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Previously on Drag Race: The Vixen continued to fully steal the show in Untucked by fighting everyone. Aquaria behaved herself for a change and also slayed the maxi-challenge. Asia O’Hara helped everyone else with their lewks and forgot about the competition aspect of… the competition. And Monét X Change assassinated poor Dusty Ray Bottoms in the lip-sync and sent her home.

The ladies return to the werk room to discuss shit. Asia O’Hara is asked how she feels about the whole “helping everyone” thing and she responds that she feels used.


Exqueeze me?

Asia is super pissed that no one returned the favor and helped her with stuff too. Which is pretty unfair because she offered help to everyone and somehow magically expected something back. Miz Cracker essentially says something to that effect.


“My blunt-shaped eyebrows compel you to see the truth!”

Asia essentially wants this season to be a happy sisterhood with people helping each other do well all along. Which is sweet, but… a lil’ bit misguided.


Delusion… Convince yourself.

The next morning, RuPaul comes in talking about how drag queens are LGBT warriors leading the charge against our bitchy ol’ government. Also, she looks and sounds a lot better than last week!


Hot and vivacious!

For this week’s patriotic mini-challenge, the queens are taking army fatigues and camouflage and making them into quick-drag outfits.


Cracker looks fierce with a fully coordinated look.


Monique Heart has made earrings out of grenades, which, pretty damn cool.


The Vixen is all about resting bitch face and a snatched combination. That wig really is killer.

And the winner is… Miss Vixen! For this week’s maxi-challenge, a kooky talk show improv task, the queens will be performing in pairs and The Vixen gets to choose all the teams.



The Vixen seems like she’s choosing fairly at first. She picks Asia O’Hara as her partner, then assigns most girls to other queens they get along with or might have decent chemistry with… and then she leaves Eureka and Aquaria, the two bitches she hates, in a team with each other.


Oh okay.

Each of the pairs gets assigned one storyline to build off of for their act. And on the runway, they’ll be joined by guest stars Carrie Preston (YAY) and Shania Twain!

Kameron Michaels is a massive Shania fan, and she is peeing herself with excitement about this.


She’s so happy! … I think.

The girls spread around the werk room to start preparing their acts, and The Vixen and Asia O’Hara talk about how Vix paired Eureka and Aquaria to fuck them both over.


You shady bitch.

Their team’s theme is “Why are you so obsessed with me?”, where one of the girls is totally copying everything the other one does. So Vixen suggests they parody Aquaria and Miz Cracker themselves.


Gay gasp!

Meanwhile, Monét X Change is a bit annoyed that she’s been paired up with Kameron Michaels, because… Kameron is really damn quiet. And I mean, yeah. We barely know who Kameron is at this point because she’s barely uttered a peep in four episodes. So Monét thinks that’s gonna tank their performance.


“Help me”

Mayhem Miller and Miz Cracker are doing a skit called “Save me from my deadly fear of… pickles!” Mayhem wants to be the one who’s afraid, which is convenient because Cracker desperately wants to play a Jewish pickle doctor named Dr. Dill.


Can we just give her the challenge win already?

Cracker is super into her idea and is planning on going balls-to-the-wall with it, but Mayhem Miller doesn’t really know what she’s going to do on her end of things. She’s kinda just sitting there.



Blair St. Clair and Monique Heart are planning on getting pretty confrontational with each other, so they decide to come up with a safe word to keep things under control if they need to: VAAANJIIIIE.


Five episodes in, still iconic.

It’s time for the maxi-challenge, and the Bossy Rossy Show with Ross Mathews!

First up is “I married a cactus.” Blair St. Clair, the cactus’s wife, is cute and fun until Monique Heart comes in playing the cactus’s mistress, at which point Blair starts to disappear. But soon enough, things get turned around and evolve into beautiful wig-snatching and repeated screams of “VANJIE!”



Next up, Monét X Change starts out “My freaky addiction is ruining my life” by playing a queen who’s addicted to eating her own hip pads. It’s actually a little bit awkward, and not that funny. But Kameron Michaels—sweet, quiet little Kameron Michaels—comes out witty, snappy, and full of life, with a fully realized character and a southern accent.


When in doubt, always go with the southern accent.

