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Previously on Drag Race: Eureka‘s level of unprofessionalism was far too much for The Vixen. Aquaria killed Snatch Game. Someone fucked up playing Beyoncé yet again. And sweet, stunning Monique Heart lost her wig and sashayed away.

The girls regroup after Monique’s elimination and discuss the elephant in the room. No, not Eureka! The Vixen is still hella miffed that almost everyone on the main stage told RuPaul she should go home. They tell her it’s not personal, but that ain’t gon’ fly with Miss Vixine.


She’s in her feelings.

The Eureka/Vixen drama resurfaces yet again and The Vixen tells Eureka point blank that she nominated her on the runway because she doesn’t like her.


Oh oh oh oh oh okay.

Asia O’Hara peels off her fish mask, and it turns out she painted her whole upper lip (and the area above) black to avoid letting her skin show under the mask.


What kinda Steve Harvey…

The next morning, the queens are kiki-ing around the werk room table and Asia O’Hara challenges Kameron Michaels to an arm wrestling match. Kameron, confident that she’s about to destroy Asia, gets in position… and that’s when Ru’s “Oooo gurl!” rings out.


“Really bitch?”

This week, instead of Mama Ru on the big screen, it’s Cher! Just kidding, it’s Chad Michaels!


Hey girl!

With that, Ru finally makes an appearance.


C’mon, suit!

Today’s mini-challenge is “Slap out of it!”, inspired by Miss Cher and the movie Moonstruck! The mini-challenge involves the queens provoking Ru into slapping the shit out of them. I’m here for this tomfoolery.

Eureka, Kameron, Aquaria, and Monét X Change go for some ridonculous shade about Ru’s looks or age, which is pretty damn funny. The Vixen goes for “Vaaanjiiieeeee!”, which turns things into a dance session feat. slap.


Vanjie, the remix!

Miz Cracker jokes about Lady Bunny taking over as host of Drag Race and gets fake stabbed instead.


Renaissance sculpture realness.

Then Asia O’Hara goes for the jugular and calls Ru manly, which gets her a real, accidental smack right across the face. Cue tears of laughter.


That’s a lawsuit!

The winner is Asia O’Hara! She gets a $2,000 gift card for rhinestones.


Call it an out-of-court settlement.

This week, it’s full-on Cher-stravaganza, with a live Cher musical! The queens are tasked with singing (new) songs inspired by various eras of the queen’s life and career.



The girls start getting into their Cher fantasies, with the big wigs and the facial expressions and all the hair flips and the “ho!” in the world.


Is that to Chers

Ru comes back in to talk to her queens. She speaks with Kameron Michaels and asks her about how quiet and unnoticeable she’s been. Kameron says she thinks she should cut the “silent” out of “silent but deadly” and just be deadly.


Well, she can start by murdering my b… nevermind.

Ru asks Eureka about the beef with The Vixen, wondering whether that’s been resolved yet. Eureka says she and Vix are probably just not meant to get along, but she won’t let that get in her way during the competition. The Vixen spends that whole time making faces.


Ladies and gentlemen: a grown-ass man.

Ru addresses Vixen’s issues with apparently everyone else. Vix calls everyone out about being fake and afraid of her. Monét X Change, who’s listening from the other side of the room, is not having it.



Mama Ru calmly tells Vixen that at the end of the day, the biggest fight anyone will ever have is with themselves and that maybe she should look inward a bit. Wise fish.

The queens head to choreography rehearsal… with Todrick Hall.


Oh… Great.

I was kinda sorta hoping they would’ve fired Todrick after All Stars 3’s Thorgy Thor SNAFU, but… party.

Right away, Toddy starts psyching queens out and making them even more nervous than they already are.


Classic Todrick.

Mr. Hall absolutely wants the queens to practice singing while they dance, but Eureka asks him if she can hold off on the singing, which he ain’t about. She reveals in her confessional that she had a traumatic experience as a kid being physically abused by her dad following a request to sing in front of his friends.


Oh, Eureka…

The next morning, Monét X Change checks in with Eureka and comforts her about the situation.


Hey Todrick. Hi. This is how it’s done. Just sayin’.

During Makeup Therapy Hour, Miz Cracker talks about how family grew up dirt poor and sometimes wouldn’t even get to have lunch or dinner. But she looks at the silver lining of it and says it at least made her the creative, scrappy person she is today.


This is too much.

After Asia is done listening to Miz Cracker, she decides to play drag therapist for someone else: The Vixen. She gently tells Vixen she could possibly be looking at Eureka’s whiteness and southernness and loudness as representations of the kinds of terrible white racist trash that she’s designed her entire career and identity around fighting.

Asia suggests that Vix look at why, truly, she dislikes Eureka—and more importantly, that she think about redirecting her anger into personal strength. It’s a powerful conversation and you can tell Asia is really getting through to her.


Growth! It’s happening.

With all that emotional stuff out of the way, it’s time for the main stage!


Not too shabby. Not too shabby.


Kameron Michaels starts the musical off as ’60s Cher. She does an excellent job with the voice and stays in character throughout.


Monét X Change, a classically trained singer, kills her part, sounding exactly like Cher and bringing great comedic timing too. It’s pretty much perfect.


The Vixen does a good job hitting all the notes in her part, but as opposed to Monét, she unfortunately does a pretty poor Cher impression. It barely sounds like her.


Like The Vixen, Aquaria doesn’t do great at channeling Cher’s voice. She does, however, throw in a great Cher-like bit that involves complaining about her cheap costume and tossing it.


