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Previously on Drag Race: Eureka killed everything two weeks in a row and proved she was here to win. Pit Crew member Bryce was the lucky recipient of the worst drag makeover in herstory. And The Vixen killed her lip-sync, sending sweet, kind, beautiful Blair St. Clair packing.

The girls are back in the werk room mourning Miss St. Clair. They then sit down to discuss The Vixen being shooketh at almost going home. Eureka attempts to give her a pep talk, and it starts really nice… until Eureka tells Vix she doesn’t always have to be about fighting.


Oh gurl.

The Vixen bites back, saying the “bear” is a part of who she is, and that’s not going anywhere.


“Please do tell me more.”

Meanwhile, Monique Heart is hella bitter that she’s just been continually safe. She says money is a big issue for her and she just doesn’t have enough lewks to keep up, but she’s trying to make it work with her personality.


She’s the ooh ahh ahh sensation, honey!

The next morning, RuPaul comes in with one exciting announcement: it’s time for the reading mini-challenge!


Drag her! Slay her! Read her!

Kameron Michaels starts things off by saying Monét X Change warrants a full refund. Asia O’Hara tells Aquaria she has no personality. Monét calls Asia’s teeth fake and accuses Miz Cracker of sleeping with Bob the Drag Queen to make it big. But Eureka takes the cake with a series of jokes surrounding the best line of the mini-challenge, to Kameron: “I don’t really have a read for you, please just fuck me.”


Relatable queen.

Eureka wins the mini-challenge!


They’re feeling entertained.

This week is the maxi-challenge everyone’s been waiting for: the Snatch Game!


Asia is so excited she just spontaneously started performing self-fellatio.

The girls start getting their characters ready, and RuPaul almost immediately comes back in, with company: it’s Bianca Del Rio!



Bianca’s here to teach these bitches about characterization and… who am I kidding, she’s here to read them to filth. Starting with Eureka, who wants to do Divine, the legendary queen. Except her impromptu impression sounds terrible.


“What DO you do successfully?”

Monique Heart is hesitating between two characters: Congresswoman Maxine Waters and Cookie Lyon from the show Empire. RuPaul and Bianca coach her on doing a decent Auntie Maxine, and she goes with that.



Asia O’Hara wants to do Whitney Houston, but she planned to include her drug addiction in the humor, which Ru puts the kibosh on. So Asia decides she’s going to do Beyoncé instead.



That is a mess I can’t wait to see.

And speaking of messes, Aquaria plans on putting her often jumbled, hesitant speaking skills to good use by impersonating Melania Trump in the Snatch Game. She thinks she can make her speech impediment translate into comedy this way.


Clever fish.

Despite her terribly unfunny impression of Beyoncé in front of Bianca and Mother Ru, Asia O’Hara is determined to go forward with Queen Bey as a Snatch Game character. And as it turns out, The Vixen is doing Blue Ivy Carter, so the two of them are planning on going into this as some sort of family tag team.


My feelings exactly.

It’s time for Snatch Game!


Monique Heart sadly went with Maxine Waters rather than Cookie Lyon, which I think was a pretty bad decision. She lands like… maybe one funny line, and the rest is terribly boring. Where are the jokes??


Kameron Michaels is using her looks to her advantage by playing Chyna, the famous wrestler. Her voice and personality go back and forth between super masculine and high-pitched sassiness. It’s pretty fun.


Miz Cracker is playing Dorothy Parker, and her shady lady act is cute, but not phenomenal. She doesn’t get a whole lot of screen time, so I’m assuming she was just okay.



As expected, Asia O’Hara’s Beyoncé is awful, has zero personality, and accidentally uses the mom-daughter dynamic with Blue Ivy to turn into a horrible, horrible mother. It’s bad. It’s really bad.


Chi Chi found dead.

Monét X Change is doing Maya Angelou, and unlike Chi Chi DeVayne‘s performance on All Stars 3, this one is actually really funny. Monét plays the poet with a poise and gravitas that completely clashes, in the best way, with the silly shit she’s saying. Her best line of the night: “Maya Angelou ain’t no punk bitch.”


