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Previously on All Stars: Snatch Game was a total bust because most of the queens didn’t Make It Funny™. BenDeLaCreme owned the challenge once again. Trixie Mattel made the mistake of getting into a fight with Shangela and almost got shanked. And Chi Chi DeVayne was saved from being the season’s Roxxxy Andrews and was finally allowed to go home.

The queens are back in the werk room and they’re pleased that Chi Chi actually broke the trend of bitter-ass mirror messages and said something nice. Yay sisterhood!


“Now who’s next, bitches?”

Trixie Mattel thanks Shangela with all her heart for sparing her from elimination. Shangie is being gracious about it – well, mostly. She also jokes that Trixie better not pull any more bullshit.


Trixie is Shangie’s bitch now.

BenDeLaCreme talks about how now that Chi Chi’s gone, it’s going to be harder picking an obvious “loser” to go home each week. They’re going to have to make much more brutal choices. Shangela adds on to that by saying she personally doesn’t plan on sticking to the track record method either.


“Oh. Okay, werk”

The next morning, the girls are immediately greeted by a RuPaul TV message that… doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Something about being famous. Then Ru comes in looking in-sane.


It’s official. She done lost her last marble.

Just kidding. Ru is dressed up as Andy Warhol, because this episode is all about him! For starters, the queens are tasked with a mini-challenge (finally!). They need to get into quick drag and get some pop art portraits taken.


She’s never looked better.

There’s a fuckton of Photoshopping that goes into the final products here, because the ladies’ quick drag makeup don’t look too good. But several of the pictures are seriously gorgeous. The winner, though, is Aja!


I would attend an auction for this. And then find me a sugar daddy at said auction.

Aja wins a year’s supply of burgers, and $2,000. Get that coin (and food), girl!

Now for the maxi-challenge: The All Stars need to put together two runway looks inspired by Andy Warhol and Studio 54. Yep, it’s a sewing/design challenge!


Brace for impact!

So for their first look, the queens need to create a soup can, modeled after Warhol’s famous collection, and … wear it.


Talk about padding.

Aja is designing her can around sweetness. She wants her soup to be super sweet, like she is. Apparently.


Trixie clearly approves.

Bebe Zahara Benet thinks she might make her soup hot and spicy, and she wants to name it “Achoo.”


I’m living for all these shady reaction shots.

Later, the queens are getting started on their Studio 54 runway designs. And Bebe doesn’t know how to sew. Of course. So she asks Aja for help.


I’m sure this is gonna go great for everyone involved.

Meanwhile, Shangela is facing her greatest archnemesis: the sewing machine. She’s taken sewing lessons since her time on season 3, but it’s still not quite enough for her to know what she’s doing.


Oh, at all.

Trixie Mattel decides to repay Shangie for rescuing her last week by helping her with her garment. So they sew this gorgeous sequined skirt, except… it’s not stretchy fabric. So it doesn’t fit.


Game over.

It’s elimination day and Trixie comes into the werk room with a Justin Bieber wig, flowery headband, and finger guns.


I have no idea what’s going on, but I’m into it.

Aja is feeling extra confident coming off a successful Snatch Game performance and a mini-challenge win. But Kennedy Davenport thinks she’s feeling herself a little too much.


“Girl, please. No. Sorry. Next.”

The ladies are doing their makeup and Shangela asks how they plan on making their decision if they have to eliminate someone tonight. So BenDeLaCreme launches into this super long-winded monologue about looking at every single aspect of each girl’s performance and adding up the points each week, algebra-style.


“So if you multiply the hypotenuse to the power of four, hold the seven, add the square root of seventy-three, subtract it by forty-four percent and divide that by the meridian of the function…”

The whole time, Kennedy is making snappy comments under her breath and it’s pretty hilarious.


5 Gs, henny.

Finally, Ms. Davenport cracks and straight-up tells Dela track record shouldn’t matter, and her personal opinion should be the be-all and end-all, period. Ben is miffed at being shot down, but Trixie and Aja are totally living with this drama.



Let’s get to the main stage!


Messy roots realness.

Now are you ready for the weirdest, most confusing runway challenge ever? Let’s go.


Aja has gone with the sugary thing, which is cute, and her hair totally matches her can.


It had been a minute and a half since we heard “halleloo,” so there it is again! This is funny, I guess. I’m just at a loss with this whole fucking challenge.


Yeah this challenge may cause my death too.

Trixie Mattel’s going the medicinal route with some fun commentary about horrifying side effects.


Kennedy Davenport has pulled out the grandma shtick again, which is fun, but like Aja, she’s not really reflecting herself in this. Or whatever.


Bebe Zahara Benet thankfully dropped the “Achoo” thing and has gone with something a little more classically African, which is definitely on-brand.


BenDeLaCreme gets my vote for having written “Winner of literally everything” on her can. Werk that confidence!

Okay, the can thing is over. Thank God. Now it’s time for studio 54 disco realness, a slightly more normal runway theme!


I don’t care what anyone says, Aja looks fucking fantastic. She’s doing the thing.


