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Previously on Drag Race: Season 10 brought in some of the fiercest queens to grace the runway ever (except for Serena). Mayhem Miller got everything she’d ever wished for by winning the first maxi-challenge. Dusty Ray Bottoms was told to take the one thing that made her a unique artist and never do it again. Aquaria and Miz Cracker were set up as the big rivalry of the season. And Miss Vanjie… Miss Vanjie…



Sorry, where was I?

The queens get back to the werk room after Vanessa Vanjie Mateo’s now iconic elimination and we’re immediately treated to a flashback of RuPaul and Michelle Visage reeling from the full glory that was Miss Vanjie’s exit. Michelle is whispering “Miss Vaaanjieee” into Ru’s ear and Ru is just trying very very hard not to crack up.


This is the most fun she’s had in YEARS!

The ladies gather around the couch and discuss those who were safe. Monét X Change thinks her sponge dress should’ve been in the top.


Bitch what?

Asia O’Hara has made it very clear she really, really hated that sponge dress, so she’s shook that Monét would even dare to say that.

Very quickly, the big ol’ conflict from last week gets stirred up: Kalorie Karbdashian-Williams asks Aquaria about the Miz Cracker situation.


Mmmm sweet sweet drama.

Disappointingly enough, Aquaria’s super-annoyed, over-it attitude from Untucked hasn’t carried over into this open conversation where everyone is involved. Aquaria sugar-coats the shit out of it and pretends everything is fine and The Vixen is not here for that. She interrupts with what is now my favorite comeback to just about everything: “NO! TOO VAGUE.”



The Vixen goes and completely exposes the trash-talking Aquaria did about Miz Cracker so that everyone can just be on the same page, as shady as that page is.


Vixen ain’t playin’.

Aquaria is super shook and super mad. She talks a big game but it doesn’t look like she can take the heat. So while Cracker apologizes and Aquaria tries to fight back, Vixen ends up looking like the winner in the Craquaria drama.


She mad, y’all.

Cracker feels bad, but in her confessional, she says when you think about it, she just did something Aquaria hasn’t done yet: land in the top in the competition.


Oop! She doesn’t feel THAT bad.

The next morning, the girls are welcomed by Mama Ru and a special guest, Andy Cohen, in cowboy gear. It’s moments like these when I realize Ru is super freaking tall. Or maybe Andy’s just short.


Beverly Leslie realness.

This week’s mini-challenge is a quick drag country hoe-down. Well, darn tootin’.


Vixen kills it with the dance moves.


Asia O’Hara is serving The Wiz realness.


Miz Cracker has somehow managed to look practically flawless in 20 minutes. Werk.


Eureka is using all the junk in her trunk, and she looks mighty country too.

At the end of the day, the mini-challenge winners are The Vixen and Asia O’Hara! For this maxi-challenge, the ladies will be putting together a pharmaceutical musical (yep…). The two mini-challenge winners are the team captains. The girls get to pick who’s on their team, and Eureka is picked last.


High school realness.

The Vixen kinda sorta vaguely listens to which parts the queens want in the musical, but for the most part, she’s just gonna pick for them. So Monét X Change gets a role she didn’t want.


“I don’t see it for me but okay.”

Asia O’Hara is trying to get the group to do stuff, but Eureka keeps piping up to make suggestions. Now, Asia didn’t want Eureka on her team to begin with, so she’s mighty annoyed.


Ooo she ain’t happy.

It gets to the point where Asia snaps at Eureka to basically mind her own beezwax and STFU.


Fuck my drag, right?

Despite the kerfuffle, Team Asia manages to put together a little choreography, which is something Team Vixen hasn’t done at all yet. So now Team Vixen is worried.


Well, shit.

Team Asia heads over to rehearse their choreography, and guess who the choreographer is? Todri—NOPE kidding! It’s Alyssa Edwards!


“Drag Race Royalty.” Feels correct.

As opposed to someone on All Stars 3 who didn’t prepare a choreography for the queens, Alyssa’s got this covered. She’s got the girls booty-poppin’ within minutes. Case in point: Asia O’Hara.


I’m really relating to Monique right now.

Kalorie Karbdashian-Williams, on the other hand, isn’t doing too good. Monique Heart is not impressed.


Oh, at all.

Eureka wants to do a walk and point thing, but Alyssa asks her to slide instead. “No walking! There’s no walking,” Ms. Edwards declares.

Eureka isn’t feeling too good. She’s scared of hurting herself again. Alyssa keeps her on the stage after the other queens leave to give her a little pep talk.


Come on, gurl, snap out of it!