Note the “Michelle Obama” sign. The shade of it all.

Aquaria’s Melania Trump is a pure stroke of genius. She’s weird, she’s kooky, she gives Ru a hidden message that says “Help me,” and she makes all kinds of jokes about Trump, even using Kameron’s Chyna to comment on the president’s obsession with China, the country. Toot.


The Vixen’s Blue Ivy Carter is essentially a whiny brat, and it’s unfortunately painfully reminiscent of her character on the Bossy Rossy Show two episodes ago. It makes her look very one-dimensional, which sucks. Also, Asia’s Beyoncé totally walks all over her, which doesn’t help matters.


Last but certainly not least, we have Eureka, who’s ditched her Divine idea in favor of Alana, a.k.a. Honey Boo Boo. It’s very Eureka, but at the same time, the queen totally disappears into the character. It’s a fully committed portrayal, and she’s hilariously snappy from start to finish.

The next morning, the queens start getting ready for the main stage and are discussing their choices for Snatch Game. Monique Heart is disappointed that Aquaria’s Melania Trump didn’t interact enough with her Maxine Waters. Aquaria jokingly responds “it’s not my job to make your Snatch Game good.”


You been read.

The Vixen is miffed at Eureka for having been so big and boisterous throughout the challenge with Honey Boo Boo. She thinks Eureka was unprofessional.


Don’t be bitter, just get better.

The queens talk about the political side of things, and the conversation turns to The Vixen’s political performances. She once made “South Side Trash” into a lewk and a statement because of someone’s racist comment online.



Let’s get to that main stage! Ru’s hair and makeup both look a little busted tonight.


But at least her padding is right.

On the other hand, Michelle Visage is looking absolutely stun.


Oh, work, bitch.

On the runway this week, in honor of Bette Midler, category is “Mermaid fantasy,” complete with fishtails and wheelchairs and Pit Crew menseses.


Monique Heart’s look is frankly a bit disjointed. The hair and makeup sort of match the top, but the bottom half is just… something else. It looks a little sloppy.


Miz Cracker looks fierce as hell. The colors are incredible, everything matches, and the makeup is really freaking good. Love it.


Aquaria has pulled out a dying mermaid, serving oil spill realness. Her fishtail is frayed and damaged, she’s dripping in gunk, her hair looks dirty and wet, and she’s crying bright blue tears. It is incredible. Period.


Asia has gone the old mythological direction with the mermaid theme, where mermaids were actually really not cute and they drowned sailors and ate them or something. It’s a shocking lewk, but it’s actually kind of fabulous in its own way once you get past the weirdness of it.


The Vixen’s mermaid is a bit more traditional, and her hair and makeup look great. The bra’s a little iffier. It’s a relatively decent look all in all, though.


Monét is serving up injured, bloody warrior fish, with neat-looking wounds and armor-like scales. It’s very cool, though I think it’d be even cooler if she’d cinched.


Eureka is giving us Ursula’s nastier, more evil cousin, with blood spilling from her leftover snack and crazy sparkly hair. It’s pretty great.


Kameron Michaels looks super pretty and feminine, and the mirror she keeps checking herself out with is a nice touch. Very cute.

With that done, Miz Cracker and Kameron Michaels are declared safe and wheeled off the main stage, as Ru and Michelle Visage go into another round of “Miss Vaaanjiiieee.”


I love seeing the lost looks on the guest judges’ faces whenever Miss Vanjie comes up.

Aquaria and Eureka are praised for their acts and lewks. Monique Heart gets some tough critiques and gets defensive (Monique, no!). Asia O’Hara and The Vixen are told their performances were pretty bad too. Monét X Change’s Maya Angelou is compared to Chi Chi DeVayne’s on All Stars 3 and Monét is told this is how it should’ve been done.


Chi Chi found cremated.

RuPaul asks the queens the question that always makes Untucked really exciting: “Who deserves to go home tonight and why?”

Eureka picks Asia O’Hara as a bit of a safe cop-out, saying she’s her biggest competition. The Vixen throws herself at Eureka, though, saying she’s wildly unprofessional and “takes all the air out of the room.”