Shangie’s dress looks a little ho-hum, I guess, but the hair and the disk covering half her face look super gorgeous to me. I’m disagreeing a lot with the judges this week.


Trixie Mattel is giving fierce, curvaceous, ’70s supermodel. She made that thing just right, and she’s serving tons of face. It’s funny, I never pegged Trixie for being much of a face-serving queen, but hey, there ya go.


Kennedy’s sleeve, hair, and makeup look pretty damn good, I’ll give her that. But that belt looks cheap as hell, mawma.


Speaking of serving face, this queen sure knows how to do that. Bebe’s wearing this lovely sequinsed gown and is looking fine.


Last week I said I wished Dela would step out of her comfort zone, looks-wise, and this may be as close to that as we’re getting this season. It’s a cute look, but nothing spectacular.

The critiques are in and we start with Aja explaining her inspirations for her look. But she gets read to filth by the judges for saying “France Joli” wrong and referencing Brigitte Bardot, who’s from the ’60s. “I just expect queens to do a little bit more research,” RuPaul says.


Gworl, she mispronounced ONE word. Calm your roots.

The judges praise Bebe Zahara Benet to the moon and back, and Michelle Visage asks if she really made that garment herself. Bebe says she did.


McScuse me, bitch?

BenDeLaCreme is told her outfit is just decent, and that it’s a disappointment when she doesn’t bring more than 100% every single week.



Trixie Mattel and Bebe Zahara Benet are the top two of the week, and Kennedy and Dela are safe. Which means the bottom two are Aja and Shangela.


Well, shit.

Backstage, BenDeLaCreme complains about how the judges poked fun at her being tired after winning four challenges in a row. Kennedy Davenport, who she’s complaining to, suddenly turns the conversation around and says she could tell Dela wasn’t at her best this week. She uses the word “spewing.” SPEWING.



Kennedy’s jealousy is showing big time and it’s not cute.


Well, the makeup’s fabulous. But it’s NOT CUTE.

Shangela and Trixie are talking and the positions are flipped now, girl. So Shangie, ever the game-player, leans into the friendship and mutual trust she’s created with Trixie in order to save herself.


Seeecret plan…!

Meanwhile, Aja is trying to tell Bebe how she feels about being in the bottom and how motivated she is to stay and keep fighting. But Bebe keeps talking over her to compliment her and praise how far she’s come.


So the time has come for Trixie and Bebe to lip-sync for their legacy. And the lip-sync choice is a Diana Ross song. Hmm.


The rigga morris is real.


Trixie Mattel got a complete costume and wig change, she’s jumping, kicking, flinging her jacket across the room, and doing really well.


But this is a Diana Ross song, and Bebe spent an entire challenge a few weeks ago portraying her, so… yeah… she wins. Duh.


Yeah, good job, you bitch.

So Bebe gets the power to send one of the girls home. And this week’s victim is…


Yep. Aja done got rigga morris’d. She takes it like a total champ and sails out of there. Well, right into whatever Chad Michaels and Alaska are doing to the eliminated queens backstage.


Green screen realness.

At long last, the Handmaid’s Tale thing is coming to an end. Chad Michaels and Alaska come onto the main stage to speak to Mother Ru.


Are they ever allowed out of those robes?

It turns out the girls have been capturing the eliminated queens and converting them to their cause. Well, some of them.


Who could it be?!

And with that, the second most rigga morris episode of the season is complete. Next week, the eliminated queens come back to get some well-deserved ruvenge. I’m hoping the unfair setup eliminations stop after this, but they probably won’t!

Now move! Or I will run you down!

Shangela – This was Shangie’s first time in the bottom, which now officially places her far below BenDeLaCreme in the rankings. Still, she is basically number 2, so… she’s fine. Unless she screws up again next week.

Trixie Mattel – Last week’s fail may have lit a fire under our girl’s ass, because she’s back! Hopefully, she can keep that rudemption train running.

Kennedy Davenport – The pressure is starting to get to this one, and she’s showing an awful lot of jealousy toward Dela, which is uncool. Don’t be bitter, just get better!

Bebe Zahara Benet – Look. I know I sound annoyed as fuck at Bebe today, but really, it’s the production and the judges I’m mad at for putting her on a higher pedestal than they should. She’s not all that, honestly. Okay so maybe I’m a little bitter too. Why didn’t she admit that Aja helped her with her outfit? That’s some tomfoolery right there.

BenDeLaCreme – I think being safe for a week or two is what Dela needs to recharge her batteries and come back in full force toward the tail end of the competition. I just hope she doesn’t let her guard down on the way.

Y’all ready to wrap this handmaid business up? I sure am.

Tune in next week for the episode 6 recap, and in the meantime, don’t miss my upcoming ruview of the freshly announced season 10 gals! That’s right, I’m recapping All Stars 3 AND season 10! Multitasking fish.


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  1. Marija says:

    Hi, you said “And with that, the second most rigga morris episode of the season is complete. “. Which episode is the number one?

    1. The Thorgy Thor one, of course!

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