The following bit, the pickle one, features a pretty one-dimensional Mayhem Miller who spends most of her time looking squeamish and screaming, while Miz Cracker fully leans into the campy silliness of it all and goes all out with her pickle doctor.


She’s never looked better.

Now for The Vixen and Asia O’Hara: their “obsessed with you” shtick is pretty so-so. The Vixen is a little slow with the comebacks—surprising, considering she’s got plenty in Untucked—and Asia is apparently not following all the prompts they discussed prior to filming. So the whole thing is really disjointed. Also, you absolutely cannot tell they’re supposed to be parodying Aquaria and Cracker.


Womp womp.

Last but not least, Aquaria and Eureka do their thing: “Look at me! I’m a sexy baby!”, in which they’re both playing grown-ass people trying to be the sexiest babies around. It’s silly, it’s whacky, it’s fun. Eureka is basically fully naked, so respect. Aquaria throws in a stellar reference to Aja‘s Valentina rant (specifically the “she could walk out there in a fucking diaper” bit), and in classic baby fashion, Eureka throws an amazing temper tantrum.



The next morning, while the queens are getting ready for the runway, Monét X Change approaches Miz Cracker to ask her how she feels about The Vixen and Asia making fun of her and Aquaria. Turns out? Cracker and Aquaria aren’t bothered, and The Vixen ends up coming off a bit petty.


She would’ve gotten away with it too if it weren’t for those meddling babies!

Speaking of The Vixen and drama, the Eureka-Vixen fight from last week gets brought up again, and Mayhem Miller attempts to play the middlewoman between the two of them as they’re doing their makeup. Mayhem goes full couples therapist and encourages them to voice their grievances.


Dr. Miller will see you now.

Things don’t start out very well, as Eureka and The Vixen rehash details from their argument. But by way of apology, Eureka talks about how she was beat up as a kid for being too loud and flamboyant and used drag to rebuild her personality and her voice after being silenced for so long. The Vixen can relate to that, because of her commitment to always speak up about things. Finally, the two of them reach a stalemate and almost start being actually nice to each other.



Let’s get to the main stage!


Mama Ru is looking pretty fantastic.

Carrie Preston is looking great with some cool nail decoration. And she’s Carrie Preston. Enough said!



This week’s runway theme, in honor of Shania Twain, is “denim and diamonds.” Let’s get our country divas on!


Monét X Change is finally wearing hair that goes down below her shoulders, so Halle-fucking-loo. However, that hole in the crotch of her chaps is really awkward and not very flattering.


Kameron Michaels is giving us booby, bimbo-y southern gal, with glittery shoes and flawless makeup.


The Vixen has taken the “denim and diamonds” theme and made it into a cowgirl-y mermaid dress, which is a whole concept in and of itself. Did you stone that mermaid tail?


Asia O’Hara is serving a pretty cool look with her rhinestoned, shredded denim dress. I’m not a huge fan of the skin-toned flap in the front that’s made to look like a continuation of her chest, but we’ll let it slide.


Aquaria is serving saloon showgirl who also hunts down outlaws in her free time. It looks great.


Eureka’s outfit is clean, polished, and I love that single curl in the middle of her forehead, but… I don’t really see the denim. I’m sure it’s there, but it just doesn’t look very denim-y.


Blair St. Clair’s outfit is a patchwork made from tons of pairs of jeans. It’s making me realize how terrifyingly skinny she is, but on the plus side, that hair is fantastic.


Monique Heart has a reveal on the runway again! Queen of reveals. She looks damn fierce, but as Kameron comments later on in Untucked, she does sadly lose the “denim” part of her lewk after the reveal.


Mayhem Miller has gone all girly cowgirl with her bright pink look. It’s cute, but… bitch, where is the denim?!


Miz Cracker is going all Pippi Longstocking on us with the crazy pigtails. She’s marrying kooky and glamour with her lerk and it’s charming and fun.

Asia, Blair, Kameron, and Aquaria are safe. But before they leave, RuPaul allows Kameron to speak to her idol, Shania Twain.



Kameron tells Ms. Twain about how much she inspired her to become a drag queen with her music. But Shania Twain is super stiff and awkward. You guys, I think she’s never seen a drag queen before in her life.


“I’m so into guest judging right now”

Eureka and Cracker are praised for their lewks and performances. Monét, Vixen, and Mayhem get negative critiques. The Vixen defends her choices by saying, politely, that Asia didn’t pick up on her cues in the improv.


