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Work dish! It’s time for season 10 of RuPaul’s Drag Race to get started. All Stars 3 hasn’t even been murdered yet, let alone its body being cold, but it’s okay! What RuPaul says goes, and if he says, “Get season 10 started the minute All Stars 3 ends,” then that’s what we’re gonna do! If he says “jump,” thenokay, nevermind, that’s Tyra Sanchez.

Are you ready to meet our thirsty new contestants? What am I saying, you’ve already met them. But are you ready to meet them through my glassy, unfocused, correction-lens-needing eyes? Let’s get this 10th anniversary extravaganza started with a Meet the Queens ruview special!



Oh, we’re starting off strong with this one. And by that, I mean this girl is coming on way too strong! Aquaria’s Meet the Queens video is probably the most polarizing in the whole group, because of the way she introduces herself. There’s confidence, and then there’s Aquaria. “I’m edgy,” she declares without blinking, and adds she’d like to be a winner “who actually deserves it.” The shade is knee-deep already. To be fair to Aquaria, “edgy” and “chameleon” seem to be popular keywords this season, because half the cast is using them.


Let’s try to focus on the positives. Aquaria is gorgeous, she’s wearing a nice wig, her makeup is fierce, and she looks like she has money, honey. I hear great things about her, so I’m sure she’s very talented. But when your first impression involves saying “I don’t define drag, drag is defined by me,” well… Yeah. I’ll let that sink in.



Let’s come back down to EarthAsia to be specific. (Yes I did.) Asia O’Hara seems like a lovely gal, if a little nondescript. She describes herself as a “chameleon” and summarizes her drag as “Thierry Mugler meets the Gap.” Okay, werk. That’s a pretty broad spectrum, girl!


Asia is okay with admitting she’s a jack of all trades and master of none, someone who’ll pull through a challenge and runway category with her scrappiness and gumption and turn it out regardless. One thing she does pride herself on, though, is being inventive and able to make things from scratch, so a sewing challenge might be this one’s forte. The twelve other challenges she’ll be facing? Maybe not.



Hello, gorgeous! Blair St. Clair is just an adorable little thing. She’s into everything glamour, ’50s, ’60s, old-school show business and fashionable divas. Her inspirations include Barbra Streisand and Julie Andrews, and she likes to think she’s something Drag Race has never seen before: a “Broadway baby ingenue.” Go ahead and call Alexis Michelle old, why don’t ya!


Blair thinks she can take her very Broadway-centric talents—singing, dancing, acting, and costume-making—and apply them to the competition to rise to the top. I’m tempted to believe her, and I’m looking forward to seeing her in action.



So while Blair St. Clair was given her drag name by her mom, Dusty Ray Bottoms got her name from a literal homophobic slur that she decided to own and make into a strength. That’s already a pretty amazing thing, and I’m not even talking about that crazy lewk! Dusty’s signature feature is her dotted eyebrows, which she says came from an attempt at mapping out her brows and turned into something of its own. I’m into it.


Dusty Ray Bottoms is also a Broadway girl, but a darker one, so basically Blair St. Clair after being rejected at 30 auditions in a row and told she sucks. Or bottoms, I guess. This queen knows how to take adversity and turn it into creative power, and she’s got my respect.



Well, hey, this one looks familiar! Eureka O’Hara (no relation to Asia… I think) is back-back-back-back-back again, and ready to snatch the season 10 crown right off these new bitches’ wigs. After being sent home to heal following her season 9 knee-popping incident (a lot less sexy than a booty-popping incident), the Elephant Queen has taken some time to perfect her drag and get herself in the right mindset for this competition.


Eureka was already a fierce, fierce queen in season 9, and that was when she was still new to Drag Race. Now, unlike last year’s Cucu (sorry ’bout it), I think this comeback queen has what it takes to not only thrive but win. She says it herself, she’s P.H.A.T.: Pretty Hot And Tasty.



And the award for longest name goes to… this bitch! She better be good, because she’s going to make me hate typing out her name on a weekly basis. Kalorie Karbdashian-Williams (ugh), as her name implies, is a cross between a Kardashian and a big girl: glamorous, fishy, confident, but also curvy and not afraid to show it. She doesn’t look that big, honestly—especially compared to Eureka!—but we’ll go along with it.


Something that’s really important to Kalorie is being kind to others. A lot of self-proclaimed big girls can come across pretty bitchy in their extreme confidence, so it’ll be interesting to see a P.H.A.T. fish repping kindness for a change. Miss Congeniality when? Oh wait, nevermind, that’s a popularity contest.



So let’s just get this out of the way first: Kameron’s popularity since being ruvealed as a season 10 queen is due, in significant part, to him being hot as hell as a boy. And he is. Yes. But this is a DRAG COMPETITION. FOCUS, YOU THIRSTY BOTTOMS. GOD. (But really he’s super freaking hot.) Kameron Michaels describes herself as a muscle queen—an androgynous shapeshifter, super buff and tattooed and also feminine and gorgeous.


