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Previously on All Stars: Kennedy Davenport picked herself right up and slayed that challenge. BenDeLaCreme continued to show everyone else they were inferior. Trixie Mattel got talked over a lot. And Milk soured the mood and got sent home the second she hit the bottom three.

The girls return to the werk room and are faced with yet another hella bitter mirror message. “Y’all know this is bogus,” Milk wrote.


Great. This again.

Kennedy explains to the girls that while, yes, her decision was partly based on the critiques, it was also (and mostly) made because Milk implied her drag sucks. Which, yeah, fair. Aja agrees and says she wouldn’t like it either if someone tried to “devalidate” her drag.


Queen Aja, making up words on television since 2017.

Chi Chi DeVayne was BenDeLaCreme’s pick to go, and as opposed to last time when she got pissed, Chi Chi totally understands now. I think she’s really given up, which is heartbreaking.

I thought Trixie Mattel was gagging during the elimination for screentime, but it turns out she’s legitimately shook. She’s realizing the whole “eliminate queens based on critiques and track record” is not really flying all that much this season.

Also, Trixie without her wig on kinda looks like an Easter egg.


I mean…

The next morning, RuPaul basically comes into the werk room with the girls and immediately announces the maxi-challenge: It’s Snatch Game! Yay! Time to see who’s not going to be crowned this season.

Oop, moving on. This episode is a lot shorter and we can feel it.

Trixie Mattel is doing RuPaul herself for Snatch Game, which is a risk, even though she does a great RuPaul on her show. But she’s feeling beyond confident. I quote: “I’m winning the challenge.”


Oh, well alright then.

The ladies are still talking when Shangela notices a note from Thorgy Thor at Trixie’s workstation. Among other, more encouraging things, the note says “Fuck this shady SHADY bitch Shangela.”



Shangie is, understandably, upset not only that Thorgy wrote this, but also that Trixie pinned it on her wall like a piece of art.

Aja, being our favorite drama-loving queen, immediately starts living.




Chi Chi’s living too.

Trixie rips the mean part off the note for Shangela, but she also responds with “I don’t care what you think” and “get out of my station.” Ohhhhhh bitch… Wrong move. You done crossed Shangela.


ALSO living.

Kennedy Davenport agrees with Shangela that the note is highly inappropriate and Trixie putting it up on her wall for everyone to see was her “being a mess.”


The man with the purple eyebrows is right.

RuPaul comes into the werk room for her annual ButCanYouMakeItFunny-thon, and he’s brought company! Marc Jacobs is here. They talk to Bebe Zahara Benet about her Grace Jones, they talk to Shangela… But Marc Jacobs looks distracted.


“I was told Milk would be here.”

Shangela’s planning on doing Miss Cleo, the television psychic. But when she opens her mouth to give Ru and Marc a sample of her imitation, her accent comes out Irish.


“…Top o’ the mornin’?”

Needless to say, she ain’t doing Miss Cleo no more.

Later, while the queens are getting ready, Trixie takes Shangie on the side to apologize for the note. Shangela may not be able to do a Jamaican accent, but she’s a smart cookie. She’s turned this around and made it into a power play: “Lucky you, meeting All Stars 3 me. Season 3 me would’ve snatched that note off the wall and come for you. But I’m not gonna do that.”


Well, something’s being snatched alright.

Let’s get this Snatch Game rolling! There’s a real colorful cast of characters for this one. Let’s get into it.


Trixie’s RuPaul starts off great, and I’m proud of her for toning down her makeup for the role. But then she launches into this endless series of unprompted puns that, unfortunately, do NOT land. Oh, at all.


Kennedy Davenport’s pious but secretly slutty Phaedra Parks is a cute concept, but she feels a little slow. She struggles to find answers to some of the questions.


Guess what? BenDeLaCreme is doing great again! Shocker. She’s doing Paul Lynde and knocking it out of the park with her silly jokes and facial expressions. She makes up for everyone else in the top row with her wit.


Chi Chi, no!

Chi Chi DeVayne is doing Mya Angelou. Which is a misspelled (and less clever) version of Maya Angelou. No, the misspelling was not done on purpose. Her performance is not great either.


Shangie is playing Jenifer Lewis. She’s big, brassy, is werking the body language, and lands all her jokes.


Aja is embodying Crystal LaBeija, the legendary queen, and she pulls off that pouty confidence and 200-mile-an-hour rambling like it’s nothing.


Bebe Zahara Benet looks gorge as Grace Jones, but she doesn’t get to land a whole lot of jokes. She’s just okay.


And then there’s Kristin Chenoweth. Like, the actual Kristin Chenoweth. The gag of the season.

Overall, this Snatch Game felt a bit weak. Not counting the adorable Ms. Chenoweth, there were literally three good performances in this whole group. Three.



The next day, the queens come in to get ready for the runway and kiki about each other’s choices for Snatch Game. Clearly, Trixie is disappointed in herself, and it’s showing in her attitude.

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, BenDeLaCreme is being very humble about her win last week. She thinks Trixie would’ve gotten that if it weren’t for Milk. But Shangela knows what Dela’s doing. She’s playing humble because that’s now three wins and another great challenge performance she’s had, and she’s trying to avoid painting too much of a bull’s eye on her own back.


You been CLOCKEDT.

Let’s get to the main stage bit already! Ru is looking pretty darn fresh.



I’m also living for Carson Kressley’s suit, though.