Next up, Team Vixen gets to work with Alyssa. It’s already pretty embarrassing for them when they say they don’t have any choreography ready because they were working on characterization. But then Alyssa clocks them on their lack of personality too.


Alyssa is not impressed.

Blair St. Clair, like Kalorie before her, is having some trouble with the dancing. I thought she was a Broadway queen! Alyssa gives her some extra guidance, but Blair looks a wee bit lost.


Alyssa, don’t make the child cry!

Overall, Alyssa is not blown away by this group’s performance. She thinks they need help with a lot of things.


I missed this queen.

Back in the werk room, Eureka’s emotions are getting the best of her. She has a little breakdown in front of her teammates, apologizing for bringing them down. As much as Asia O’Hara was annoyed with her earlier, she jumps right into comforting Eureka. And so do all the other girls.



The next day, the girls are getting their makeup on and Dusty Ray Bottoms is debating whether or not to do her signature dots. Michelle Visage read her hard for them last week, but it’s her look, so…


Lost fish.

Shall we get to the main stage? Yeah. Let’s do that.


Ru’s hairline is still a bit questionable, but she’s cinched and padded and she looks good.

It’s time for the Pharmarusical! (I don’t know…)

Team Asia is up first. Monique’s got a fierce wig and slays the dancing, but she does miss a few lines.



Kalorie says half her lines while accidentally hidden behind other queens and Eureka fudges up most of her lip-sync, so, not great. Dusty, Asia, and Yuhua Hamasaki do well. And Aquaria does this:



Next, Team Vixen. Monét X Change, Miz Cracker, The Vixen, and Blair St. Clair all do a pretty good job. Kameron Michaels kills her part. She really took Alyssa Edwards’ advice to overact everything.


And she looks great too.

Mayhem Miller is also doing great. She painted her lips a very bright pink and her facial expressions are super over-the-top.



Overall, the musical isn’t terribly memorable, but it’s fun and quirky and a lot of the queens shine bright.

Now for the runway! The category: Best Drag. Hang on to your padding, girls.


Asia O’Hara has gone for a very aggressive shade of pink for her outfit, but the garment is flowy and beautiful. More importantly, her face is beat for the gawds.


I definitely wouldn’t say this is Yuhua Hamasaki’s best drag—in fact, so far, it might be closer to her worst. But still, the fact that one of her least gorgeous lewks is still so nice is a testament to how much she’s been slaying.


Dusty Ray Bottoms looks like she belongs in a goddamn fashion magazine. She is working that jacket and the wig is fab.


Monique Heart comes out in a Cookie Monster-esque lewk with a reveal. It’s nutty, but I’m very much into it.


Kalorie Karbdashian-Williams’s outfit is nothing extraordinary, and the wig is a little thirsty, but it’s still nice. Plus her gloves and her makeup are really great.


Eureka is wearing one of those sequinsed bodysuits where the colors change when you run your hand across it. It’s pretty cool, but her hair is a little underwhelming. Bigger, Eureka, bigger!


I’m really into Aquaria’s look. It’s super weird and provocative with the massive septum rings and her boy titties out, but I like that quirky duality between the boyish and the feminine. Very Violet Chachki.


The Vixen is on fire! No, really, she is. Vix is taking inspiration from Aja‘s Princess Disastah and going red. The shoes don’t totally match the rest of the outfit, but we’ll forgive her.


Happy Passover, ladies! Miz Cracker brought the matzo. Her lewk is giving us Xena Warrior Princess meets Rectangle Girls of the World. It’s great.


Mayhem Miller is doing a classic glamorous look. It’s very pretty, and I really like the colors. Her face is beat as always.


I’m not a fan of the bottom of Blair St. Clair’s dress, but everything from the waist up is damn near perfect. It’s old-school glam and she’s so beautiful it hurts. Except for the skirt.


Kameron Michaels is looking colorful and forest-y, like a queen of the elves on acid. She’s covered in butterflies and her makeup perfectly blends in with her hair. Toot.


Monét X Change has a rather simple look going with her rhinestoned bodysuit. It looks good. But best drag? I sure hope not, mawma.

The verdict is in, and Team Vixen gets tens, tens, tens across the board. In fact, The Vixen is the winner of the maxi-challenge!


Winner, winner, chicken… dinner.

Team Vixen heads backstage to untuck while Team Asia gets some critiques. Yuhua Hamasaki is told by Michelle Visage that this outfit is a bit of a letdown, and she responds (twice) that she had something better but didn’t want to repeat last week’s color schemes. She accidentally interrupts Michelle, which.. ain’t good.


Honey, shhhh, it’s okay, stop talking.