Kameron isn’t really something we’ve seen before on the show, which is a testament to her originality. The closest queen I can think of is Milk, who also looks great as a boy and likes to play with androgyny. But I think Kameron is going to push that even further, and I’m here for it. Like Sasha Velour last year, Drag Race needs queens who’ll take the show in new directions, and this one could definitely do that.



Boom! Smash! Mayhem Miller got her first name from… Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson’s sex tape. Okay, werk. She seems fabulous, though. She’s fun, she’s confident, she’s the life of the party (as she says it herself) and I like her eye makeup a lot. She definitely looks like she can serve excellent face.


Mayhem doesn’t say too much else about her that could really help define who she is as a drag queen, besides the fact that she’s a beauty queen. But maybe that’ll allow her to be more of an enigma until she shows the world what she can do. I’m excited for it.



Okay, here’s my favorite so far! Miz Cracker describes herself as a queen who, like her namesake, is “thin, white, and very salty.” She’s Jewish, she looks like a Barbie doll (Trixie Mattel found dead), and she’s super witty. Miz Cracker (do I call her Miz or Cracker for short?!) also happens to be Bob the Drag Queen’s drag daughter, so she knows a thing or two about comedic timing. And winning.


Usually, comedy queens aren’t so concerned about their look and focus more on their personality and charisma. But Cracker looks like the kind of gal who might be good at both. Shall we just crown her and move on to season 11? Okay, cool, bye, thanks for reading!



First things first: I LIVE for this queen’s name. It’s super clever and totally glam. She also has a very magnetic personality. She’s confident enough not to feel like she has to make a super powerful first impression, because she knows she’s good. She also knows not to take herself too seriously, which is definitely a good thing in an environment as stressful as Drag Race.


Monét X Change suggests something very very important: she’s not here to figure out who she is and how to define her drag’s brand. She’s already done all that, and she’s walking into this season like it’s All Stars and she’s a fully defined queen already. Just because of that level of self-realization, this one’s a huge, huge contender.



We got Monét and we got Monique! This queen’s drag name used to be “Kutahbetch Heart,” but then she realized that “Kutah” is a weird first name, so she switched it up. Monique is cute, she’s charismatic, and she’s sassy. She may be a queen on a budget, but she has a lot of… well, heart.


Monique is confident, and she plans on being the (you guessed it) heart of season 10. She seems like a really funny gal and already has a lot of quotable moments in her two-minute Meet the Queens video alone (“season 10 is going to be the ooh-ahh-ahh sensation, honey!”). She’s gonna make us laugh, this one.



Literally the first thing Vanessa Vanjie Mateo says after giving us her name and age in her Meet the Queens video is “get these cookies,” and I’m already hooked. This kookoo kween is Alexis Mateo’s drag daughter, so you know she comes from excellence. She describes herself as a “fierce cunty-looking doll baby.” I mean… you can’t make this shit up.


Ms. Vanjie Mateo has a hilarious personality and I can already see her starting all kinds of shit in the werk room. She also named herself after a Disney villain, which is beyond awesome. I’m super excited to see more of this nutty girl. BAM!



So, it’s immediately apparent to me that The Vixen isn’t a fan of chest padding of any kind. Not sure if it’s just this look or a thing she’s into in general, but yeah, it’s a bit jarring. She explains in her Meet the Queens that she wants to always make sure she’s wearing something that allows her to dance and get crazy. Hope that doesn’t come back to haunt her!


The Vixen is a self-described sassy disco superhero, here to save the day with her dance moves. I’m sure she’s going to be a total assassin in the lip-syncs—but will she be talented enough to avoid having to lip-sync for her life in the first place? Only time will tell.



Last but not least, it’s Yuhua Hamasaki! This queen has charisma in droves, that much is certain. She’s confident, she’s brassy, and she’s ready for the world to get to know her in her full Sino-Japanese fantasy. We haven’t had an Asian queen in a minute, it feels like, so werk!


Yuhua is campy, fierce, talkative, and determined. I think she’s going to bring us some original lewks and keep things fun with some hopefully hilarious confessionals. She should be a great addition to the bunch, and I can see her going far.


Well, darlings, that’s it! This is one fun batch of girls. The one complaint I guess I have here is that all these queens are very young. It was nice having some older gals on previous seasons (just say Charlie, amirite), and this one may end up feeling like the “season of the twinks.” But we’ll see.

Who are you the most excited for? I’m digging Miz Cracker, Monét X Change, Kameron Michaels, and Vanessa Vanjie Mateo the most so far. I can’t wait for all my first impressions to be completely wrong!

With that, I’ll see you guys very soon for my next All Stars recap, and in just a few weeks, we’ll be getting our season 10 fantasy on! Get these cookies.

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