Ooo gurrrll…

Monique Heart’s print is called “giraffe” by Michelle Visage, but Monique counters that she thought it was “brown cow. Stunning!” and makes the judges giggle.


Great. Cut!

The judges bring up Monique’s safe word, “Vanjie,” and Michelle immediately jumps on that and cracks Mama Ru up.


Vanessa Vanjie has clearly won Season 10.

Backstage in the Untucked lounge, the ladies have a fun, drama-free kiki about Kameron’s love of Shania Twain and who they think should go home based on the competition so far. Blair thinks it’s Vixen, Aquaria isn’t digging Monét’s lewks, Kameron thinks Monique might’ve had a misstep, and Asia isn’t wowed by Mayhem.


The shade!

The top and bottom queens join the safe ladies backstage, and Monét X Change feels like crap after her negative critiques. She’s totally lost.


Aw, baby…

Mayhem Miller, on the other hand, is a lot more accepting of things. She talks about how she’s made a conscious effort today to have fun and she’s fine with where the chips fell regardless. Blair St. Clair in particular really resonates with that, thanking Mayhem and saying she badly needed a reminder to have fun and be happy.


RuPaul’s Best Friend’s Race is back!

The conversation turns to Miz Cracker, who felt terrible after their improv performance and thought she had done poorly. She explains, very truthfully, that she thought she’d fucked up because she’s lacking self-confidence and she doesn’t love herself. She stares right into the camera and encourages people watching the show to work hard at teaching themselves to love themselves and not get in their own way.


Thank you, Dr. Dill.

Back on the main stage, Eureka is declared the winner.


Give it up for the big girl!

Miz Cracker, Monique Heart, and The Vixen are safe. This week’s bottom two are Monét X Change and Mayhem Miller, and they’re lip-syncing to Shania Twain’s “Man! I Feel Like A Woman.” Oh, the nostalgia!

Mayhem’s lip-sync is tight, clean, and on point. She’s selling the song.


But Monét X Change had a wig reveal and pulled out fucking hairspray bottles from her tits to spray herself with.


So Mayhem is taken down. Cause of death: hairspray.


Goodbye, you gorgeous queen, you.

I am frankly shook that Mayhem motherfuckin’ Miller is going home so soon in the competition. She was fierce as hell. But I think she got in her own head a lot and it stopped her from doing her best. It’s a shame.

Anyway, rundown time!

Monét X Change – That’s twice in a row that Monét has been in the bottom two now, and few queens have been able to survive long past that. In all likelihood, as sad as it is, she won’t last too much longer. I do hope she surprises everyone, though.

Kameron Michaels – Thanks in part to Shania Twain, Kameron Michaels finally came out of her shell this week and started showing more of herself to the world. She continues to kill it and show a remarkable amount of resourcefulness. I’m starting to really root for her.

The Vixen – Miss Vixie kinda shot herself in the foot this week by pairing two strong performers together in what she thought was a “revenge.” Her great runway look saved her, but she is starting to seem like she’s maybe shown us all she has, which is sad.

Asia O’Hara – Asia took a bit of a backseat this week, and did decently but not great. She’s still a strong competitor, but it remains to be seen how much longer she’ll be on the show.

Aquaria – Miss Aquaria did great this week and stayed out of the way as far as drama goes, which is good. She’s definitely on track to get to the top of the competition, but we’ll see how she does in the coming weeks.

Eureka – Eureka had a big touching “redemption” moment this week with a challenge win on the fifth episode, which is when she went home last year. She also opened up a bit and apologized to The Vixen for last week’s drama, which is a good thing for sure.

Blair St. Clair – Blair’s runway looks continue to kill, and she’s been doing well in the challenges so far. She continues to sail through the competition, though she should probably get a win soonish if she wants to really solidify her place.

Monique Heart – At long last, Monique has gotten some recognition from the judges this week. They’ve finally started to fall in love with her personality like the rest of AMERICA has. About time!

Miz Cracker – Cracker came this close to a win this week, and I’m hoping she actually does land one soon. She’s been a total frontrunner since day one, but the lack of wins is becoming problematic if she wants to actually win. (Then again, tell that to Sasha Velour…)

That’s all for this week, y’all! Who do we think is going home next time? Who the eff knows! Byeeee!

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