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Previously on Drag Race: Monique Heart finally started showing the judges how amazing she is. Shania Twain was highly confused about why she was even on this show. Kameron Michaels started coming out of her very muscular shell. And Monét X Change was once again clocked about her mediocre lewks, but ultimately kicked Mayhem Miller to the curb.

Back in the werk room, the queens are sad about Mayhem. Kameron says she’s all alone now that the other quiet girl is gone, and Monique Heart warns her that she should start talking real soon if she wants to stick around. “Chirp chirp,” she adds for emphasis.


Quiet birdy is shook.

Miz Cracker, meanwhile, is pissed that she hasn’t won any challenges yet. She complains about always being super close to the win and never actually getting it.


Thorgy Thor realness.

Monét X Change, still a little rattled from almost sashaying away, cracks a joke at Asia O’Hara‘s expense, who responds by telling her the only thing she’s good at is being in the bottom two.


Get her, Jade!

The next morning, the queens reconvene around the werk room table and poke fun at Monique Heart’s Goofy-esque laugh. Miz Cracker suggests the laugh should be the new soundbite for when the show goes on commercial break.


Ooo she coming for Ru’s gig y’all.

Mama RuPaul comes in with a giant-ass hat, announcing this week’s mini-challenge: “Sitting on a Secret,” featuring the eliminated queens’ song from All Stars 3. Except at this point in filming, these queens haven’t watched All Stars 3 yet, so this song is totally new to them. Cue confused dancing:


Shhhh don’t ask just dance.

The goal of this game is to sit on shit blindfolded and try to guess what it is… with their booty.


“Why are you doing this to us?”


Oo gurl use some lube or something.


Even with the blindfold, you can tell Cracker’s completely over it.

Things get weirder and weirder as the queens start sitting on food. First pork chops, then fish, and finally a whole-ass cake.


Someone actually had to bake nine cakes so they could end up squished on these queens’ asses.

At the end of the day, the queen who guessed the most things is Asia O’Hara.


What a strange talent to have.

This week’s maxi-challenge is a peculiar one: The queens need to make groups of three to form panels for DragCon, where they’ll talk about one of three drag-related topics: wigs, makeup, and body.  The ladies get to make their own groups, and when Kameron Michaels and Monét X Change look like no one wants to be with them, Eureka offers to be a part of their team.


We suddenly have a new contender for Miss Congeniality.

Commercial break—and lo and behold, RuPaul’s laugh has been temporarily replaced with Monique’s.



Eureka’s group, Team Body, gets an immediate advantage in the planning for this challenge, as Eureka, who was already a Ru Girl before season 10, has been on panels at DragCon before. So she knows how they can shape their presentation. The girls stumble upon a word that doesn’t exist, “proportionizing,” and decide to make that their tagline.




Ru comes back to check on the queens and asks Team Wigs, composed of Blair St. Clair, The Vixen, and Miz Cracker, about their plan. The girls aren’t too interested in having a moderator and would rather just take turns talking. Cracker says she thinks DragCon is more “an excuse for queens to hang out” than anything else.


Fuck my Con, right?

Ru has one last detail about the challenge for the queens: The audience they’ll be putting their panels together for will be rating them all individually after the fact.


Shook. Well, Cracker is just over it, but the others are shook.

Team Makeup is worried, too. Monique and Asia are pretty eloquent, but Aquaria has struggled with speaking and expressing herself since she got here. She tries to get through a practice explanation of a makeup tip and her words come out like jumbled, hesitant gibberish.


Blargh blab gloop?

In her confessional, Blair St. Clair brings up her stats notebook, where she’s been writing all kinds of things about what her strengths are and what she’s expecting from the competition. She done cracked the code, Sasha Belle style.


She’s writing about Barbra Streisand though, so I support her.

As the queens are starting to get ready for the challenge, Monique Heart decides to make a brand-new lewk. She explains she doesn’t have a lot of money and came into this competition with a lot of personality and drive—the physical materials are just gonna have to be made on the fly.


Resourceful fish!