Tonight, it’s Flower Power on the runway. Let’s spread that pollen.


If someone had told me before starting this season that Aja was going to be consistently murdering the runway on All Stars 3, I’d have laughed. Well, no one’s laughing now. This Barbarella on LSD look is a total toot.


There’s a lot going on with Shangela’s pregnant Beyoncé-inspired look, but it’s undeniably gorgeous. Now watch Milk take credit for the baby belly on the runway thing.


Bebe Zahara Benet’s flower look is surprisingly dark. Like some forest-y mourning outfit? I don’t know what I’m talking about anymore.


Kennedy Davenport is padded for the gods, and she’s doing something different with her makeup. She’s only wearing lashes on one eye. It’s a bit jarring, but I don’t hate it.


Chi Chi’s resorting at long last to the expensive wigs. A bit late in the game to finally be pulling out the good stuff, but she looks great. It’s a lovely look. Very Snow White meets Marilyn Monroe.


Like Shangela’s, Trixie’s look is pretty busy, but she’s giving me Rainbow-era Kesha and it’s really beautiful. Trend alert! Septum rings.


BenDeLaCreme went full conceptual gown on this one, and while it’s absolutely gorgeous, it’s also very Dela. I’m waiting for her to step out of her comfort zone on the runway.

The verdict is in: Shangela and BenDeLaCreme are this week’s winners! They’ve won some wigs and, much more importantly, a gift card for ice cream!



Aja is definitely the third best of the week, based on the critiques. Bebe is middle of the pack. Again. And Chi Chi, Kennedy, and a very distraught Trixie are in the bottom.

Back at deliberations, Chi Chi is being graceful, realistic, and straightforward with Dela. “I’ve been here four times,” she says, “so…”


“Send me home.”

Meanwhile, Shangela keeps it real with Trixie. Thorgy’s note comes up again and Shangie tells her that out of the three bottom girls (they’re all bottoms), Trixie’s the only one she feels she can’t fully trust.


“Oh, Jesus. Gross.”

The ladies are back on the runway for their lip-sync. Shangie and Dela are performing to “I Kissed A Girl” by Katy Perry, and they both made the smart decision in playing with the lyrics as much as possible.


“Dear Diary. Today, Trixie Mattel told me to get out of her station.”

Shangela’s got this prude librarian shtick going on, and you just know she’s gonna get wild by the end of this. Dela doesn’t have any gimmicks or reveals, but she plays up the questioning lesbian thing to the max by lusting after Shangela the whole time.


Well, she does more than just lust after her.

Shangela tries to beat Ms. Creme away by throwing Altoids at her, which is super weird but totally hilarious. Finally, for a photo finish, Shangie does a death drop and Dela throws herself right on top of her.



And the winner is… both of them! Yay!

But wait, here’s the new gag of the season: that means they both get to pull out their lipsticks and decide who goes home. So there could be a double elimination tonight.


Trixie’s like, “just get it over with”

Dela goes first.


Ms. Creme has spoken.

Chi Chi DeVayne is out. But who has Shangela picked?


“This person left RuPaul’s Drag Race not winning the crown, but definitely going forward as a winner and creating a career for themselves.”




Wait… what?!

Shangela just pulled a complete bait-and-switch with the viewers and with Trixie! This bitch knows exactly what she’s doing, and it completely worked.


Revenge for the note has been had. Officially.

So a double elimination has been avoided and Chi Chi DeVayne is the only one to go. She takes it graciously and is saying her goodbyes when the television calls her attention like it did all the other gals. RuPaul tells Chi Chi not to turn around.


Which, of course, she does.

I think they just killed off Chi Chi DeVayne? What show is this again?

Well, that’s it for our bayou queen. I love Chi Chi, and before the season started, I really thought she had what it takes to win the whole thing. But evidently, she could’ve used a little more time to perfect her drag and her acting skills. Maybe All Stars 4 or 5 would’ve been a better fit for her. Oh well, what’s done is done!

Incoming rundown!

Aja – I was not expecting Aja to do well on Snatch Game, honestly, but she was one of the few who did. And she’s still serving lewk after lewk on the main stage. Aja for the win.

Shangela – Shangie is a complete mastermind. She didn’t go so far as to eliminate Trixie for the note kerfuffle, but boy did she show her not to fucking mess with her. She plays the game better than just about any queen in the herstory of Drag Race ever has.

Bebe Zahara Benet – Once again, Bebe fails to stand out. For someone who’s trying to gain exposure to a ton of newer, younger fans, Bebe’s not doing a whole lot. It’s a bit disappointing, really.

Kennedy Davenport – One week Kennedy aces the acting challenge, the next she drops the ball. If there’s one thing you can’t call Kennedy, it’s predictable, I guess! I’m liking her new attitude, though. She seems more respectful than she used to be.

Trixie Mattel – Honey. Hooooneeyyy. Trixie freaking spontaneously combusted this week. I’d been looking forward to her Snatch Game for ages and I never saw this coming. At least she knows now that she should stay on Shangela’s good side because there ain’t no winning that battle.

BenDeLaCreme – I think, for her own sake, Dela really needs to stop winning now. We’re getting dangerously close to Alaska levels of nonstop wins and I am very worried about the potential implosion at the end of this elevator ride.

That is it for this week, darlings. Tune in next week for (hopefully) the last of queens being cannibalized by Chad Michaels and Alaska! Ta-ta!

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