV moment until guest judge Lena Dunham walks in and ruins it.



The rest of this episode’s Untucked is literally just Lena Dunham taking up all the screentime, sipping on someone else’s cocktail, and not leaving any room for the actual important stuff, like Cracker’s feelings.


Cool, cool.

Back on the main stage, Aquaria wins the challenge!


Werk, evil twin!

The bottom two this time around are Kameron Michaels and Miz Cracker, lip-syncing to “Nasty Girl” by Vanity 6.


Cracker is doing a decent job, having fun with the song and throwing in a few cartwheels. But I think she’s still a little shook from what Asia said, because she doesn’t seem all there. Then again, she hasn’t been all there most of the season.

Kameron, in the meantime, is following Asia and Eureka’s advice and continuing to be a fierce-ass lip-sync assassin. And despite the fact that this is her third straight time in the bottom and Cracker’s first, despite all the odds, Kameron werks it out.


Yas, yas, yas.

Between Kameron’s performance and Ru having just about HAD IT with Cracker, Miss Saltine is the one who shockingly gets sent home.


The gag of the season, henny.

Miz Cracker was so incredibly promising during the first few episodes, and I really thought she’d go far. Well, farther than this. It’s so disappointing to see a queen so talented hold herself back out of, presumably, fear of letting people see her true self. I hope she can learn from this, grow as a person, and come back with a more open heart.

Let’s see this run-down, bitch!

Kameron Michaels – Kameron was frustrated and defeated after the critiques, but she didn’t let it affect her lip-sync and slayed another queen right out of the competition. She’s scrappy, this one, that’s for sure. I’m happy for her that she’s come so far, but I don’t really see her going any further.

Eureka – I really, really didn’t like Eureka’s “good” look this week. Fashion-wise, I feel she’s far behind these other girls and it’s frustrating, but her personality saves her every time. There’s still a good chance she might win this.

Aquaria – Aquaria turned it OUT this week, and she’s also showing an incredible amount of growth—especially for her age. With Cracker out of the picture, I fully expect (and hope) Aquaria will take the crown.

Asia O’Hara – Asia is super talented and fully determined to win this thing, but for someone who values sisterhood so much, she can be pretty damn cruel sometimes. Showing so much negativity this close to the end is never a good thing. Ginger Minj can testify.

Next week is our final challenge episode, hennies. Who are you rooting for? See you next time!

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