Asia O’Hara comes to check on Kameron Michaels, but quickly gets distracted by a before/after picture of her bodybuilding journey. Kameron explains she had a gym-going boyfriend for a while who told her she’d never do drag again, so she threw most of her drag out only to get back into it again after the break-up. Relationships done fucked up drag.


Pretty sure Asia isn’t listening and is just dickpigging over the picture, though.

Meanwhile at the makeup station, Monét X Change is telling Miz Cracker and Monique Heart about the time she won a pageant in Brooklyn and a picture of her in drag was sent to the only newspaper on Saint Lucia, where her family—who don’t know she does drag—lives. Awkwardness ensued.


Well if they didn’t know before, they’re gonna know now!

Before the queens finish up their makeup, they go through another round of “Vanjie.”


It’s practically a warcry at this point.

To the main stage!


Once again, Ru’s look is a little iffy this week. Someone fire these bitches already.

First up, Team Body. Kameron Michaels does a good job talking about padding her body while sounding nice and fun, but Monét X Change and Eureka are a little more energetic and entertaining. With Eureka’s help, though, the whole talk is organized, structured, and concise. They do great.


The level of professionalism… far too much.

For the demonstration segment, the girls bring up Pit Crew member Bryce (hay Bryce hay) and make him put on padding for his hips, booty, and breasts.


That is shockingly good. Dude looks like a lady.

Monique Heart, Asia O’Hara, and Aquaria are doing great on Team Makeup at first with a witty, informative, and entertaining segment. But when it comes time for the demonstration, Aquaria and Asia decide to do their things simultaneously so there isn’t too much dead air. What that leads to, though, is a very confused audience that doesn’t know where to look.


Children, no, not everyone at once!

Also, I don’t get why they’re doing the majority of their makeup demonstration on themselves rather than on Miss Brycine, who gets to just sit there looking like a busted-ass manly queen.


Category is butch queen first time in drags at a ball.

Lastly, The Vixen, Blair St. Clair, and Miz Cracker come in for Team Wigs. There’s no moderator, so things are a little messier here. They’ve also attempted to throw in a lot of comedy in their panel presentation, and the majority of that comedy involves shading each other. Some of those digs land, most of them make things very awkward.


When Ru is cringing, you know there’s a problem.

For the demonstration part, there really isn’t a whole lot going on. Blair combs a wig, then puts it on Bryce’s head while the others watch. That’s about it. Also—and a lot of this is admittedly Team Makeup’s fault—Bryce looks really, really bad.



With the challenge over with, it’s time for the runway! Category is: “Hat’s incredible.”



Kameron Michaels is giving us superhero from outer space with spinning rings around her head and it is a gag and a half.


Monét X Change is serving Auntie May going to church on a Sunday. Her outfit is beautiful and it pops, even though her shoes don’t quite match.


Eureka’s outfit is snatched, polished, and coordinated. It looks pretty damn good, and the pink contacts are fierce.


Aquaria is going for Klaus Nomi meets magician’s rabbit. It’s stylish, conceptual, genderfuck-y, and just really pleasing to look at.


Monique Heart looks cute and fun, but the outfit is a tiny bit rough around the edges. Still, it’s pretty nice. Sparkly.


Stop everything—Asia O’Hara is a friggin’ dandelion on the runway. She looks fierce as hell, and the lewk is super polished. I kind of wish the headpiece could’ve come apart like an actual dandelion, but I guess that’s a bit too much to ask.


Miz Cracker is going for what I’m starting to realize is a signature thing for her—articles of clothing made out of hair. This time, it’s her hat. It’s pretty, it’s clean, and the outfit is snatched too.


Blair St. Clair is serving old-school southern belle chic. The hair and makeup are stunning and the outfit is pretty too. I just wish that tulle favric wasn’t cutting across her hair the way it is. It sort of ruins the flow of it.


The Vixen has gone all out with the hat theme, wearing a fabulous floppy ’60s hat but also making her entire outfit out of similar models. It’s pretty, but it’s not very polished and that makes it a little less stunning.

The queens are judged in teams this week. Team Body is in the top, while Team Wigs is in the bottom and Team Makeup is safe. Kameron is told her look is “fun and different,” which is pretty damn understated. Monét and Eureka get great critiques, and Eureka is told she was the favorite among the audience polling.