“I don’t think that you’re seeing that Eureka is a complete bitch.”

Eureka and Vixen start getting into an argument right there on the main stage. Eureka tears up and tries to dial things back and The Vixen talks all over her and just ends up looking very mean and petty. Then Asia, Monét, Monique, and Aquaria all name Vix as the one who should go home, which really doesn’t help her case.



Meanwhile, in the Untucked lounge, Miz Cracker and Kameron Michaels are living their best lives, happy to be safe and away from the bottom three, enjoying their fish tails and whoring themselves out for the Ob•jects Furniture sponsorship.


Can these two have their own show? Pretty please?

The top and bottom girls join Cracker and Kameron, and Monét X Change pranks Kameron by telling her everyone thought she should be the one to go home.



With that laugh riot out of the way, things get dramatic again as the Vixen/Eureka fight resumes post-runway. The Vixen says every one of the girls here has at some point complained about Eureka—and Kameron and Monét immediately say that’s not true. Between this and the naming her on stage, Vix’s wrath culminates with her calling her competitors “disloyal bitches.”


What she say??

The Vixen, furious, gets into it with just about everybody, also telling Monique Heart she was the most unprepared for the competition out of everyone.



Just to make things extra awkward now, production decides to play a touching video message from The Vixen’s mom at that moment.


Rough day for Miss Vixen.

Vixen bursts into tears, admits she was really hurt by the queens’ comments, then goes right back to anger and storms off to learn the lip-sync song.



Back on the main stage, Aquaria is crowned the winner of the week!


Werk, mawma!

Asia O’Hara is declared safe, which leaves Monique Heart and The Vixen for the bottom two. The lip-sync song is “Cut To The Feeling” by the fierce Carly Rae Jepsen.

It becomes clear very quickly that Monique doesn’t know the words to the song. Plus, almost immediately, her wig slips halfway off her head, so she decides to toss it.



Oh and this happens too:


Monique what is u doing

The Vixen, on the other hand, does a good job with the energy of the song. She jumps, she twirls, she tumbles. It’s cute and it’s fun and it’s more than enough for her to win given Monique’s performance.


Give a twirl, give a twirl, give a twirrrrl!

Thus comes the end of Miss Heart’s time on this competition. Monique came in saying she’d be the heart of season 10 and she wasn’t kidding. She made the biggest of impressions, and no one is going to forget her any time soon.


America’s gonna miss you.

Did someone ask for a rundown?

Miz Cracker – Cracker came into the competition as a total frontrunner, but she’s really been fading into the background lately. She needs to pop out soon, or her place in the top could be at risk.

Aquaria – I mentioned last week that Aquaria’s performance on the Snatch Game would be pivotal one way or the other, and boy was I right. I did not see her stellar act coming one bit, but I sure am glad she pulled that off. She’s winning me over.

Asia O’Hara – Why, Beyoncé, why? Asia really fell hard this week, but she did make up for it with a wild, colorful runway lewk. She’s still doing okay, but she needs to watch herself in the coming weeks.

The Vixen – Vix has been having some trouble, to say the least. I do agree with some of the other girls’ thoughts about her having plateaued a little bit. She’s gorgeous and I love her feistiness, but I think like Nina Bo’nina Brown before her, this queen has some personal issues that she needs to work on, because she’s starting to get in her own way.

Monét X Change – Monét is still on an upward path since her two trips to the bottom two, and I think she’s building some great momentum. If she continues, she could end up making a great comeback, Trixie Mattel-style.

Eureka – For the third week in a row, Eureka is murdering everything. It helps that a lot of these recent challenges have been all about having the biggest, most boisterous personality, because that’s Eureka to a T.

Kameron Michaels – Kameron has progressively been getting more screen time as other, louder queens leave and make more room for her. While she may be the polar opposite of Eureka’s extreme extraversion, Ms. Michaels is a fun, talented, and gorgeous queen. I hope she sticks around a few more weeks.

We’re halfway through! Seven queens down, seven remaining. That’s it for this week, people!

Great. Cut.

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