Asia does nicely with Cher’s voice, but her bit as Movie Cher is terribly boring. I blame Todrick and whoever wrote this part of the musical (which might also be Todrick).


Eureka’s hairline has some issues and she starts off really shy and meek, but by the end of her bit, she’s going full Cher and serving real entertaintment.


Miz Cracker has a funny bit as ’90s comeback Cher with a vocoder. She fully nails the voice and sound of the “Believe” era and is bringing me back to my baby gay days. Such a good song.

Now for the runway. Category is “Glitteriffic.” I feel really bad for the janitors.


Kameron Michaels is serving up gorgeous flowy bodysuit with super pretty hair, and the tattoos and boy chest give it that little extra kick of androgyny to push it over the top.


Monét X Change is wearing this incredibly revealing see-through number that leaves basically nothing to the imagination. Production actually had to blur out her cooch. You can see the tape on the edges of the outfit, though, so that’s a bit awkward.


The Vixen is covered in glitter and is wearing this gorgeous handmade rainbowy construction. It’s really, really beautiful.


Aquaria is going for this insane glittery saint imagery with rhinestoned veils over her eyes making it look like they’re pure sparkly diamonds. Put a crown on this bitch, she’s done.


Asia is going for a sparkly clown look with quirky noodly hair. I’m not a huge fan of it, personally, but it is very polished and well made.


Eureka’s outfit is gorgeous and super shapely, and her hair matches perfectly. The lines on her face were probably not needed, but it’s still a fab lewk.


Miz Cracker has this complete stunner of a lewk, with a golden skull puking glitter all over her face and shoulder. Half her head is covered in gold glitter and while she looks half-stunned, half-disgusted through the whole thing, she’s still gorgeous start to finish.

No more safe girls! It’s all critiques right away. Kameron Michaels and Monét X Change are praised for their Chers, but Monét’s outfit isn’t received well at all. Cracker, Eureka, and Aquaria did mostly okay. The Vixen and Asia O’Hara failed at the characterization of their characters.


Gee, I wonder who’s in the bottom two!

The queens retire to the Untucked lounge, where Kameron Michaels is congratulated for a likely win. But Ms. Michaels never celebrates victories before they’re won, and still feels like there’s a chance she could actually not have done well at all. So she just sits there looking worried.


Okay gurl, suit yourself.

Asia O’Hara is pissed that she got Movie Cher as her role and thinks the part is what got her in the bottom. She says no one would’ve done well with Movie Cher.


Thorgy Thor realness.

Kameron accompanies Eureka on a smoke break in the outdoor utility closet room thing, where Eureka tells Kameron she’s her biggest competition now. They keep it respectful and cute, though, and are clearly becoming good friends.


Southern gal sisterhood!

In her confessional, Miz Cracker explains she’s giving herself a mission to gently tell Aquaria that her confidence in the competition can be a little grating. But she goes about explaining it in such a weird, non-confrontational way that it’s a little confusing for everyone involved.


Just… you know… try to uh… not… to be so… you know…

Aquaria finally acknowledges what Cracker is trying to say and explains it’s not really in her genetics to act humble or unsure about things. The conversation is resolved with a few jokes, though, and the subject is changed. Aquaria, who cannot see shit through her sparkly eye things, talks to someone who is not there.


Imaginary best friend realness.

Asia O’Hara is annoyed about the Glitterific runway theme, saying she thought they had to use glitter fabric specifically. Kameron says she thinks glitter fabric is ugly, so she stayed away from it. Asia is not happy.


Bitter queen.

Back on the main stage, the winner is announced: it’s Kameron Michaels!


Werk, girl!

Monét X Change, Eureka, and Miz Cracker are safe. Aquaria manages to stay away from the bottom two. This week, that’s The Vixen and Asia O’Hara. The lip-sync song is “Groove Is In The Heart” by Deee-Lite. I wish they’d done a Cher song, but this is good too.

Both the girls do a fantastic job. Here are some fun highlights.


Synchronized bopping!



With such a tie of a performance, it comes down to track record—and this is The Vixen’s third week in a row in the bottom two, so it’s her time to go.


Farewell, warrior queen.

Miss Vix brought a refreshing honesty and straightforwardness to a competition that’s had a lot of issues over the years with queens editing themselves for the cameras and not being their true selves. She still has some work to do to become her best self, but I know she’ll do it. I look forward to seeing her again on our TV screens someday.

Run-down hour!

Kameron Michaels – At long last, Kameron stepped out of the shadows and into the spotlight this week. She’s a brilliant queen and is definitely looking like this year’s Trinity Taylor—hella underestimated and hella talented.

Monét X Change – Monét’s good challenge performances are always ruined by her underwhelming runway looks, and it’s really holding her back. If there’s another look-based challenge coming up, chances are she won’t survive it.

Aquaria – Miss Aquafina is still serving killer lewks and doing fairly well in the challenges, and she’s been showing a fun side to her lately. I have no doubt that she’s making it to the top of the competition.

Asia O’Hara – Asia’s been stumbling a lot these last few weeks, and with another acting challenge coming up next, that could potentially be her time to go. We’ll see what the future brings.

Eureka – I’d be very surprised if Eureka didn’t make it to the top of this season. I think a win is quite possible, too. She really seems unstoppable.

Miz Cracker – We’re on episode 8 and Cracker still hasn’t won anything or stood out in any incredible way. She’s flying under the radar even more than Kameron at this point, and her days are numbered if she fails to stand out again next week.

That’s all for this week, ladies. Next week, we’re paying tribute to one of my favorite shows, Westworld!! SO. EXCITED.


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