Werk, fan favorite!

On the other hand, Team Wigs is criticized for being disorganized and not informative at all in their panel. Miz Cracker and The Vixen are told they were too shady and not funny enough, while Blair St. Clair tends to be too cute and not very interesting.

Blair tears up, admitting she’s always trying to “find daintiness” because she feels dirty from her first sexual experience, a rape at a college party. It’s something she’s still struggling with, and in the meantime, she tends to strive for beauty to cover it up.


Heart = broken.

The Vixen tells Blair she “can’t wait to find that motherfucker.” Supportive warrior queen!

Backstage in the Untucked lounge, Monique Heart is recalling the time she came to terms with her homosessuality. She tells Asia and Aquaria about how she went to talk to a young minister at her church about it and wound up bumping uglies with him.


Well, that’ll do it.

The top and bottom girls join the safe ladies. The Vixen seems to think she did better than Cracker and Blair, which is a tiny bit delusional.



Eureka gets a video message from home, featuring her sister and her mother. This whole time, Eureka’s been feeling guilty because she had to leave her mother, who was struggling with throat cancer, to be on season 10. But Mama Eureka is speaking again, which she wasn’t able to do back when Eureka left.


It’s a Hannukah miracle!

Blair also gets a sweet message from her mama.



On the more negative side of things, Miz Cracker is a bit shaken by the judges’ critiques. Being told she wasn’t funny is a “stab in the heart” for her.


At least she looks fantastic.

Blair’s sexual assault comes up again, and the queens—Monét X Change and The Vixen in particular—praise her for having the strength to say it out loud and face the reality of it.


Strongest queen.

When all is said and done, Eureka is declared the winner of the challenge.


Looking like a comic book villain who just got away with a bank robbery.

The Vixen said it in Untucked, she totally was expecting Cracker and Blair to lip-sync. But NOPE. Miz Cracker is safe and Vix is in the bottom two.


“Oh holy shitballs”

The lip-sync song is “I’m Coming Out” by Diana Ross (hi Bebe! I just saw Bebe, girl!). Blair is making the song emotional, and it resonates pretty beautifully with her moment from earlier.


But The Vixen is killing it, pulling out an air saxophone and bringing the comedy rather than emotion.


One more because Vix is awesome:


Thus ends Blair St. Clair’s time on season 10. She’s a stunning queen, and her message on her final episode was a wonderful one too. I hope she makes progress on her road to recovery and allows that inner strength to flourish.


You go, girl!

Is it time for a rundown?

Kameron Michaels – Kameron is being treated harshly by the judges, I think, because of her introverted personality. But Ross Mathews‘s comment about wanting her to “give me different looks” was completely ridiculous. Have you been watching the show, Tamar?

Monét X Change – Monét did a lot better this week, making up for her repeated failures of the past two weeks. Will this allow her to get all the way to the final four? I don’t think so, but she could last a little longer.

Eureka – Our Elephant Queen has been killing it in the challenges and on the runway, and two wins in a row now make her a top contender to take it all. Will she? We’ll see.

Aquaria – Aquaria still murders the runway week after week, but most of the challenges aren’t her strongest moments. Next week is Snatch Game, though, so her performance on that will be pivotal.

Monique Heart – Miss Monique continues to make up for occasionally lackluster lewks with a stellar personality. She’s so, so entertaining, and I hope she sticks around till the end just so we can keep hearing her talk.

Asia O’Hara – This bitch was incredible on the runway and always (well, almost always) looks damn good and super polished. She’s going to go far too, I think.

Miz Cracker – Cracker’s still super polished and beautiful at all times, but she made a misstep this week for the first time. I hope she doesn’t get in her own head too much, because her bitterness at failing is starting to look very Thorgy Thor-esque.

The Vixen – I think polish and talent-wise, Miss Vixie might unfortunately be one of the lowest left in the competition—which kills me because she is a fierce bitch with a heart of gold. She’s one of the most authentic souls we’ve had on the show in a long time and it’s so refreshing.

Hat’s it for today, queens! Join me next week for everyone’s favorite challenge, the Snatch Game! Ta-ta!

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