Dusty Ray Bottoms is told that minimizing her dotted look did her a huge favor and she looks gorgeous. She still does have dots, just… less of them.


Well henny Michelle is ready to sign on the dotted line.

Monique Heart, Kalorie Karbdashian-Williams, and Eureka didn’t do great in the challenge, and their outfits get mixed critiques. Aquaria gets mostly positive notes.

Backstage, the queens let it out. Asia O’Hara thinks their team lost because Team Vixen’s musical number was easier to do. No one agrees, not even her teammates.



Kalorie Karbdashian-Williams tears up, saying it really sucks that she was told she was forgettable by the judges. But she’s resigned, and she knows she’s most likely not making it through this episode, so she’s already saying her goodbyes.


Honey, no!

Eureka runs off crying, and Mayhem Miller catches up to her to comfort her in what looks like a supply closet. Grey’s Anatomy realness.

Mayhem plays the big sister for Eureka and Kalorie, who’s joined them. Vixen is here too, supporting the bottom girls and showing a surprisingly kind side after her shady antics earlier.

My favorite part of this whole bit though is Eureka leaving, still in tears, and Mayhem stealing her chair while Vixen talks.



Back in the main Untucked lounge, Monique Heart has a breakdown about how she’s scared what her mother will think about her doing drag and being capital G gay on national television. It’s a powerful, sad conversation about what it means to be black and gay and have to deal with that.


All of the tears.

After the endless crying, Asia O’Hara brightens the mood by bringing up Monét X Change’s sponge dress again and saying Monét should never ever be allowed to win anything because of that.


Drag her! Slay her! Read her!

Back on the main stage, Asia, Aquaria, Dusty, and Yuhua are declared safe. Monique Heart, Kalorie Karbdashian-Williams, and Eureka are the bottom three—but the lip-sync is Kalorie’s and Eureka’s to go through. Poor Monique melts into tears halfway across the main stage.


So… many… tears…

This week, the lip-sync song is “Best of My Love” by The Emotions. Both queens do great and really lean into the emotional side of the song.




Werk pt. 2.

At the end of the day, though, I don’t think the show was going to let Kalorie survive her second lip-sync in a row, especially against the ruturning queen, Eureka.

Kalorie Karbdashian-Williams put up a beautiful fight two weeks straight, despite the odds being heavily stacked against her. She may be one of the first outs, but she’ll have made a lasting impression.


Stay fierce, mawma.

Now for the rundown!

Asia O’Hara – Asia’s doing well so far. She’s standing out a lot more than she was last week, both with her personality and her performance. And her makeup skills are just so, so amazing.

Yuhua Hamasaki – Yuhua didn’t do too much this week. I hope she can amp things up a bit soon, or she won’t last among all these fierce-ass queens.

Dusty Ray Bottoms – Dusty took a precarious situation and turned it right around for herself, killing it on the runway. Werk, bitch.

Monique Heart – I’m sad that Monique has been getting a bit of a bad reception as far as the judges are concerned. She’s super fun, really beautiful, and extremely charismatic. They are fools not to notice.

Eureka – I hope Eureka gets her shit together ASAP. We didn’t let her come back so she could cry all over the stage and leave third! Come on, queen. You can do better.

Aquaria – Aquaria’s performing beautifully, but she needs to work on letting herself act a little more natural. A lot of things she says are still coming off super forced and she’d do better if she just… stopped.

The Vixen – Vix completely owned this episode, start to finish. From the iconic drama (NO! TOO VAGUE) to the multiple wins in a single week, The Vixen is here to stay and everyone else should be very afraid.

Miz Cracker – Cracker is very calm and grounded. She barely allowed the Aquaria situation to affect her, despite all the drama, and that’s the sign of a queen who knows how to keep her eyes on the prize.

Mayhem Miller – A calmer, more confident Mayhem was just what we needed to see this week after last week’s tears. Mayhem is a powerhouse, and is definitely going to see this thing through.

Blair St. Clair – Surrounded by all these crazy monsters, I think Blair is a tiny bit out of her element. She reminds me a bit of Farrah Moan in that she’s young and beautiful but just not quite on the same level, talent-wise. We’ll see, though.

Kameron Michaels – I was a bit worried about Kameron’s relatively basic looks last week, but she looked great this week and also killed the challenge, so she’s gone up a few spots in my imaginary rankings. She’s not standing out a whole lot, however.

Monét X Change – Monét reminds me a lot of Bob the Drag Queen, not only because of her face and voice, which are very similar, but also because she seems to makes up for a slight lack of fashion sense with a whole lot of confidence. I hope she proves me wrong.

Twelve queens remain! Who do we think is going home next? Who knows. See y’all next week!

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